Pukaar Episode 23 – Review!

Ohkay so, this episode of Pukaar was quite interesting but then again, like all the previous episodes, it was way too slow & didn’t really take the story forward. As usual, the main scene of this episode was shown in the last precap & that happened to be the very last scene of this episode without the conversation getting complete, making things even more frustrating!

Anyways, Samra contacted her mother to let her know that she was finally breaking free from this cage & she was running away with her baby. Sarang obviously came at the right time & helped Samra reach a safe place under his supervision.

I liked how it was covered that Samra started noticing Sarang & his pure feelings for her where he only wanted her to be safe & sound. Sarang went out of the way to help Samra & she developed this utmost respect for him. Obviously the news of Samra & Sarang’s escape from the Haveli spread like a wildfire & Sultan very well knew that Samra would contact her mother & he was right.

Sarang actually loves Samra & because of that he didn’t even care how they will treat Amna. I like the faith & confidence that Sarang has in himself because he knew that he will tackle everything afterwards. Toqeer ended up proving that he was loyal to Sarang & actually wanted to help Samra, that is why he took them to his sister’s place. Well, Samra’s heart was already warming up to Sarang but what Toqeer’s sister said steered her thought process in that direction. Obviously, Samra ignored what Rabia said as she felt Rabia saw Sarang as the only option for her but for the first time Samra got to know that Sarang loved her, loved her enough that he was ready even to fight his father!

Well, Sarang took Samra to a safe place & just the thought of him leaving made Samra a bit restless. She grew comfortable with him, during this journey Samra learned a lot about the sort of a person Sarang was. Samra also realized what feeling secure felt like & it was all because of Sarang & may be, she somewhat fell in love with him too that is why she didn’t want him to leave.

Sarang lived upto Samra’s expectations & that is why, this time around, it was Samra who proposed marriage to him. Yes, on the surface she did take a practical decision but it was backed by all those emotions that she felt for him in those last few hours that they spent together because something in Samra moved & she could actually see that Sarang was the person who would go to any length to protect her & her child.

Overall, despite being extremely slow, it was a decent episode because there was a shift in the scenarios & we were getting to see something other than the Haveli & the atrocities of Laali & Zamani. The next episode seems promising too but I so wish they now start wrapping the drama up as they have taken a lot of episodes & after Samra & Sarang’s marriage there’s not much left to be shown other than them getting accepted by the Haveli people! Please share your thoughts.

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