Pukaar Episode 14 Review – OST Overdose!

Ohkay so, like all the previous episodes of Pukaar, this one was pretty slow too. There’s nothing more left in the story than for Samra & Sarang to fall for each other so now it is obvious that the pace will stay slow & things will be dragged.

I really thought Tashfeen & Samra will come together & try to at least fight for Samra’s basic rights but even Tashfeen proved to be a coward who was pretty much used to the entire system being run by Laali. Just because Laali assured Tashfeen that despite Amna & Sarang’s arrival, her status as a daughter in law wouldn’t change, Tashfeen forgot all the sympathy she had towards Samra for her selfish reasons!

Sultan proceeded with his personal agenda & gave Sarang the place of Fahad pretty quickly. It is funny that nothing that Laali says or does has any affect on Sultan & Laali doesn’t even mind it because she is happy with those weak women that she can boss around to boost her ego. I am sure she will try to do that with Amna too but Sarang won’t let that happen.

It was sickening seeing that smirk on Laali’s face when she saw Samra begging her. Laali is concerned about the baby that’s on the way but doesn’t she know that she needs to keep Samra away from this unnecessary distress as that’s one thing an expectant woman needs? The way Laali spoke about Samra’s dead father was just so sickening. I am sick of this character.

Anyways, the precap again promised a little progress in Sarang Samra track where he will at least start communicating with her & let her know that he spoke to her mother. Sarang & Amna have been learning about the dynamics of this family so I am sure they will soon find out that it isn’t Samra who has mental issues, it’s this entire family that is psychotic. I am not even enjoying the OST anymore as they are using it way too much now. Anyways, please share your thoughts!

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