Phir Wohi Mohabbat Episode 13 Review

Like I’ve said, I’m not that pleased with the general output of Phir Wohi Mohabbat and today was pretty much the same. Every single part of this drama has no flow whatsoever, things that could be meaningful end up happening in a blink of an eye, making the viewer wonder what is going on?

So Samra stood up, and for some reason they didn’t choose to show anyones reaction to it. One minute she was in a wheelchair, the other she’s using a cane. But since it’s not that much of the basic storyline, I let it go.

What I hate about Alishba’s character is how Ramsha says merely one word, and Alishba breaks down in front of her and starts tearing up. It’s like she’s so sensitive she can’t deal with the smallest of negativity. However her living in the village for most of her life, she should have been depicted as tougher.

Somehow I just can’t understand what the director and writer are thinking. Samra and Alishba’s conversation was not heartwarming, it didn’t make any sense why Alishba would become closer to Waleed through it. Samra basically told Alishba that Shehreyar has moved on, and Alishba became heartbroken and gave in. Finally Waleed Mian took a stand, and said he would not talk to her so long as she confessed his love for him. Alishba with all stupidity said that Ramsha told her to accept Waleed. Almost as if she was indebted to her, just say it was your mother, why are you trying so hard to make Ramsha sound better?

The most interesting character right now would have to be Ramsha, she’s scheming diligently and Salma Hassan attacks with her expressions amazingly. I can actually see the hate seething from her for her sister and her daughter. Then the dinner conversation which made no sense, had no flow and was unnecessary. This public proclamation of love was awkward and made me cringe. It would have been so much better if she had done it in private, without adding unnecessary phrases like “tumhare bina rehna ka soch bhi nahin sakti”.

Mansoor Saeed keeps repeating himself through different characters. Alishba’s proclamation had the exact phrases that Waleed had told her in the same episode! Oh my. Ugh, can’t even express my dislike for the last scene. Alishba’s chooriyan scene was so weird and cliche, and it made no sense why nobody heard but Waleed. And him rushing up the stairs was…. Ahhh. What can I say except that it was unrealistically proportioned and didn’t make me feel any way towards the two. I guess their chemistry could be really great, but the script isn’t written properly.
Once again, a crazy change that is hard to digest. Alishba sitting like a newly wed dulhan in the verandha waiting for him, and then them heading out together. Like how?

Today’s episode had its high and lows. Hania Amir’s speech delivery was better, at least she was more confident talking to Ramsha. But some cliche speeches like “Muhabbat? Mujhe toh is lafz sai nafrat ho gya hai.” Like calm down! You’ve been in one relationship that lasted for two days, and then he walked out without any word to you.

Waleed’s character didn’t have a lot of development. Asher and Yasir are both characters that are wasted. Couldn’t Yasir be a bit more angry when talking to Ramsha in Waleed’s room?

Another not so great episode of Phir Wohi Mohabbat. The promo showed Sana back in a deranged state, which is something that I am interested in. Let’s hope we have no more crazy roller coaster turns and instead can be taken through this drama nicely.

You’ll hear from me next Thursday, InshaAllah!

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