Prem Gali Episode 7 Story Review – A Feel Good Drama

Ohkay so, this episode of Prem Gali was fun. The best part about Prem Gali is that it’s a feel-good drama & even if the overall story doesn’t make much progress, the interactions between all the characters make you smile because they are so many & each one of them has one thing or the other to contribute to.

Fari’s Wedding Festivities Begin

This episode focused more on the interactions between all the residents of Prem Gali, where they all came together for Fari’s joyous wedding. Another major event was the interaction between Shireen & Hatim. Fari is on cloud 9 & she can not wait to get married. It was absolutely a treat to watch each & everyone from the neighborhood excited to participate in Fari’s wedding one way or the other; be it Tau Hidayat who came to bless the family of the bride or the tea vendor who enthusiastically supplied tea to Haseena’s place because he knew she was hosting a lot of guests.

Prem Gali Episode 7 Story Review - A Feel Good Drama

Hamza & Joya continue being smitten by each other. Hamza following Joya during the all-girls shopping spree was amusing as well as quite realistically portrayed. All the interactions that girls had during their shopping trip were fun to hear because these are the things girls around brides talk about. This is what sets Prem Gali apart that although the scenario is comparatively new & there’s a focus on an entire neighborhood, the conversations they have & even their wit & humor portrays realness every single time. Even the comments that the shopkeeper made, firstly about Fari’s complexion & then about her friend’s weight, despite being wrong were amusing because this is what usually happens in day to day interactions where people find it hard to keep their unwanted opinions to themselves & then people end up reacting differently.

Shireen decided she wanted to hire Hamza as Joya’s tutor but because of that, she got to meet Hatim & his father. In short, she met Hamza’s family & got to see that they were just happy-go-lucky kind of people who were also their neighbors. Shireen actually didn’t find anything questionable about them, therefore the chances of her approving Joya & Hamza’s marriage are quite high.

Prem Gali Episode 7 Story Review - A Feel Good Drama

Although all the residents of Prem Gali are totally different from one another, one thing that’s common between all of them is their ability to assume things quickly. Hatim & his father didn’t even think for a second before assuming that Shireen must have come for something else, this is why they kept on pushing it & thought that she wanted Joya to get married to Hamza. It also showed how desperate they were because without even seeing Joya, they were ready to agree to the proposal. Honestly speaking, I sighed with relief when Shireen clearly spoke about the tuition, because it meant the whole misunderstanding didn’t prolong & they all got a clear idea why she was here. The way Hatim took back the plate from her hand was amusing. It also highlighted the fact that he would half-heartedly go out of his budget if he is going to get something in return, but if that doesn’t happen to be the case, no one can eat a morsel of food from his house for free.

Fun Episode

This episode of Prem Gali was fun to watch. Along with that, there are always certain antics & expressions of the characters that I as a viewer enjoy observing & that adds more fun to the overall drama-watching experience. I am glad this episode focused a lot more on the rest of the characters & even Musarrat had a thing or two to say. It was heart-breaking to see Rahat speak so callously about Musarrat’s divorce, especially when she knows that she is quite sensitive. This is another depiction of reality that at times, family members being family members do not really understand where to draw a line, they just say everything casually without thinking about hurting the feelings which at all times is wrong, especially when it is related to such a sensitive subject. Anyhow, one thing is good that now with Luqman being a tutor, there are chances of his & Musarrat’s interactions. Can’t wait to see that.

The direction & camera work continues to impress. I especially enjoyed all the scenes where the girls stepped outside of Prem Gali & explored the markets together, they were done well. It was a treat to watch Waseem Abbas & Saba Hameed as well. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Prem Gali.

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  • It is only drama which i thoroughly enjoy along with getting some witty and social based messages… lovely review

  • gr8 review, this one is getting better , this episode was v good. the only problem i have is with sohai ali abro, she doesnt look the part and also her acting is not upto the mark, farhan has to carry the whole chemistry on his shoulders. someone like yumna would have been gr8. supp cast is funny.

    • Thank you so much Tiger. Yes, I am not feeling Sohai as Joya as well. An actress with a good comic timing or just good timing, in general, would’ve done wonders in this drama. Sohai makes it obvious that she is putting an effort in her acting. Farhan Saeed on the other hand is quite effortless.

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