Phir Wohi Mohabbat – An Overview

So after Sang-e-Mar-Mar I found my Thursday evenings replaced by Phir Wohi Mohabbat. Directed by Mohsin Mirza and written by Mansoor Saeed, it has completed 12 episodes by far. The promos were looking good for awhile until they became overplayed, but what can we say to that.

Phir Wohi Mohabbat stars Hania Amir and Ahmed Ali Akbar in lead roles, playing Alishba and Waleed in respective roles. After winning hearts in Janaan as Palwasha, Hania Amir has won over all of our hearts, so I had to say I was looking forward to her acting.

The story revolves around a family of two brothers, their wives (who happen to be sisters), their mother and their children. Shamim Hillali plays the Dadi, Shamoon Abbasi plays the older brother Asher, Zainub Qayyum plays his wife Samra. Asher’s brother is played by Shamil Khan as Yasir and Salma Hassan plays his wife Ramsha.

The story started off great, the storyline was definitely different and seeing the entire story unfold was interesting. The main story is that Asher accidentally killed his servant, Rafiq’s pregnant wife and daughter and to take revenge, Raffiq took Alishba (Asher’s daughter) and ran away with her to the village. Since Ramsha, Alishba’s mother, dealt with a miscarriage the same day, the trauma of losing her only daughter was very immense and she became paralyzed.

Zainub really played the character of Ramsha well and accurately acted out the emotions that her character could be feeling at such a time. Cut to many years after and we see Alishba alongside her Amna Kaki and Rafiq, whom she calls her father and it is clearly seen that she thinks of him as her biological father and is in love with him. Rafiq also treats Alishba like his own daughter, but he is not feeling physically well and obviously has paranoia that Alishba will find out about her past or someone will find her.

So then, Amna Kaki and Alishba head over to the villa in which Alishba’s real family lives. It was a pleasant transition and it actually made sense as to why Alishba would be in that house at the time. Waleed coming to the villa was funny, they all didn’t expect such a different little boy they had last seen. Waleed and Sana are the stereotypical “bahir vale couples” seemed like Sana didn’t want to stay in Pakistan whatsoever and literally was with Waleed for her work. It was funny seeing Ramsha’s reaction to Sana and I definitely laughed when she said “thori mukhtalif kism ki hai”, because what was to be expected?

I do think that the entire Rafiq meeting Dadi situation was not flowed nicely, it didn’t make much sense why Dadi was willing to go with Alishba even though she was a mere servant. I don’t know if the writer wanted to display the family as kind and gracious, or perhaps wanted to highlight that everyone was really happy with the change in Samra after Alishba arrived.

I also thought that the initial relationship between Samra and Alishba was very cute and heartwarming. Although neither knew what their real relation was, Samra was enlightened by Alishba and Alishba felt like she was caring for her own. So the big bang boom, Rafiq was caught by Dadi and he revealed the truth. I can see why Rafiq hurried on with it, the regret was caught straight onto him and he knew he wasn’t feeling well. He wanted to hand Alishba over in good hands because he was already caught.

And then somehow Alishba agreed to go with Dadi and settle there. I guess she was in a kind of shock. Ramsha and Asher were definitely angry with Rafiq but Ramsha went and said that whatever Rafiq and given to Alishba was a lie. However we can see easily that Rafiq really did give care to Alishba and treated her like his own daughter.

I’m sure you’ll agree with me when I say that Alishba got over Rafiq pretty quick! The next thing you know she’s happily dancing at Waleed’s wedding! It wasn’t a smooth transition at all. Cue in Shehreyar and a whole lot of drama. I don’t see how suddenly Alishba felt deeply in love with him, enough to hate Waleed because Shehreyar left. Now Alishba is caught up in a promise to Dadi, her mother’s wishes, Samra’s taunts, Shereyars love and Waleed’s feelings, and I have to say this is becoming one of those dramas that are repeating the same stories over and over. The beginning was strong so I’m hoping the drama picks up the pace towards the middle.

So overall this drama is average. The transitions are smooth and there isn’t alot of excitement. Maybe my standards are too high after dramas like Sang e Mar Mar and Sammi, though!

Hania Amir’s dialogues are kind of forced and cliche. “Jab mujhe kisi cheeyz sai nafrat ho jai, toh dunya ki koi bi taqat usse muhabbat mein tabdeel nahi kar sakti” Like seriously? Ahmed Ali Akbar is going good at playing nice guy, but for how long?

I’ll give a more detailed review next Thursday, InshaAllah!

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