Pukaar Episode 1 – Review!

Ohkay so, the production of Six Sigma Plus, writing of Abdul Razzaq & direction of Farooq Rind; Pukaar, a prime time drama commenced last night on ARY Digital. I found the episode to be medium paced, not too fast neither too slow. I also found the episode to be decent but not outstanding, though I am sure rather I hope that my opinion will change as the drama will progress.

The plot mainly revovled around Samra (Yumna Zaidi) & Fahad Sultan, her friend. Samra being the only child of her Parents (Shehryar Zaidi & Laila Zuberi) is well & truly loved, so much so that she has decided to never ever get married because the thought of leaving her parents & their home is daunting for her. Fahad Sultan happens to be the son of an affluent family & he is in love with Samra.

Pukaar Episode 1 - Review!

Fahad decides to surprise Samra by trespassing her house at the night of her birthday only to wish her & confess his feelings to her. Samra who gets taken aback by his confession clearly tells him that he is just a friend to her & nothing else. Samra & Fahad’s mutual friend Aiman obviously sides with Fahad & thinks it was very sweet as well as courageous of him to wish her in such a manner!

Pukaar Episode 1 - Review!

Samra’s father lands himself in deep trouble where his car gets stolen & the one who comes to save the day is Fahad, about which Samra feels that he might’ve planned all this to enter the good books of her father. Samra does tell her mother about Fahad’s proposal & her rejection but after that even though she doesn’t say much, her mother starts feeling that Samra might be regretting her decision. I liked the relationship Samra shared with her mother, where she was friendly enough with her to tell her everything but still maintained that line of respect that should exist between a mother & a daughter. Fahad can be termed as an emotional person but because he goes out of the way for Samra, he felt insulted when she doubts him or treats his decision of going to America as a joke!

In my opinion the first episode, though decent, was strictly alright. We did get a detailed introduction to Samra’s character but after the episode ended, I was left feeling that they could’ve added a bit more to make it complete as the note at which the episode ended seemed a bit too random. I am sure they attempted something new when it came to the editing but at times I found it hard to realize whether they immediately took us to the flashbacks or they were just taking the story forward. I am sure the viewers will get used to this new technique of editing as the drama will progress. The direction & the camera angles were great, it did make a point that the director was attempting something different. The background music was very pleasant to listen to & added a lot of charm to the drama.

Yumna Zaidi as always was at the top of her game in terms of acting but her patent ‘yaaaaarrrrr’ reminded me of the character of Hayat that she played in Yeh Raha Dil. The actor playing the role of Fahad seemed way too stiff, I am not sure if it was the demand of the character for him to act the certain way but he made it seem like he was awkward & uncomfortable in performing this character. Yes, we can justify his reserved nature given the status that he is known to carry & the family background that he comes from but in general something was definitely missing & it made his acting seem weak, may be he was trying too hard. Also, I wish he hadn’t gone heavy handed on the purple lip tint, because…!!!

The preview of the next episode did seem promising though, looks like Fahad will start burdening Samra with his high expectations & demands because it is too obvious that he loves Samra but he doesn’t love her for who she is. The girl playing the role of Aimen seemed to be trying too hard as well. May be when the drama will progress, all these guys will loosen up a bit as considering it was the first episode, they all might be trying too hard. Overall, the drama had a nice start & oh yes, I enjoyed the opening scene a lot. Please share your thoughts about the very first episode of Pukaar.

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