Pyar Ke Sadqay Episode 15 Story Review – Emotional Ride

After watching this episode I have a difficult time deciding which emotion was more powerful; sadness, confusion, anger, or empathy. Each one of these emotions was translated brilliantly on screen thanks to a script that continues to impress and performances which are award-worthy. I fall in love with all the characters even more with every passing episode. All these characters have been written down intelligently with the utmost clarity. All of them are layered and they can be pleasantly surprising most of the time. Tonight’s episode of Pyar Ke Sadqay yet again was meaningful and entertaining. The last scene however was not the best! Mahjabeen’s ‘good news’ was confusing as well, I only have one question how long have they been married? It seemed like Abdullah and Mahjabeen have been married only for a few days but that is clearly not the case. The story is moving forward with a steady pace and even after all these weeks the characters are still intriguing.

Mansoora Starts Questioning

The fact that Mansoora derived intelligent conclusions from what Mahjabeen told her tonight was hands down the best part of this episode. Mansoora’s character is getting more interesting with every passing episode. She used to come across as gullible before but as the story is progressing it is plain to see that she is completely capable of suspecting Sarwar and trusting someone who she is only getting to know.

Pyar Ke Sadqay Episode 15 Story Review - Emotional Ride

Mansoora is clearly a good judge of character but as Sarwar said in the previous episode, she is not going to confront him until she has proof. The scene covering how Mahjabeen ended up telling Mansoora that Sarwar took her out for lunch was the perfect example of an intelligent screenplay. The gradual change in Mansoora’s perception was shown superbly throughout in different scenes. She is progressively addressing all those issues which make her an ‘enabler’. Making Abdullah sit on his father’s chair was the first step and reassuring Mahjabeen that Sarwar wasn’t in charge was the second. These have been small steps in the right direction, Mansoora still has a long way to go. The conversation she had with pho was such a good way of letting the viewers know how confused and helpless she felt.

When Abdullah came back from the office looking terribly upset, Mansoora did not look worried or even surprised. This was a normal routine for her therefore she simply asked Mahjabeen to console him. Right now she isn’t as actively involved in making the much-needed changes as she should be. This is going to be a difficult path for her but it seems like eventually, she will be putting her foot down. Mahjabeen and Mansoora together can be a force to reckon with. Mahjabeen can give Abdullah the love he needs and Mansoora can give him the confidence he is clearly lacking. Atiqa Odho’s exceptional performance tonight definitely added to the appeal which this character has. Her expressions were superb in all the scenes even when there were no dialogues.

Sarwar’s dialogues and scenes tonight were equally powerful. Although Sarwar is a negative character, he isn’t plain or shallow. I find his character interesting as well. His relationship with Abdullah in particular reflects his complexes. Even though he has Abdullah under his thumb but the fact that he wasn’t born in a rich family like his step-son irks him every second. When he was talking to his mother about Mahjabeen, his main source of frustration was that she was married to Abdullah.

Also, the writer has given us a background to this character too. The way his mother brought him up has a lot to do with the person he is today. He had such a personality naturally too which was further nurtured by his mother. Omair Rana acted superbly in the scene covering Sarwar’s frustrations when he was having this conversation with his mother. Even after ‘accomplishing’ so much and being in control of virtually everyone around him, it is plain to see that Sarwar has a tough time liking himself even!

Mahjabeen and Abdullah

Abdullah once again tried hard to prove himself and Sarwar left no stone unturned to make him feel worthless. Sarwar knows how to shake Abdullah’s confidence and he does not get tired of making him feel useless. The manager’s character is confusing, when Abdullah came into the office it seemed like he supported him but now he is completely on Sarwar’s side.

Pyar Ke Sadqay Episode 15 Story Review - Emotional Ride

Bilal Abbas Khan’s expressions were on point when Abdullah comes back from the office but his thicker facial hair made no sense! Mahjabeen and Abdullah’s scene in the room after this was the only good scene covering this beautiful on-screen couple. Mahjabeen’s love and attention are quite likely to win Abdullah over eventually. He already likes her and he also likes the fact that there is now someone in his life who is willing to listen to all those problems which he has never discussed with anyone else.

He always defends Mahjabeen but at the same time he ends up being influenced by Sarwar even if that is the case only for a little while. Mahjabeen’s advice to Abdullah was hilarious! Their dialogues and situations have been so well written. Every time Mahjabeen asks Abdullah to take a stand for himself or she shows the desire to do something herself to give Sarwar a piece of her mind, Abdullah immediately stops her. This is such a good way to show the kind of influence Sarwar exercises on him, he cannot even imagine doing something like that.

