Prem Gali Episode 2 Story Review – The Judgments

Ohkay so, this episode of Prem Gali didn’t really take the story forward but instead got the viewers familiarized with what the characters have gone through in the past. It was a nice way of showing their vulnerabilities & also to establish the fact of how far they had come. Usually those who carry a tough facade are seen to be emotionless but that is never the case because usually strong people also have such moments where they fall weak & get affected by bitter words. The best aspect of this episode was definitely all the interactions that the characters had with one another in the first part of the episode because by the end, the mood got a bit grim.

The Judgements

Joya & Hamza have very much fallen for each other but after all that happened, Joya is too scared to even say it aloud to her friend. Fari’s analysis of Joya’s life & her predicament was perfect because as an outsider, she can clearly see how dictated & controlled Joya’s life is. Joya & Hamza’s interactions are not too pleasant but that clearly shows how they both are being that way only to cover up the fact that they like each other.

Prem Gali Episode 2 Story Review - The Judgments

The main issue that was addressed in this episode was how a label of any sort is enough to haunt someone for the rest of their lives. It also gives people the right to say whatever they feel like based on their poor judgment. It didn’t take a second before those ladies rejected Joya because of the fact that Rahat, Shireen & Musarrat were divorced. That immediately made me think of how hard Shireen has struggled as a single parent, how she toughened herself up so that she could protect Joya like a father figure in her life would’ve done, but still, unfortunately the fact that she was a divorcee outbid all the hard work that she has done to date. It was a perfect example of how negativity consumes you & how it is a downward spiral because nothing can stop those bitter memories from resurfacing.

I kind of liked that they showed what actually happened in the past & how they all got divorced. Sadly, because of their attitudes their spouses found it hard to continue with the marriage, but still it was enough for me to feel for them all. It was nice to know that Shireen was always this strong & opinionated person whereas Musarrat was always an emotional one. In the flashback scene, Shehzad Sheikh & Jinaan Hussain gave such convincing performances, like they actually set the tone immediately to show how unhappy they were in this marriage. Shehzad Sheikh actually looked frustrated being in a relationship with a controlling woman & Jinaan Hussain actually picked up Saba Hameed’s attitude & demeanor perfectly. It didn’t take a second for me to actually see her as a present-time Saba Hameed because of the way she portrayed her younger version. Well done!

Prem Gali Episode 2 Story Review - The Judgments

This episode did not give away much of the story but it was still interesting how they showed two different sides of life – the happy moments & then not-so-happy ones. In the initial part of the episodes, all the interactions, the dialogues were hilarious. I thoroughly enjoyed watching all of them being honest, open & upfront about each & everything that crossed their minds. I thought may be Tau Hidayat will get some kind of nice treatment from Shireen but oh well, even he wasn’t spared. The conversations regarding the names of the characters were my favorite, but I particularly loved what Luqman said about Haseena, like it actually seemed like a genuine mistake.

Well Acted & Directed Episode

This episode of Prem Gali was interesting but I really hope after these sad flashbacks, the story moves forward on a lighter note. Joya & Hamza’s chemistry & their bickering was cute. Sohai Ali Abro & Farhan Saeed’s dialogue delivery was superb. Saba Hameed so far is the best part of the drama & her interactions with Hatim/Waseem Abbas are always humorous. So far all the actors fit perfectly in their respective roles. It will be interesting to see where the story is headed. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Prem Gali.

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  • Assalamualaikum Zahra. Wonderful review. I also really enjoyed watching this episode, as it is very refreshing, with amazing performances, dialogues, direction, and production. I saw the next episode promo and I feel like they won’t drag that sad part we saw in the second half of this episode, because we already know what happened in the three women’s lives. I like how you mentioned that a single parent like Shireen had to struggle so much to bring her daughter up, and to teach her how to be a strong and confident woman like herself, who is not afraid of what anyone says. That being said, in the episode Shireen was talking about this with Joya, and it made me feel really bad for her because she is portraying and representing that part of society where people will always criticize a woman for being a divorcee, as people will think that it was the woman’s fault for not being able to make her husband happy. I really admire Shireen’s character and the way Saba Hameed is portraying it because it may bring a change within our society that it is not the woman’s fault that she is divorced. Her husband was not a good person just because he did not like the fact that Shireen is a strong and confident lady who does not like to get pushed around. It shows that his character was weak, not Shireen’s. I’m not such a big fan of Shahzad Sheikh, but I was pleasantly surprised by his acting, and the way he portrayed his anger out on his wife. All in all, it was a fantastic episode just like the first one. I can’t wait to see what happens next.

