Preet Na Kariyo Koi – Episode 09!

Ohkay so, needless to say but this episode of Preet Na Kariyo Koi was intense, interesting, engaging, gripping & everything. I totally enjoyed the way things have been taken forward & the way they are showing how much time has lapsed because through that, they are also showcasing the strengths & the weaknesses of all the characters.

I must say, I respect Shagufta’s character for the fact that she is fighting her battles alone. All the things that Zareena told her were grave but still not enough to shake Shagufta’s ground because she is one determined lady. Shagufta knows that no matter what it takes, she should never quit trying because at least she will know that she didn’t leave any stone unturned & did everything it was in her might to save her husband Shams. Even though Shagufta wants to make it very clear to Zareena that she won’t be sharing Shams with her, she still feels bad for her because she knows Zareena is harmless, has nowhere to go & at least she is the one who keeps her informed of what is transpiring at Mushtaq’s side. The mithai that Shagufta sent to Mushtaq was an open declaration of the battle she was ready to fight with him because she knows that the one who is her biggest enemy & the biggest hindrance in Shams’s freedom is her husband’s brother Mushtaq.

It was actually refreshing to see Shagufta emerging as an empowered woman where she not only made herself financially independent, she chose to educate herself that too in that field where she could help her husband lawfully as well. She seems to having so much at her plate but the way she was managing her life with her new born went to show that there’s nothing that would hold her back. At times, Yazdani & even Suleri had to remind her of her newborn but Shagufta made sure to let them know that her daughter won’t become her weakness & she won’t let her become an obstacle in her way at any cost.

So, it was made clear that Mushtaq was the one who did everything against his brother. I know it’s a random thought but I find it good to see a man of his stature & personality confiding in his wife because usually, such men in our dramas are shown to be bossing around their wives or if not, they treat them as doormats but here Mushtaq keeps his wife closer to him because he knows that she will do everything for him & will stand by his side undoubtedly, which shows that their bonding is stronger, I know it is awkward but I like the relationship they both share, haha! It was sickening to see Mushtaq suggesting a police encounter against Shams which would assure Shams’s death but it was a relief to know that at least the S.H.O had some humility & conscience, that is why even he kept on reminding Mushtaq of all the evilness he was embodying & I feel it was strategic that he shot a bullet at Shams’s leg in stead of anywhere else because he knew that it wouldn’t cost him his life.

At first I thought it was also one of Suleri’s plan to get Yazdani in contact with Shagufta so that she doesn’t go out of his trap but then I reminded myself that the one who made her meet Yazdani was Professor Khalid & he obviously had no connections to Suleri. It was a pure coincidence that Yazdani & Suleri were friends & the moment Suleri saw Shagufta, he was reminded of all the plans he had in his mind in regards to Shagufta. Just when Suleri ‘only’ referred to the work that he needed her to do, I thought he didn’t have any other agenda but he proved me wrong because he obviously is thinking on those lines but is waiting for the right time to put forth it to Shagufta. Suleri at least tried to push his agenda by making Shagufta lose hope & by weakening her emotional strength by reminding her of Shams’s 7 years of imprisonment & also by using her daughter’s name but Shagufta chose to walk off as she could feel where he was heading with that conversation. Yazdani is a lawyer that is why he believes in doing everything in line of order but Suleri is ruthless & he knows he has enough connections where he can take risks, that is why the moment Shagufta requested him to arrange her meeting with Shams, he made it possible whereas she kept on pleading in front of Yazdani but he was too afraid to help her. Also, even though it was good to see Ilyas, I somehow feel he should have tried getting in contact with Shagufta to know what she was going through. Even though Bhola pushed her out of the house, Ilyas is mature enough to not only calm Bhola down but make him understand too. Also, all the things Bhola said were too mature for his age & I think he shouldn’t get even this much screen-time too!

It was interesting to see that the case against Shams was weak to begin with & that is why when the S.H.O attempted to kill him, his case got stronger & Shagufta used it in his favor to get him transferred to Lahore. Shams obviously had his hopes high just when he thought Suleri wasn’t around but the moment he learned from Shagufta that she not only met him but was working for him made Shams dubious at first & then a little hopeless that even after coming back, Suleri didn’t do anything for him. Suleri obviously won’t allow Shagufta to go out of his sights because for him where Shams is just a ‘bekaar cheez’, she is actually a ‘qayamat cheez’, which shows that for Suleri, Shams was just like a mindless minion who didn’t do any thinking on his own but Shagufta on the other hand had brains & wisdom that attracted him to her in the first place.

I loved the way they showed Shams’s transition where when he was in Gujranwala, he was still hopeful & optimistic but when he got transferred to Lahore after the shooting incident & after not getting in contact with Suleri, he was emotionally low & was feeling defeated. It is actually unfortunate that even after so much has happened with Shams, he still hasn’t been able to read between the lines. Shagufta’s discomfort at working with Suleri meant nothing to Shams because he didn’t think about what Suleri might’ve said that made her come to a decision of leaving his job. Shams should know that if he would’ve been so important for Suleri, he would’ve at least paid him a visit once in the jail once but he didn’t do that which is a message in its own that Shams is no longer needed by Suleri. The way Shams inquired about little things & directed Shagufta to take care of her veil went to show that along with his hope, his trust in Shagufta is getting fainter too & I wasn’t surprised by it because Shams was never the one who would think things through & he has always fallen short of the logic when it came to such situations, so I am sure it won’t take him long to turn against Shagufta because no matter what she will do for him, in the end he will hold her responsible for one thing or the other, as a result of his insecurities only!

So, this it is from my side. I must say I loved watching this episode & it actually looked like such an intense drama that I was watching & not even for a second my mind wandered because throughout the episode, I was only thinking about what was going to happen next & for me, this is a definition of a perfect drama that keeps the viewers engaged. Also, I loved the usage of proper & accurate Urdu, where they didn’t just resort to the word ‘practical’ but chose ‘haqeeqat pasandi’, also they chose to use ‘police muqabla’ in stead of ‘police encounter’. These are the little details that are contributing in making it a drama to remember I feel. I loved the acting & I must say, Adnan Shah Tipu has done a commendable job as Mushtaq & so has Farhana Maqsood as his wife, they both have given a perfect face to the negative characters & their acting is just right because they haven’t over done it. Hira was amazing & once again, she looked beautiful, I think she should resort to the no-makeup look like this one more often because it suits her the best. Ahsan Khan did his job well in showcasing Shams’s predicament as well. The direction is obviously top-notch & I love the pace of the drama so far. Also, it was good to see them paying attention to detail by using kids of different age to showcase how much time has passed by because mostly in our dramas, where they would show the time lapse of 10 years, the kid would still be in sleeping in a crib & would choose not to grow up, so thumbs up for tackling it properly too! Please share your thoughts about this amazinggg episode of Preet Na Kariyo Koi. :)

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