Prem Gali Episode 6 – Story Review

Ohkay so, this episode of Prem Gali focused on Fari’s rishta & everything related to it. Overall the episode was enjoyable to watch but the story is not really showing much progress. So far, it has been purely about the characters – establishing the dynamics of the residents of Prem Gali & also how they all are very much involved in what happens within the vicinity of their mohalla, even if it’s something as personal as someone’s proposal. The conversations & witty dialogues are definitely the strength of this drama but I would definitely love to see some progress in the story.


The way all the neighbors showed excitement & involvement when it came to Fari’s proposal was actually quite sweet. It kind of shows how important it is to be surrounded by people who like to feel that they are very much a part of your life, even if it is appreciated or not. Haseena’s take on everything was actually quite amusing because she knew that they all wanted to know the details to satisfy their curiosities. Apart from what has happened in the recent past where the entire neighborhood targetted Fari & Luqman, I find Haseena to be unnecessarily bitter about everything in general. She barely shares a healthy equation with people around her & not really sure why she is like that because on the surface, everyone else in the mohalla seems nice in general. They all do have their issues where they find it hard to mind their own business but Haseena’s anger & bitterness that comes through all the time is a little hard to digest.

Fari & Joya’s excitement was actually quite cute. The comedy related to names is definitely refreshing & probably is being heard in a drama after quite a while which probably is my favorite part of Prem Gali. No matter what, they always have to have an opinion on people’s names, which kind of starts the conversation & gets it going. I must however commend Faiza Iftikhar for showing all kinds of people under the sun in Prem Gali. The conversation between Mateen & Tau Hidayat showed two different perspectives where Mateen focused more on what Firdous had, but Tau Hidayat was more concerned about his religiosity, nature & niceness.

Hamza & Joya’s track has been pretty stagnant but finally, he did get the conversation started about his & Joya’s marriage. Some of the scenes covering his & Luqman’s discussion about this entire aspect seemed a bit too stretched but nonetheless, I am glad he finally decided to speak up. It seems Joya & Hamza will get to spend some time with each other especially when Shireen will appoint him as her tutor, or maybe not especially after she’ll see the kind of reaction Hatim & his father will give upon hearing Joya & Hamza’s name being linked up. This is definitely going to spread a rumor because that’s what usually happens in Prem Gali.

Time For Some Progress

It seems there’s going to be a fair share of tears in the next episode with someone once again going wrong with Fari & her marriage. It will be nice to see the entire neighborhood coming together & standing by Fari’s side yet again – which I hope will help in changing Haseena’s perspective. I would really love to see more of Musarrat’s character especially because of the way Uzma Hassan has played that character. I feel Rahat’s character gets a bit too much coverage in every single episode. Her dialogues are fun & it is interesting to note how she always has a lot of opinions about everything but I feel there are other characters too which are interesting as well & deserve a lot more coverage as well such as Shireen, Hatim & even Musarrat. Shamim Hilali has been phenomenal as Rahat & there’s absolutely no denying the fact. I especially love how she is always concerned about Joya & is thoughtful of her emotional state especially. Let’s see how things roll in the upcoming episodes. So far Prem Gali has been promising but I think it is important to show some progress in the story as well because at this point everything seems a bit too situational. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Prem Gali.

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  • Assalamualaikum Zahra. Great review as always! Although I love the story of this drama with all the comedy and romance between the leads, I do agree that there needs to be some progress in the story. I think that’s going to happen when Joya and Hamza get to spend more time with each other, and I also can’t wait to see Shireen’s reaction when she finds out her daughter is hanging out with Hamza. Each episode brings a lot of curiosity as to what will happen next. You forgot to mention the guy Fari is getting married to, I found it really funny that he kept saying, “to phir main rishta pakka sumjhu”, and his mom kept trying to stop him. I really like this role reversal that they have shown because you don’t see guys saying that kind of stuff when they are coming for a rishta. This drama has become my guilty pleasure. I always wait for this drama and your review every week. Keep up the great work!

  • Shireen Review ( πŸ‘πŸ»)
    Waisai kaafi chakkar lagayai hum ne prem gali kai but aap nazar nahi aaye ..chalo acha huwa akhir kaar aap ne share kar he di review ..

    Ye haseena kabhi moti dekhti hai kabhi patli in gate she was bulky while setting with firdous and co she was looking thin .ye kya maajra hai ? Aap keh rahi hai na kai wo har waqt ghussai mai rehti hai ..i think hormonal issue hai tabhi moti patli aur emtions change hotai rehtai hain ..

    Baqi ye joya fari kai sath itni over acting kiyo kar rahi thi ? Un dialogues ka koye thuk to nahi banta tha ..kya wo sarai dialogues sirf hamza se takraanai k leyai lekhai gayai thai ?
    number 2 house ki baanjh samosa ko dialogues kiyo nahi deyai gayai ..i really like that character ..

    Waisai wo badmaza zarda wapis karkai haseena ne sahi kiya tha .. chawalo ki rail ,
    no wasim badami and pista kaajoo

    Joya apnai honto ko fill karnai ki bajaayai paper kaisai fill karna hai pai zor dai to ham ka aur uska dono ka bhala ho ..

    Was salam

  • It was such a fine episode.. mujhey firdous behenoi aur bahu waaley scene pey loolllzzy hogayi πŸ€ͺπŸ€ͺπŸ€ͺ.. nice review

  • I agree that nothing much moved story wise. But I enjoyed the episode anyway – it puts a smile on my face and makes me laugh at time.

    I want Musarat to do something more than cry all the time… hopefully, she’ll have more of a role.

  • thanks for the lovely review, my best bit was that everyone was against the boys name when Fari was quite fine with it

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