    • Hi Marium, thank you so much for taking the time out to read the review & share your perspective. I so agree with you when it comes to Shireen & her journey. Although she herself is a strong woman but I feel she has subdued Joya that too in a fear that she doesn’t turn out to be too strong & emotionally independent because she has experienced a failed marriage merely because of the fact that her husband couldn’t settle down with a woman like her who had a dominating personality.

      Her struggles as a single parent are evident but I feel this is the reason why she is so strict with her daughter, only for her betterment. Yes, Shehzad Sheikh took my by surprise too, it was a short performance but so impactful, he actually seemed frustrated. Saba Hameed is the star of the show for me so far. I am also looking forward to some happy & light-hearted moments. :) Thank you once again for commenting. :)

  • It was definitely a measured episode with plenty of funny scenes in the first part and the grim side was handled very well. This shows how a good director and writer can bring out best. I really enjoyed when shireen, musarat and rahat were discussing about their names. This is what you wrote in 1st episode. Farsightedness aapki. Wonderful review. Life is not easy even for those who take charge of it in their hands. This is what we are seeing here. Good episode 😊😊

    • Thank you so much Waqar for your kind words. :) Haan jee, I was quite happy too when the conversation regarding their names started, it was actually quite amusing. Indeed, people assume that those who have a tougher facade do not get affected but they too have fair share of struggles that no one bothers finding out about. Indeed, this episode was well written & directed, looking forward to more. :)

  • I am thoroughly enjoying watching Prem Gali so far! Though this episode got a bit sad towards the end but that was bound to happen as their past life got the much deserved coverage. This was covered brilliantly!

    The conversations about the names of the residents of prem gali was fun to watch, more so because I didn’t know the significance while watching the last episode and this time I knew it beforehand and enjoyed every bit of it.

    The chemistry between Farhan and Sohai is getting established now, which is good to see.

    I am clueless what the children were writing on the wall when Shireen came out and scolded them.

    As always, a wonderful review Zahra! Can I request you to somehow include the elements (like the info written in urdu) in your reviews which viewers like me (who can’t read Urdu) can’t understand. May be not exclusively, but just a hint of what it meant. Thanks in advance πŸ™πŸΌ

      • Thanks for explaining it Waqar! Appreciate it!!

        Now I can relate to Shireen’s reaction, though I could guess it must be something that had her snap off instantly!

    • Thank you so much Sheetal for being a consistent reader & contributor to the discussions. I would love to help you with all those bits & bobs that you find hard to understand. Please feel free to ask about anything Urdu related, I would be glad to answer. :)

      Yes, Farhan & Sohai’s chemistry is interesting. They both are smitten by each other but not confessing at this stage. It will be interesting to see their bond developing. I know right, the episode got a bit too sad but I am glad they wrapped it all up at this stage of the drama, now it will focus on the present of the characters that will shape up their future. :)

  • Hmm i think i didn’t like ur review this time ..
    I was thinking that shireen has suffered a lot therefore she got divorce ..
    Jab reshtai walai gayai tab shireen kehti hai ” amma apnai ghar ko ham ne bht koshish karkai bachaya and blah blah ”
    Magar flash backs mai to talaq khud is mohtarma ki khud sari aur negativity ki waja se huwa hai ..kitna tahkkumaana lehja tha husband kai sath ..she also wants to rule there ..

    And u said “she z strong ” ??

    Aur ye dusri mohtarma malka e jazbaat us ka qissa to khair samjh mai aata hai aur amma ki talaaq ka bhi ..

    I think aap ko in teeno kai flashbacks pai thori aur roshni daalni chaheyai thi ..

    can’t tolerate sohai ali aabro ..the injected swollen lips ..

    Overall aj ki episode mujhai zyada pasand nahi aaye ..

    • I think this is kind of the thinking that bugs me. We only accept Divorce if it is caused for infidelity or abuse. But otherwise, we should stick it out no matter how miserable we make each other. I know people that just β€œmake it work” for their entire life. But i just think it is sad to spend your life with someone you don’t like at all.

    • i agree with about Shireen and about Sohai’s lips, the lips were bugging me too so i went back to check on how she looked in Kaisi Yeh Paheli & Adhi Gawahi but her lips she looks just the same as in this drama, but that’s not how i remembered her somehow

    • Thank you so much Burst for sharing what you felt while watching this episode. :) I completely understand where you’re coming from but app ye bhi dekhain ke Shireen ki talaq kiss basis pe hui. Uski koi bari ghalti nahi thi, its just that uska husband ye nahi bardasht kar sak raha tha ke wo aik strong, emotionally independent aur dominating personality ki malik hai. He found it suffocating but jabke aisay hazar husbands hote hain jo same traits rakhte hain lekin unki wives unke saath sukoon se ghuzara karti hain.

