Prem Gali Episode 3 Story Review – A Happening Episode

Ohkay so, this episode of Prem Gali followed the pattern of the previous one where it started off on a fun note & ended on a grim one showing what transpired in the past. I must say it’s an intelligent way of establishing what happened in the past & also to humanize the characters a bit more by showing their struggles & emotionality. To be able to feel for a character, it is very important to understand where they come from or what they have been through, therefore I actually liked seeing the backstory of Chaudhry & Sons!

A Happening Episode

The first part of the episode was quite interesting. It uplifted my mood the moment I tuned to it because of how the day started in Shireen’s house, it all seemed very realistic & relatable. The mood was grim & dull, none of them had the courage to face each other & were sulking but then Rahat took over & made sure that everyone snaps out of it. I loved seeing how Rahat brought everyone out of that mood. That’s what the elders usually do because they know the situation better. She didn’t want her daughters to continue to feel bad because of what happened in the past or what some inconsiderate strangers said. As a mother Rahat has seen all that her daughters have been through, therefore she understood that none of the things that people say actually matter. These are their personal lifelong struggles & they have worked hard to move past that phase of their lives. I must say the things that Rahat continued to say about those women & their dietary preferences were hilarious.

The entire scene where they thought Joya has run away was quite interesting. I loved the kind of assumptions they made, it once again showed the kind of mindset each one of them has. It didn’t take Shireen a moment to suspect Kuwait returned plumber & Fari. Musarrat had a lot of faith in Joya & she knew Joya wouldn’t do something like this. Rahat just panicked but then in the end also showed that she felt for Joya a lot because of all the restrictions Shireen has imposed on her. I must say, this has to be the most unique name someone would choose for their pet ‘jaanu manu’. Shireen’s reaction to it was hilarious!

Prem Gali Episode 3 Story Review - A Happening Episode

Joya & Hamza’s relationship is blooming & Hamza has already confessed what he feels about her. Joya definitely likes the attention & it’s understandable, considering how decent Hamza is plus Joya herself is at that age where an attention of this kind makes a girl’s heart flutter. However, I really like that Joya is not unduly or unreasonably smitten by Hamza. She has her inhibitions & it shows, that too because she lives with three women who have had bitter experiences when it comes to marriages, therefore I like Joya’s overall attitude & behavior when it comes to Hamza. She likes him, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with it but she is not too welcoming & is maintaining a distance.

The entire Milaad sequence was quite special too. It showed how the entire neighborhood comes together with Rahat being a representation of those people who do not usually entertain the idea of going out of the way to be a part of religious gatherings because they have their own beliefs & way of appproaching things. The way Fari & Joya discussed Biryani without Alus was hilarious, it kind of makes it all look very real because these minute details are usually discussed mostly after such gatherings in general, it also adds the comedy factor without trying too hard.

So, finally, everyone got to know how Chauhdry & Sons ended up being on their own without a trace of women in their lives. Hatim still believes that because he went against the orders of his Peer o Murshid, his wife ended up losing her life. His father was too passionate about Dangal, therefore he never really paid heed to the pain that his wife was going through. She fell sick & he didn’t really have it in him to actually understand how bad the situation is. All the things his wife said showed what an emotionally & physically absent he was as a husband. He let his wife suffer alone without complaining & now he has nothing but regrets. Luqman’s story was really sad, he got married to his Dua who actually was in love with someone else. If only Abdullah Farhat had toned down his acting a bit in that scene, it would’ve made a bit more impact because yes, although he seems to be quite emotional, it ended up looking funnily dramatic which is quite unlike him, but then maybe he was given a briefing to be like that because he was in front of his family & all the emotions are usually unfiltered in front of parents & siblings.

Prem Gali Episode 3 Story Review - A Happening Episode

Tau Hidayat came through with his Hidayat, first when he told Joya to drape the dupatta over her head & then he caught Hamza in action. I think by now, Hamza should know that if there’s one person who will be another big obstacle in his & Joya’s love story after Shireen, it is going to be Tau Hidayat. Joya ended up believing what she saw, which showed how relationships usually work, there are always ups & downs, sometimes things are smooth but then the next minute they are rocky – it was actually quite cute. Now Hamza will have to show Joya a complete picture for her to understand why Tau Hidayat reacted the way he did!

My Idea of Entertainment

This episode of Prem Gali was really nice. After this episode, I think there won’t be a need for more flashbacks or backstories because the main characters have been covered. I will say that I liked how the focus was shifted on Chaudhry & Sons because, in the first two episodes, it was mostly about Rahat & Co. Now that we know about all of them, it would be interesting to see their stories going hand in hand & tracks interlocking. Saba Hameed & Waseem Abbas definitely stand out & Waseem Abbas a bit more with his bright solid colored Kurtas. I really like how Faiza Iftikhar has crafted their personalities because no matter what they all are going through emotionally, they all get to be in their element & have unique personalities.