I am not too happy with the last scene but I am hoping that this would prove to be yet another one of those incidents which bring these two closer to each other. The preview of the next episode suggested just that. Bilal Abbas Khan and Yumna Zaidi individually and as a couple is an absolute delight to watch. They translate the various shades of their characters beautifully on screen.

Although Washma got little screen time today, she still managed to leave an impact. I loved her first scene in tonight’s episode, Washma is definitely one of a kind and Srha Ashghar is so well-suited for the role.

Final Remarks

This was another superb episode of Pyar Ke Sadqay filled with emotions, laughs, and tangible development in the story. The performances never disappoint and all the scenes add something meaningful to the story. Now that Mahjabeen knows that baray sahab doesn’t have the final say, will her approach towards him change? Will Mahjabeen help Abdullah get over his fear of Sawar? The preview of the next episode was promising. Looking forward to it.

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Fatima Awan

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  • Brilliant review. Loved the episode. Never a full moment in this drama.
    Besides everyone else, absolutely loved Gul e Rama’s acting. What a fine actress she is.

  • to be honest i skip sarwar scenes ..m watching this drama to give treat to ma mind ..pathetic character :D

    • Today, I had to skip Sarwar’s scenes too , I was feeling so bad kay dekha hi nahi jaa raha tha
      I wonder why Umair Raana is in complete denial (or maybe regret), he said on his interview that his character is not villainous or negative, also that he will not do this kind of character again

  • TBH, it was difficult ep to watch with grown up kids. Very embarrassing. They should have given PG rating. Some scenes specially clinic and conversation of Yumna n Bilal regarding pregnancy was awkward…..

    • Yes it was bold. This is definitely not the kind of drama you can watch in your TV lounge any more but it is still great, logical, and entertaining, loving it.

      • There have been so many worse dramas. Too many to point out – that garbage feudal one with Nouman Ali Khan as a compulsive sex manic, the child rape ones, the child marriage ones, the parents marry and then their kids marry ones, the trash Samina Perrzada puts out – what about all those? This drama is not just tame and mild in comparison, but actually DECENT for once.

    • If you cannot watch it with GROWN UP kids, then the problem is with you not with the drama. Grow up!

  • Fatima!
    Jb b mjy lgta h k yar ab kuch typical ho ga jesa baqi dramas mn hota hai, PKS proves me wrong. What a drama….!
    I never thought zanjabeel asim shah can write this type of script. Farooq rind has directed it flawlessly. Mn kya kahoon sb ap ne keh dia. I am always pleasantly surprised by this. Yumna-bilal are nailing it. Every episode is meaty and full of ingredients. Well balanced. They aren’t dragging it. Every character is growing with each episode.
    Just out of words now.
    I love gule raana ji. Such a treat to watch her.
    The only thing that bothers me a little is mansoora’s wardrobe.

    Have you watched kashf? Fatima! I am loving it.

    Aala review!

    After sahad, Yumna-bilal is my favorite on screen couple.

    • Same here AH, I am so pleasantly surprised. It basically goes to show that Zanjabeel is capable of writing an intelligent script which has soooo much going for it, I am impressed for sure.

      Yes, I am watching Kashf, loved it from the first episode. A different concept altogether but hate the fact that her sister is the way she is, don’t like this angle at all.

      Thank you so much. Yes, that’s what I was thinking while watching this episode whoever thought of this on-screen couple deserves tons of credit.

  • i loved Yumna’s face expressions, they changed every few secs all the scenes were enjoyable tonight, but i like the way no matter what anyone says Majabeen won’t believe that she isn’t pregnant

  • I love watching this drama but I still don’t understand that why Mahjabeen’s parents are not warning their daughter about Sarwar’s intentions. Mahjabeen might be naive but agar warn kar dia jaye …but again drama agy kaisey bary ga…overall, it’s a nice decent watch…

  • Fatima after watching every episode I rush to reviewit to read your reviews. Many people are reviewing this show but no one understands the story and characters like you do. I think most reviewers on different forum do not understand mahjabeen and Abdullah’s condition as well as you do. You analysis of Abdullah’s mother is 💯 accurate. I am loving your reviews as much as the drama. You really do read between the lines. Kudos. Keep writing these awesome reviews.

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