Prem Gali Episode 8 Story Review – Heartwarming

Ohkay so, this was probably one of the best episodes of Prem Gali that have aired so far. Just when I was getting a little worried about the message that was being imparted regarding the importance of unnecessary burdens like dowry, Faiza Iftikhar came through & did not disappoint. This entire episode showed how close-knit neighborhoods join hands & show support in the hour of need. Everything that unfolded in this episode was heart-warming & I loved seeing each one of them contributing in their own way.


The main focus of this entire episode was mostly on Fari’s dowry. It showed how not only Haseena but all the families in Prem Gali got affected by this tragic event. What made it even better was that it all just didn’t stop there & everyone came together to show support to Haseena & Fari. It won’t be wrong to say but as much as I liked seeing all of them playing their part, I was getting concerned about the collection of new dowry for Fari because in times like these, where weddings have turned into business transactions for the majority of the society, to reiterate the importance of dowry was making me feel uneasy.

However, it doesn’t take away the sweetness of the entire incident because out of all the people, it was Shireen who came up with the idea of helping Haseena out. For her & then everyone else to give up on their savings just to support Fari was absolutely sweet. It showed how their hearts were connected & the emotional residents of Prem Gali understood the true essence of being neighbors, because of which they all decided to play their part. Haseena too felt burdened but because she was feeling helpless, she couldn’t say no to their generosity. It goes to show that in some aspects, they all may disagree but its always times like these when everyone feels the need to come together & figure a way out.

Prem Gali Episode 8 Story Review - Heartwarming

I liked that Fari took a stand against what everyone was trying to do in regards to her dowry. She had all the right to do that for herself because she didn’t want her worth to be reduced to the things she or her mother could afford to take to her new home. Although it was Joya who understood what her friend was trying to say I actually laughed when out of all the people, Hatim made it look like he too was on the same page & then the look that he got from Hamza explained it all that he definitely wanted all of his money back.

I was happy that the writer decided to show in-laws like Firdous’s family who wanted nothing from Haseena but only agreed to the dowry because they understood that as a mother she must’ve picked up some gifts for her daughter. It showed that they were simply considerate people who didn’t want to hurt a mother’s feelings & wanted her to do whatever made her happy. This episode definitely imparted a beautiful message that materialistic things don’t really always guarantee a happy married life or a life full of dignity & respect only because a girl’s family was able to afford a lot of stuff – by the end of the day courtesy, consideration, respect, empathy, understanding & love matter the most & set ground for a healthy relationship that two individuals share.

It wouldn’t be an episode of Prem Gali that does not end on a cliffhanger. Shireen wants Hamza to find a decent guy for Joya, it is actually amusing that Shireen, who happens to be so far-sighted has not even for once paid heed to the fact that Joya can get married to Hamza too. Obviously, it’s not going to be an easy journey for Joya & Hamza, which means there’s going to be a lot more drama on the way. Another interesting development was the interaction between Musarrat & Luqman. I loved seeing them together in one frame & having an emotional conversation – I can already sense fireworks & definitely looking forward to their love story. Imagine seeing them both love-struck & smiling thinking about each other, it’s going to be absolutely cute.

Prem Gali Episode 8 Story Review - Heartwarming

A Breath of Fresh Air

This episode of Prem Gali was definitely heart-warming with a lot of beautiful interactions & some cute moments. Hamza clicking Joya’s pictures was another cute moment that they shared. Also, the way Hamza was right there for Fari, as well as Joya throughout this entire incident, was really nice to see. He genuinely is a nice guy & it shows with the way he behaves & interacts with people around him. Shireen won hearts in this episode by showing it again that she too had a heart & felt a lot for people she is associated with. It was nice to see everyone coming together in this episode & trying to find a way out of a messy situation collectively. Script, direction, acting, camerawork & characterization definitely make Prem Gali a breath of fresh air. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Prem Gali.

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  • It was definitely one of the most power packed episodes of prem gali. I just loved the way important issue was tackled with so much sensibility and in witty way… hahahaha for musarrat and luqmaan chacha when they will live for each other with their dramatic sigh.. hamza and joya are looking cute together, they make a good on screen pair.. excellent review and beautifully illustrated

    • Thank you so much Waqar for your kind words. Absolutely, this was definitely a beautiful episode which dealt with a problematic issue such as dowry in such a refreshing manner. Hamza & Joya are cute but I am definitely rooting for Luqman & Musarrat. :D

  • I agree! One of the most powerful episodes of Premgali yet. No fault to find! The way they all came together in Haseena’s time of need, the way Fari and then Hamza took a stand against dowry and eventually the reaction of the in-laws. It was a well thought-out, well written and well directed episode. So happy that Luqman chacha and Musarrat finally met and bonded over their tragic marriages. Can’t wait for this romance to blossom! I am absolutely loving Farhan Saeed as Hamza. That melt down at the end (which I’m ready to bet is imaginary!) has to be one of my favourite scenes so far. Thanks for the review Zahra. Keep em’ coming!

