Yaar e Bewafa Episode 7 Review – Major Developments!

Ohkay so, this episode of Yaar e Bewafa was quite interesting. I am glad things moved forward & this episode brought major developments with it which were needed because I was dreading that things were going to get slow & repetitive but it didn’t happen & I am glad. The direction of this drama is strong & I am still loving the simple treatment the director has given to the script & the clarity with which the writer has written the story, like this drama doesn’t provide you with something huge but it is interesting enough to make you tune to it!

So, Fizza came to a conclusion that the only way to resolve matters with Zaid was to file for divorce since this time around he didn’t beg her & didn’t do what she expected him to. Fizza has gotten used to walking all over Zaid that now when Zaid didn’t give her the edge, she couldn’t digest it & thought he has changed. Fizza is only thinking selfishly where she is not even trying to understand the reason why Zaid is behaving this way. His mother is bed-ridden & all he has said is that their immigration can wait but Fizza thinks the world will end therefore Zaid has to move with her, which is unfair. Neelam has played her part really well in maligning Fizza’s heart & mind against Zaid because she has been constantly brainwashing Fizza that Zaid is not the same person anymore & he doesn’t care!

As if things weren’t hard enough for Zaid that now he had an added pressure to deal with, which was Fizza’s demand for divorce. The way Zaid barged into Neelam’s house & authrotatively told Fizza to come with him showed that he wasn’t ready to give up on this marriage & despite all that Fizza put him up with, he still loved her enough to be wanting to be with her. Zaid has given Fizza enough chances & he has given her enough edge but now things have gotten out of hands. In the end, when Zaid realized that Fizza is not budging, he took his son with him because he knows what Ahmed must be going through!

Even though Neelam tried to tell Fizza that she needs to think things through, she also encouraged her by saying that she has made the right decision & Neelam is going to be there for Fizza. I know Neelam is to be blamed too but more than her, it is Fizza who is at fault because she has dealt with this entire matter selfishly & is not ready to even think for a second what Zaid must be going through & what their son Ahmed will go through in the future when he will see his parents drifting apart. Finally, Zaid had to tell his neighbor that Fizza is not ready to come back, obviously he understood that the lady was doing enough but she was also getting distressed because there was a limit to how much support she could offer. Even the aunt did tell Zaid that it is Fizza who should understand, like it is obvious that anyone who would listen to this entire matter would be of the same opinion that in this case, Fizza is at fault!

On the other hand, Saleem got robbed & things once again went out of control. Just when Amna thought Saleem was ready to take the responsibility of his family, they got faced with another trial. I totally understand Saleem’s anger & frustration but the way he mistreats his wife & misbehaves with her puts me off big time. I don’t know why but I think may be Zaid will hire Amna to take care of his mother & that’s how things will get going between them. I am actually waiting to see their track.

Overall, this episode was quite interesting & I am glad that everything is progressing at a decent pace. I really wish the drama doesn’t lose its pace because for a story so simple, a lot more detailing & slow pace would kill its charm & would make it hard to tune to it. All the actors doing a fab job & the direction along with editing of this drama are its strongest point. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Yaar e Bewafa.

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