PM Imran Khan suggested Yunus Emre for those interested in Sufism.

Prime Minister Imran Khan has suggested those interested in Sufism to watch the Turkish drama Yunus Emre.

Yesterday, Prime Minister Imran Khan tweeted on social networking site Twitter in which he said that those who are interested in Sufism, I strongly suggest that they must watch the Turkish drama ‘Yunus Emre’ which is  being aired on PTV.

Following the record-breaking popularity of the Turkish drama ‘Ertugrul Ghazi’ in Pakistan, the Urdu dubbing of another Turkish series ‘Yunus Emre’ is being aired on the official channel PTV under the name ‘Raah-e-Ishq’ at the request of Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Yunus Emre is dubbed in Urdu and being aired on Pakistan’s official channel PTV two days a week under the name Raah-e-Ishq.

It should be noted that the 44-episode and two-season Turkish series Yunus Emre was aired on a Turkish channel in 2015.

In May this year, Senator Faisal Javed shared a post on Twitter saying that after Ertugrul Ghazi  Prime Minister Imran Khan wants  Turkish drama Yunus  Emre to  be broadcasted.


Faisal Javed further wrote that  Emre was a Turkish Sufi poet and dervish who dedicated his life to Allah.



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