Prem Gali Episode 5 Story Review – Mohallay Ki Baji

Ohkay so, this episode of Prem Gali was happening & had some emotional moments which were done nicely. The overall execution of the drama is really interesting but at times, the situations fall flat & seem to be a bit too stretched. The dialogues of Prem Gali happen to be one of the strengths of the drama so far with some actors doing justice to the tone set by the writer with their perfect timing, whereas some of them seem to be struggling. Prem Gali overall is the kind of drama that one can tune to when in the mood for light-hearted entertainment, for that purpose, it definitely is the drama that should not be missed!

Fari Becomes Mohallay Ki Baji

The curiosity got the better of Fari & Luqman, therefore they were linked together & the rumors spread. It was interesting how everything escalated quickly but then it also served as a realization to almost each one of them who became a part of the rumors because they eventually believed the things they heard from Luqman. The way things ended was definitely surprising because I actually thought Fari was going to get married to Luqman because she kind of liked him but then, Luqman proved that he genuinely loved his Dua.

In this entire scenario, what I really liked was how their humane side was highlighted with each one of them having a different kind of emotional understanding & perspective. Luqman thought Fari was in love with someone else & because she came to meet him, he could not get married to her. He didn’t want to repeat the same mistake & when I heard him say all those things, I actually hoped that he & Fari get to have a conversation so that he can find out what’s in her heart.

Prem Gali Episode 5 Story Review - Mohallay Ki Baji

I feel everything falls flat in most of those scenes that are shared by almost all the characters. Somehow the timing seems to be considerately off & it seems they all forcibly say things in order to contribute to the scene, even if there’s no need for it. This makes some of those scenes a little uninteresting. Luqman came to Fari’s rescue & Fari was sad that she became mohallay ki baji.

Once again, I liked how the writer brought in emotional nuances to that entire conversation which was supposed to be humorous with Fari contemplating whether people would’ve believed her or not had it not been for Luqman. I wish they had also shown Shireen’s apology because it would’ve been nice to see that side of hers too because of its a rarity that Shireen feels that way. It was however suggested that she went to see Haseena but then I did feel that scene should’ve been a part of this episode.

Prem Gali Episode 5 Story Review - Mohallay Ki Baji

I am kind of amazed that Fari hasn’t been able to put two & two together when it comes to Joya & Hamza. She continues to make guesses & is easily fooled by Joya’s lies. Joya also has no reason to hide everything from Fari but I guess she is too scared of the rumors getting spread but I guess her friend deserves that much of her trust. Joya & Hamza’s scenes are interesting but are kind of getting repetitive, I am eager to see some developments in their track.

A Hit & A Miss

This episode of Prem Gali was more of a hit & a miss, but I will say that I did enjoy the conversations all the characters had with one another. As much as I really enjoy Qavi Khan’s energy & scenes, his character is coming along as caricaturish. Farah Shah is such a good actor but in Prem Gali, she has been unable to give a convincing performance. I wish Sohai Ali Abro had not gone overboard as Joya because at all times, she has made it obvious that she is ‘acting’ & not performing the character of Joya.

Saba Hameed & Waseem Abbas continue to hold my interest as a viewer of Prem Gali, also the supporting characters such as Tau Hidayat & Mateen have a lot to offer. Anoushay Abbasi & Abdullah Farhat are convincing as Fari & Luqman. I think with Fari out of the picture, there’s a possibility of Luqman & Musarrat ending up together – if that happens, I’ll be more than happy & can’t wait to see that track developing. The precap suggests some development in Joya & Hamza’s love story which is definitely required considering we’re past the initial stages of the story. Let’s see where it goes. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Prem Gali.

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  • I agree with you Zahra that the drama isn’t quite there completely. But it’s pleasant and wholesome, and all the characters are generally good people, and so I end up tuning in every week. With most dramas having a toxic undertone to them, and the general worrisome air in daily life, Prem Gali is nice and uncomplicated even if it’s kind of cheesy at times.
    I also like how while there seems to a central plot regarding Joya and Hamza and getting to know the cast, all episodes so far can also be considered stand alone. It’s different.
    Also, we finally saw Haseena’s body building son who’s impressed by Salman Khan (although he was a little underwhelming so far, I thought)!

    • Thank you so much Maya for sharing your thoughts. Yes, it is the kind of drama that you just watch knowing that you’re going to have a good time. As a viewer it is always easy to ignore certain shortcomings but when it comes to reviewing dramas like these, it gets hard not to talk about the issues that compromise upon the overall feel of the episode with some situations falling flat. :)

      I agree, underwhelm is the word because that’s exactly how I felt when I saw Haseena’s son, especially after the elaborate intro that he got. :/ I do like all the characters for sure, it’s still a fun watch. :)

  • It was nice episode. Two points were beautifully highlighted by Faiza jee key aurat ki izzat ka yaqeen bhi mard key haathon hai aur agar mein apni maa ka trust tor key tum pey trust karoon. Reality of our society where women have to struggle…. why can’t we respect and give space to women as we want it for ourselves???? Nice drama and review

    • Thank you so much Waqar for always being so kind & appreciative. :) Waqay hi, Prem Gali halanke hai to mazahiya drama but is mai kuch dialogues bohat sachay aur mainee-khez hain. :)

  • Assalamualaikum Zahra. Great review! I have found this drama to be very entertaining with important lessons also sprinkled into the story to make the whole thing more realistic and to have the audience learn something like believing women when they have said they did not do anything wrong. I kind of had a feeling that Fari and Luqman wouldn’t end up together, I’m hoping that Musarrat and Luqman end up together because they are the tragedy king and queen of the story and it would be nice to see their story together. All of the characters are very intriguing and interesting, and I can’t wait to see what happens next. Keep up the great work!

    • Walaikum Asalam Marium. Thank you so much for appreciating the review. :) Oh yes, I have been rooting for Luqman & Musarrat right from the beginning. I can’t wait to see them interacting, but I am wondering why that hasn’t happened yet because usually Musarrat goes to the school in the morning & that’s when Luqman is usually washing his motorbike. Yes, those specific dialogues were meaningful & I like how they brought forth the emotional side of all these characters, it makes them humane & relatable. :D

  • Prem Gali is a light comedy and very entertaining. It has such a homely feel. I feel like I’m part if this neighborhood while watching the play.
    Thank you for such a nice review Zahra.

    • Thank you so much DQ for appreciating the review. :) It sure has a very nice feel to it, the perfect light-hearted entertainment that you know is going to make you feel good. :D

  • Thank you for the review Zahra!Prem Gali is an entertaining watch and my favourite on TV right now.Loving Waseem Abbas and Saba Hameed the most!What Fari said about our society not believing in women and their innocence without a man is heart-breaking but true.We should respect women more just as living beings and not just as someone’s wife, daughter or sister.I really appreciate the writer for breaking norms and humanizing divorced women in a society as patriarchal as ours.Kudos to Faiza Iftikhar!

    • You’re most welcome Amy. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Yes, that scene has to be my absolute favorite too when Fari & Joya were having a conversation & Fari got to speak about her innocence & the attitude of men in general. Anoushay Abbasi’s acting was superb. I also like how Faiza Iftikhar has shown all these women so strong & non-becharis. They have their fair share of struggles but they are living life on their own term. Such a refreshing change. :)

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