Prem Gali Episode 22 Story Review – A Decent Episode

Ohkay so, this episode of Prem Gali was better than the previous few episodes because, in this one, both Hamza & Joya were seen addressing the issues that are being created by their family members. I also liked how the writer subtly inculcated the idea that a husband & wife are totally entitled to having their own space, in order to keep the rest of their relationships intact. There is absolutely no denying the fact that Faiza Iftikhar has definitely put her mind to what she wanted to convey through this drama, therefore each & every scenario has a purpose & that is very much appreciated!

Hamza & Joya Address The Issues

Prem Gali has always dealt with serious & dire issues in a light-hearted manner, this is why in this episode especially, it was made clear why the writer was showing families bickering over petty issues. This is exactly what we see in different dramas but in a most negative setting but in Prem Gali, Faiza Iftikhar took a different approach & although she too has shown the issues faced by newly wedded couples, she has tried to convey how important is it to give space to a husband & wife so that they develop an understanding with each other. Joya & Hamza have not had any problems with each other but they always find themselves surrounded by issues that are created by their family members. I think this has also enabled them to take a stand for each other, at least it has started off with Joya where she put her foot down & told Shireen to not interfere in the matters concerning Hamza.

I did feel Joya was a bit too harsh with Shireen but when someone fails to budge & on top of that, fails to give justified reasoning for her unreasonable demand, it obviously does not leave Joya with any other option than to say things that will pinch her mother. Shireen obviously has her own reasons but once again, the way Manzoor has projected himself, he seems like a decent person who only wishes well for Hamza & Joya. The thing that seemed quite frustrating was how Shireen is adamant that no matter what happens, Hamza will eventually leave Joya. She definitely is painting him with the same brush & is failing to even consider it for a second that Hamza might be different & she must be wrong!

Prem Gali Episode 22 Story Review - A Decent Episode

Once again, Luqman’s suspicious behavior towards Joya may seem annoying but it does serve the purpose of bringing Musarrat & Luqman closer. In this episode, Musarrat did give words to the expectations she had of him, which goes to show that she definitely has developed some feelings for him but this thought definitely hasn’t crossed Luqman’s mind so far. Another thing that was absolutely wrong was Luqman going through Joya’s phone in order to find out if she is in love with someone else or not! Like seriously, this was wrong on so many levels!

The time Hamza spends with his neighbors is definitely going to shape his perspective & he will be forced to consider moving out, which he hasn’t thought of so far. It was nice how Abdul Maria tried to tell him that moving out does not mean that he is cutting ties with his family & in fact, it will give him the opportunity to maintain the dignity & value of these relationships in front of Joya. I liked that both Hamza & Joya did speak about how their family members were making things difficult for them & Joya didn’t leave things unexplained when she too asked him to leave his family behind. They both are justified in feeling this way & it was nice to see Hamza trying to understand how his family was making it hard for Joya exactly how her family was making it for him.

Decent Episode After Weeks

This episode of Prem Gali was definitely better than the previous few episodes. Things have finally started to move forward but I really am disappointed with how Shireen has been behaving. I really hope Hamza & Joya work as a team & make a decision that they deem right without letting anyone cloud their judgment. Sohai Ali Abro, Saba Hameed, Farhan Saeed, Uzma Hassan, Waseem Abbas & Abdullah Farhat have done a brilliant job & their chemistry as one big family definitely makes things better. Looking forward to the next episode for sure. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Prem Gali.

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