Pukaar Episode 4 Review – Convincing Episode!

Ohkay so, it was quite a convincing episode of Pukaar. I really liked this episode because the ordeals or a newly wedded girl were shown in a perfect manner plus the more I am getting to know Samra’s character, the more I am liking her!

Samra is someone who is fair & calls spade a spade without worrying about the fact that whether whatever she says will sit well with someone or not. Samra understood that when it comes to Fahad, he will never really be able to take a stand for his wife so she had to fend for herself.

This marriage unveiled one shock after another for Samra because she was promised something completely opposite to what was now being dished out to her. Fahad never really told Samra about his background & the fact that his father might be interested in making him join the local politics, that is why when she saw Fahad accepting his father’s orders, she was not only unhappy but upset that Fahad wasn’t thinking from her perspective. Samra just wanted a simple life with Fahad & didn’t want him to attain this wealth & power which his father wanted him to achieve.

Fahad’s family follows certain set of rules & has certain standards, but they really took a bit too far where they expected Samra, the only child to abide by those rules even when it came to meeting her parents. Samra knew she had to draw a line otherwise her in-laws will keep on bombarding her with one order after another, one expectation after another, which would mean that Samra will have to forget herself in the course of meeting their expectations.

I really liked the way Samra voiced her concerns but just because she loved Fahad so much, she eventually gave up & understood that being the only son, his parents had certain expectations & dreams which only he could fulfill. Samra wanted to settle in America but just because Fahad told her that it was a matter of time before they could go, she agreed to go to village till he contests in the elections!

Slowly & gradually Samra did understand that Fahad was having a hard time accommodating her, because whatever basics Samra demanded from him were not in sync with how his family rolled. Samra wanted to see her mother but even though Fahad came for her, initially he just sat there looking at his father for an approval. Fahad was trying hard to please Samra & he did succeed at times but still his father had an upper-hand & Fahad wanted Samra to understand & compromise. I liked those little moments that they shared where Fahad through some cute gestures won Samra’s heart & she let go of her anger.

I liked the conversation that Samra had with her mother where she shared how her marital life was full of challenges & her mother told her that she had to maintain a balance. Fahad still chose to leave because he was mindful of what his father wanted from him. Sadly, he got murdered & that will now change the dynamics of the story!

Overall, it was a very convincing episode. I liked that Tashfeen tried to reason with her husband to tell him that Fahad doesn’t want to take part in the politics but because his father only believes in doing what he deems right, he over-ruled Tashfeen’s concerns which she had as a mother. I am not sure why everyone in this drama has been unconvincingly & unrealistically sporting a fair skin? Be it the guy playing the role of Fahad or Jia Ali, who on her own has a beautiful dusky complexion. I wish the makeup artist had done justice to everyone’s beautiful skin color & hadn’t really gone on a white-wash spree because it just didn’t seem flattering whatsoever. Yumna who on her own is pretty fair seemed unnecessarily whitened too in almost every single scene, which is why despite wearing next to no makeup, she still seemed a bit too made up. Zahid also, in his limited screen-time seemed a bit too gora which he naturally is not? I wish the director had paid attention to this aspect because it just wasn’t necessary for everyone to look unnaturally gora on screen. I must say the guy playing the role of Fahad is quite weak in acting, he reminds me of the Twilight female protagonist who always had the same expression on her face no matter what the situation was, similarly, his poker face on one side, his eyes are so not expressive & that is what makes his acting just so bland & weak. On the other hand, just by looking into Yumna’s eyes, one could understand the emotion that Samra was feeling & this is what we call a powerful acting. Anyways, please share your thoughts about this episode of Pukaar.

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