      I think Sohai ne kafi ziyada overlining ki hui hai lips ki, it’s her makeup that is making her pout a bit too prominent plus she has a habit of speaking a certain way jiss ki wajah se uske lips pe ziyada nazar jati hai. I find it distracting too at times. (:

      • Dono case mai acceptable nahi hai ..chahai husband ho ya wife ..
        Script ,direction ya acting mai koye ghalti huwi hai ..
        Shireen ki aaj wali baat maazi kai incident kai sath match nahi kar rahi ..
        Present “Inethaye dukhi andaaz ham ne to apnai ghar ko bachanai ki bht koshish ki haaye”
        Past ” tum rukho mai abhi tumhra demagh drust kari hun ”
        Kon aisai aurat se shaadi rachayega ??
        Ya kon bas khidmat gaar aur har roz naraz aur ronai wali se shadi karaiga ..??
        Ye khud he waja hain talaq ki ..
        Writer ne justice nahi kiya ya wo dekhana chahti hai biwiyoo kai aqsaam kai wo kin kin tareeqo se husband ko apnai sath rakhna chahti hai ?? Khair ye bht early hai ..last episode tak hamai wait karna chaheyai ..

        Zahra ..fasih bari walai thread pai comments on karlai ..

        M his biggest fan wo aisi zubaan kaisai use karsaktai hain ..
        Aur zahra aur fatima hotai kon hain hamari zehno pai qaabiz honi waalai ..
        Wo apna opinion paish karti hain ham kabhi agree kabhi disagree karti hain but fasih bari k andaz mai nahi ..
        Haan ye ghalti huwi hai kai hamai quddosi sahb ki bewa yaad nahi raha but aap baat tameez kai dayerai mai reh kar ham se gela kartai ye kya baat huwi kai itna bara writer is darjai gerai gaa ??

        • Appki baat bhi bilkul sahi hai. Abb ye dekhna baqi hai ke kya agay ki episodes mai aur roshni dali jayegi is mamlay mai ya nahi because sirf 1 scene ke basis pe judge karna mushkil hoga. I am sure Shireen ne aur bhi qurbaniyan di hongi but jo dikhaya gaya us se yeh judgment pass karna asaan hai ke wo ghalat thi. Dekhte hain.

          Nahi, us thread pe comments on nahi honge because hum is mamlay ko aur prolong nahi karna chahte. We don’t want the negativity to multiply but haan jo unhon ne apni tameez dikhai, us se andaza ho gaya ke kaun kitne pani mai hai. We can only hope ke yahan ke regular readers bhi ye farq dekh sakain. Thank you for sharing your perspective on this.

          • Hi Zahra! Honestly speaking i never liked qudosi sahab ki bewa and i never watched this drama. I always thought how can people watch this drama…. Sorry to say but very 3rd class and cheap language used…. Its my opinion about this DRAMA only and not about any actor..

    • Actually Shirin said “Amma li talaq ney bachpan sey hi hum dono k dil me darr bitha diya tha”.. shirin and Musharraf chose different ways to fight this insecurity.. is darr sey k uska husband kisi aur aurat ki taraf na jaye (like her father), she started controlling her husband from day one.. but uska method hi uski divorce ka reason bn gya. I felt Jainan portrayed it beautifully, clearly young shirin gets scared when husband says main tang aa gya hu tum sey, but then she tries to fight back with a dhamki

  • it was good to see how they all 3 got divorced, it was beautifully edited too, looking forward to next week

  • HI Zahra, Nice review. I too liked the Flashback of the three ladies after the proposal rejection for Joya. Three of them sitting alone recalling their past life, while thinking that they never imagined that their personal past life will affect in such a way in present. Shahzad shaikh was good in that frame. Looks like Shireen was responsible behind her fall of marriage. I liked the Hamza-Joya conversation on saving Hamza’s life in return of his favor. That was new & spontanusos from both of them and more hilarious when Hamza says, let me pass in front of a truck. Anotehr lighter moment was in between Tau & Hamza hidden meaning behind “Kaale Badal” & all. I liked too about usual inetraction of Shireen & Hamza’s father, this time it was chutki choohe mar dawai.hahahah

    • Thank you so much Aamer for sharing your thoughts on this episode. :) Oh yes, I totally agree, there were so many funny interactions that I found it hard to pick which one was my favorite. It seems Hatim & Shireen will continue to have such interactions over limited ration supply, lol. The same goes for Hamza & Joya, their spontaneity was superb.

      Yes, at this point it does look like Shireen was too controlling but I hope there’s more to her story & they take us through that. I am actually looking forward to the interaction of two sad souls; Musarrat & Luqman. :)

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