Police Arrests Humaira Arshad’s Brother and Husband!

A husband and wife should respect one another, support one another, care for one another. They are called life partner of one another because they are supposed to be working together to get through the thick and thin of life, be the rock in each other’s lives. Sometimes, however, the relationship just doesn’t work out; the couple fails to find a rhythm and a pace they both agree with. Their ideals of life can be clashing or their personalities just too different and incompatible. All these reasons require the couple to simply call it quits or try their level best to compromise and not cause the other any discomforts. However, sometimes when one partner (especially wife, in Pakistan) starts earning more money, jealousy may arise in the heart of the other partner. Some people get over this jealousy by harboring even a worse emotion than jealousy, greed. They get blinded by their love for money and start using their partner like an ATM machine. When their demands and desires are not met, they even resort to blackmailing. Something similar happened with singer Humaira Arshad which resulted in her brother and husband going behind bars:


Arsala Khalid