Sohai Ali Abro & Farhan Saeed have done a commendable job as Joya & Hamza too but somehow, they still have yet to draw the entire attention to themselves because at this stage of the drama, their story seems merged & although I don’t mind seeing what’s happening in their lives, I am more interested to see the tracks of other characters, especially the older ones. Their love story & conversations are definitely cute but at this stage, there are a lot of other things that seem far more interesting. Anoushay Abbasi as Fari is cute too, she has that sass & quirk to her character which makes me look forward to her scenes. After this episode, I am interested to find out more about Nargis & her story too. Dialogues & all the conversations make Prem Gali a fun drama to tune to, this definitely happens to be my idea of entertainment & I am enjoying it. Writing, direction & acting so far seems to be great. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Prem Gali.

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  • Simply loved this episode, especially Faree and luqman interaction about dua and she told her mother woh apney parents ki dua ka bol raha tha.

  • Enjoyed this episode as much as I have enjoyed the previous ones. I too liked how the morning scene was showed in the ladies’ household and how things progressed from there. It was good to see that they have moved on from there. I really liked the scene where the ladies were searching for Joya and how they ended up finding her on the terrace. I loved how all three of them held onto their expressions with the brick and slipper in hand, which made the scene more hilarious.

    I also like Waseem Abbas and Saba Hameed’s scenes together, which was missing in this episode. Also, it is a good change to see Qavi Khan playing this character, which is very different than the characters he plays in other dramas where he is mostly playing a maulvi, much different than the choudhary’s character. Farhan Saeed is charming as Hamza and somehow everytime his scenes with Joya come up, I am instantly reminded of Suno Chanda and then I start looking for Iqra in Joya’s character. Though I am warming up to this new chemistry too, their scenes are cute and well done as well. Looking forward to more entertainment with this!

    • Thank you so much Sheetal for sharing your thoughts. Oh absolutely, the start of the day was so realistic & I loved how Rahat was going into their rooms to tell them to come out that too because she was getting disturbed & couldn’t watch her morning show properly, lol!

      Waseem Abbas & Saba Hameed’s scenes are my favorite too. Farhaan Saeed as Hamza is giving a very convincing performance. I like his & Sohai’s chemistry but like you said, it will take some time to warm up to their characters. Right now the story is in the initial stages & there are so many characters, you get drawn towards others & want to learn more about them. :)

  • Thanks for ur review Zahra! I am thoroughly enjoying Premgali. Its such a refreshing change from all the saas bahu / girls falling for their behnoi sagas! Its well written, well directed and well enacted which is quite a rare combination! For me the stand out performances would have to be Farhan Saeed, Waseem Abbas and Saba Hameed!! Not that the others are bad! The combination of Faiza Iftikhar and Qasim Ali Mureed has given us Aangan so I for one am certainly looking forward to how this one unfolds!

    • Most welcome Sam, so good to hear from you. It’s been a while. :) Yes, I remember thoroughly enjoying Aangan, this is why I am keen about Prem Gali because I know it is going to be one good journey. :) All the actors have surely performed brilliantly. :) Looking forward to discussing Prem Gali with you. :)

      • It sure has been a while! Between a toddler (whose name is Zahra btw πŸ˜‰) and work, just don’t get the time any more! But Premgali and Mushk are two plays that most certainly have my attention!

        • Aw, give my love to her. :) My son’s a toddler too, so I can quite imagine how tough it must be. Prem Gali & Mushk definitely are two dramas that should not be missed. :)

  • Assalamualaikum Zahra. Thanks for the wonderful review. I am really enjoying watching this drama. I love these kinds of dramas that are full with comedy and romance, it’s a nice break from all the usual and typical dramas we see nowadays. I am starting to become a huge fan of Faiza Iftikhar and her style of writing. The first drama I saw of her’s was Aangan, and I immediately fell in love with the way the drama was written and how it was portrayed in a realistic manner, just like Prem Gali. I am also actually curious that if Musarrat will end up with someone, just like how we are seeing Fari and Luqman maybe being together. She is a tragedy queen, but she also deserves to be happy. The performances of all the actors have been brilliant, and I am really looking forward to what happens in the upcoming episodes.

    • Walaikum Asalam Marium. Thank you so much for taking the time out to read the reviews & consistently add more to the discussions every week. :) Yes, absolutely, Aangan was such an amazing drama & Prem Gali is turning out to be great. I am sure Faiza Iftikhar will not disappoint. I am not sure if you have watched Dil Lagi, that too has been written by Faiza Iftikhar, if not, then you must watch it. :) I also enjoyed watching Manchalay, it’s an old drama written by Faiza Iftikhar but that too had such amazing comedy & characters. :)

      Oh yes, I do hope we get to see Musarrat actually being a Musarrat by the end of the drama. I thought maybe she & Luqman will end up together but with Fari in the picture, not sure what to expect. :)

      • Maine bhi Manchaly dhekha huva hai per maine TV per dhekha tha Usk baad say main kab say dhoond rahi hoon is drama ko internet pe lekin mujay kahi nahi mila. Aur ye bhi novel pe he bana hai…

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