Pukaar Episode 2 – Review!

Ohkay so, this episode of Pukaar was strictly alright. Even though the drama is in the initial stages but till now it hasn’t offered anything new. The pace is however good but I am not sure for how long will they be able to keep it that way as it doesn’t look like there’s much for them to show, but let’s see what’s yet to come!

So, Samra finally got convinced that Fahad loves her & she couldn’t turn a blind eye after she found out that he was actually leaving. To be honest, Samra’s feelings didn’t get conveyed clearly as to why she changed her mind that too so suddenly because she was pretty sure that marriage was not on the cards for her yet. I would’ve liked a bit more if they had shown what was Samra thinking & what actually convinced her that Fahad is the one for her because it seemed a bit out of the blue that one fine day she woke up & felt something for him. Anyways, Samra said yes & told Fahad that he shouldn’t leave.

Fahad right from the beginning seems a bit too conceited & arrogant, that is why even after he proposed Samra, he made it look like he actually did a favor to her by falling for her. Fahad wants things to be as per his terms & conditions that is why he seemed offended at everything that Samra said & did. It has a lot to do with the sort of environment he grew up in where he has seen his father being stuck up & his mother believing in her false pride while clearly knowing that she has no authority whatsoever.

The entire proposal & meetings between the parents showed how Fahad & Samra’s families were completely different with their own set of beliefs & perspectives. Fahad’s parents right from the beginning just looked down upon Samra’s family & made it obvious that they were just going to treat them formally & not as a part of their family as they didn’t seem too happy for Fahad or Samra!

They both got married & Samra couldn’t stop thinking about her parents. I actually felt the marriage came a bit too early & happened way too quickly & then the preview showed what the story is going to be about but then again it didn’t really excite me to be looking forward to it. Right now, all I can see is that it is going to turn into a love triangle with the new character of Zahid Ahmed helping Samra & rescuing her from the torture of Fahad’s family, may be.

Overall, this episode was just alright & didn’t really impress me much. The preview showed that Fahad’s father will start brainfeeding him & that will give a space for misunderstandings to nurture between Samra & Fahad. Everything else is ok but why was Fahad been referred to as Fahad Sultaannnn again & again, because they tried really hard to create that persona but it just didn’t go with the image of the actor as he seems a bit off for this character. Anyways, please share your thoughts about this episode of Pukaar.

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