Pukaar Episode 8 Review – Stagnant!

Ohkay so, this episode of Pukaar was pretty slow & practically nothing happened in it which could’ve taken the story forward. To put it in simple words, this episode was just an elaboration of the note at which last episode ended.

Samra contiued to be treated as a prisoner in a house arrest. No matter what, I find it ridiculously irrational & unrealistic that Samra is not allowed to speak to or meet her parents & not only that, even when they call, their calls are deliberately screened. Laali Ma is one twisted woman & sadly, she has another loon hovering around her waiting for her sick orders to fulfill them. This episode just showed Samra & her mother’s struggle to get in touch with each other but then eventually they both succeeded. I am usually not a fan of the mistreatment that is shown in our dramas towards servants but I couldn’t stop smiling when Samra set Zamani straight because she really needs to know her place & she deserved it!!!

Well, Saarang was pretty taken aback after his meeting with Sultan. Saarang actually didn’t take Sultan seriously & he wouldn’t have if Sultan hadn’t told him his mother’s name, Amna. Saarang obviously was forced to stop & think about whatever he heard because he couldn’t really understand why would a stranger call himself his father & then claim to be his mother’s husband. Obviously, Amna was shocked because she really didn’t see this coming as she had lied to Saarang about his father’s death & it seemed they both lived a fulfilling life together without the need of another male figure in their lives.

Well, Samra escaped & ran away. I don’t blame her, who would want to live in a prison like that. It was sad that even Tashfeen backed out & didn’t help Samra but still, she at least has some compassion left in her which is nice.

This episode was pretty basic but yes, the preview of the next episode seemed promising. Direction & acting everything is pretty good but I don’t understand how many times are we going to see Samra going up & down the staircase in slow-mo with OST echoing in the background? It is way too monotonous now! Anyways, please share your thoughts.

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