    • Thank you so much Sam for your kind words. :) Yes, for me as well, this episode was definitely the best that we have seen so far. :D So glad they showed that marriages can take place & relationships can be built without unnecessary things such as dowry & expensive gifts from a girl’s side. :)

      Oh yes, now that you’ve said it, I too think the meltdown might just be Hamza’s imagination because he wouldn’t dare show that side to his potential mother-in-law. :D I am excited to see the relationship between tragedy kind & queen, their conversations are going to be quite interesting. :)

  • I felt the same as you Zahra. I found all the neighbours contributing to Fari’s jahez very sweet and their different contributions were very thoughtful, but I was uncomfortable with the implicit message this was giving that the jahez must be replaced. So I was pleased when the drama took that turn. I enjoyed the neighbourhood meeting. I hope we get to see many more of those. With Fari and Hamza talking a stance about the jahez issue, I appreciated the suggestion that while elders can be well-meaning and have the purest intentions- they don’t have to always be right and the way they handled the situation wasn’t the solution. And this was shown with quite respectful behaviour from all sides.

    I thought of you when Mussarat and Luqman finally met! And your predictions about the two of them is spot on! While they may not know each other’s backstories yet, they totally speak the same language. I’m looking forward to more of them.

    • Thank you so much Maya for sharing your thoughts. :) I absolutely agree, it was so sweet to see them coming together to find a solution to the problem that Haseena was faced with. However, you’ve pointed out rightly that in the end, it was the younger lot that took charge of the situation & tried to show a different perspective to the elders who were adamant that jahez was necessary. It was really nice to see them finding a positive solution & yes I am so glad the writer had a different message to impart, otherwise I was getting uncomfortable with the whole jahez-talks. :)

      Oh yes, I was so happy to see Musarrat & Luqman in one frame. I liked that their meeting was random & out of the blue, it made it more organic & now their feelings will develop the same way too. :)

  • A first proper episode of PG for me. Despite jolts of tragic incident, the writer kept the comic side alive. It was also nice to see Fari’s in-laws behaving sensibly instead of showing typical greed-ridden mentality generally seen in our society. I am not against dowry given by Parents happily, without any pressure by other party. But the way undue demands are made by groom’s side creating problems for bride’s parents, is condemnable.

    A carefree style of Farhan as Hamza is wonderful. I like Sohai also but this time she doesn’t look up to the mark. After turions chaos, I was expecting same when Joya’s mother called Hamza and discussed about Joya’s rishta. Aathween qist main to Hamza-Joya milney se rahay aur phir Fari ka rishta bhee Hamza ne karwaya to lag yehi raha tha k ye bechara matrimonial services ka numaenda hee ban jaey ga, lol. Next episode seems interesting as Hamza unveiling his plan to get Joya in different style.

    • Thank you so much Urs for sharing your perspective. I absolutely agree, the way this entire incident revolving around dowry was tackled was so refreshing. It went to show that in the end, what makes a happy marriage is good intentions & positive emotions. Things given in dowry are often mistaken as a guarantee that a girl’s family assumes will make her life easier but that is never usually the case. Firdous & his mother were so supportive & it was beautiful.

      I too have started like Farhan Saeed as Hamza, however I feel exactly the same about Sohai, there is something that I am unable to put a finger on. She has acted well but as Joya, I am not really warming up to her character. Yes, it seems Joya & Hamza will have to overcome some obstacles but with Nani getting to know about their relationship, things might take a turn because Rahat has always been supportive of Joya. Let’s see what happens. :)

  • Kaisi Hain Zahra Baji?
    I haven’t been active on reviewit for quite some time because of exams. I hope you missed my comments 😄 I just binged watched all the episodes (and read each review after completing every single episode) and I must say you always Pen down my thoughts. Prem Gali is definitely turning out to be a breath of Fresh air. Faiza Iftikhar is undoubtedly the most versatile writer of drama industry. Koi aisi genre hai b which she hasn’t tried? The storyline is brand new and every character is different from the other one. Itny diverse characters likhna aur phir us diversity ko maintain b rkhna is definitely a task and Faiza has nailed it. I am loving the drama but I believe makers should have increased the budget of the show. Yes the set feels like a real Gali but at times, it does give vibes k asal location nhi hai. Bulkay aik set hai.
    Waise I’m very much surprised that this drama is not very popular on YouTube but dramas like Jalan and Raaz e ulfat are trending. Aangan k sath b yehi hua tha which is quite disappointing.
    And as I have been an avid visitor of reviewit, I know you are a big fan of K dramas. Suggest me some good ones too since I am totally free. I recently watched Crash Landing on You and loved it. my love from another star, Doctor stranger, Hotel del Luna aur Kingdom b dekha hua.

    Allah waqt ko aap per hamesha asan rakhay. Amen

    • Walaikum Asalam Shorbaan, how have you been? So happy to see your message. Wishing you good luck for the results, hope you pass with flying colors. :) I am glad you watched Prem Gali & liked it & thank you so much for taking the time out to read the reviews, it means a lot, honestly. :)

      Haan jee appne bilkul theek kaha, as much as I too like the vibrant feel & vibe of Prem Gali, at times it is too obvious that it’s not a real location. However, the powerful characters & storyline compensates. :) Appne sahi kaha, bohat ziyada characters hain but they all have their own complete personalities & take on every situation, all of this coming from the mind of one writer is amazing for sure.

      Oh, it seems you have watched all these dramas on Netflix. They have some amazing K-dramas on Netflix, my favorite is Reply Me 1988. Pleaseee do watch it & also Healer, another favorite. Also Descendants of The Sun, it is absolutely amazing too. Pehle app ye teen dramas dekhna, phir baqi ki recommendations baad mai because I can think of these three superb dramas at the moment. :)

  • Heartwarming is a great way to describe this drama. It makes me happy to see good people trying to do good things for each other. Honestly, if you watch most dramas you wouldn’t trust your sister to be decent to you … let alone your friends and neighbors.

    And I like all the important messages they throw in without being preachy.

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