Preet Na Kariyo Koi – Episode 01!

Ohkay so, production of Momina Duraid, direction of Ehtashamuddin & writing of Amna Mufti; ‘Preet Na Karyo Koi’ hit our TV screens last night & honestly speaking, I have no complaints after the very first episode because everything made sense & promised me something that I was looking forward to the most & that is, a different plot with some unique characters.

Shagufta Shehzadi aka Goshi (Hira) is the only daughter of Fiaz Kashmiri (Irfan Khoosat), who happens to own a clothing shop in Lahore. Goshi lives with her father & Khala/Chachi (Naghma Begum) a widow who has a son Ilyas (Hasan Noman). Ilyas really likes Goshi & wants to marry her that is why he suggests his proposal for Goshi the moment he finds out that she is going to Government College Lahore, which obviously highlights the fact that he is a bit insecure & wants to put a ring on her to validate their relationship. Ilyas is definitely not a perfect idea of a husband for Goshi but she agrees to the engagement because she doesn’t want to hurt her father. Goshi actually thinks she can make things work with Ilyas until she steps in her college & meets Shams.

Shams (Ahsan Khan) comes from Gujranwala, has a sound background & is a younger brother of the local politician of his city. Shams believes in minding his own business that is why when confronted by Goshi time & again, he doesn’t respond back to her because he doesn’t want to share any equation with her. It wasn’t easy to figure out what was running through Goshi’s mind as far as Shams was concerned but she seems a bit interested in him because he happens to be the one who ignored her which actually bruised her ego. There was obviously something very mysterious about him & on the other hand, Goshi was like an open book, who believes in transperancy & doesn’t hold back in voicing out her opinions. Shams & Shagufta are poles apart in terms of personalities & this makes their equation a lot more interesting.

Ilyas works with Goshi’s father at his garment shop & chooses the best outfit for his fiancée. He is definitely slow in comparison to Goshi but there is something about him that makes him a very nice person. He cares about her, genuinely loves her & agrees to whatever she says. I really liked the way he interacted with Goshi’s college friends, which showed a very positive side of him. The way he reminds his fiancée to eat & takes her to different restaurants shows that he is ecstatic about the fact that he got engaged to the girl he loves but little does he know that Goshi knows how to play mind games with him.

Even though it may seem that the story is headed towards a very obvious love triangle but the tough circumstances that arise in Fiaz’s family business will change the course of Goshi’s life. He gets to know that some goons from Gujranwala held up his shop, asked for extortion money & caused damage to most of the shops that included his shop as well. Goshi obviously becomes curious about it & questions Ilyas for what his strategy would be. The conversation they both had obviously depicted what is most likely to happen in the future but right now Ilyas doesn’t come up with an appropriate answer which infuriates Goshi because she knows about his weaknesses & knows that he can not protect her properly. Goshi finds out the next day that Shams injured himself but she puts two & two together & figures out that he is the one responsible for creating havoc at her father’s work place, which obviously gives her a chance to rub his dirty little secret on his face leaving Shams clueless & shocked about her intuitiveness as he tries really hard to ignore her but now he knows, he has landed himself in deep trouble because somehow he won’t be able to maintain a distance from her.

Overall the drama has had a promising start & I loved the way they brought the simple lifestyle of Lahore into the picture. The direction of Ehtasshamuddin really uplifted the level of the script & I enjoyed watching every actor playing their parts perfectly. I must say the promos caught my attention because I deduced it was going to be a different drama with a unique story-line & the first episode has pretty much proved it. Hira played her part well & she owned the character of Goshi & I am glad that I never saw her going overboard in terms of acting at all, she was effortless & I think she was a perfect choice for this character. Ahsan Khan looked great in a different get up & he managed to create some curiosity about Shams’s character as well, but I must say, Hasan Noman was phenomenal in this episode & I absolutely enjoyed the situational comedy he stirred in the very first episode. He was effortless as Ilyas & all his dialogues made me laugh out loud because he was mischievous yet innocent. The preview of the next episode seemed interesting too where the story will be taken forward & a lot more will be revealed about Shams’ character & plot. Please share your thoughts about the very first episode of Preet Na Karyo Koi & let me know how much did you guys enjoy watching it? :)

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