Pyar Ke Sadqay Episode 21 Story Review – Shanzay Is a Loser

Yes! Shanzay is a loser and she is taking the entire plot of the drama down with her. When and how she turned into a loser is still a mystery but this newfound loserpan is responsible for the story going down a path that is clichéd to the core. Two women fighting over a man, one if modern and clever, the other one old-fashioned and innocent, never thought Pyar Ke Sadqay would take such a turn. This entire scenario has been-there-seen-that like a million times written all over it. Mahjabeen is the saving grace of Pyar Ke Sadqay. Her character is adorable and amusing at the same time. Even in this ridiculously clichéd situation, Mahjabeen’s scenes make you laugh and fall in love with her a little more! No matter how ridiculous things get Yumna Zaidi and Bilal Abbas Khan’s performances continue to keep you engaged and looking forward to more.

Right now, there are a lot of loopholes in the script and the fact that some of the more sensible characters have suddenly disappeared makes it quite apparent that the writer wants to prolong the conflict. Although I am utterly disappointed at the recent turn of events since there were so many more interesting possible scenarios that could have been shown, Mahjabeen and Abdullah make this drama bearable.

Shanzay Is a Loser

This scene was laughable for so many reasons. Shanzay has conveniently been turned into a loser in order to add conflict in the story and make the viewers root for Abdullah and Mahjabeen. So, Shanzay still thinks that Abdullah is a loser yet she is dying to get married to him! If she was 13, her present state of mind would have made perfect sense. Not only is she much older but she was a really sensible and confident girl as well. First, she chose to get married to someone who wasn’t even remotely likable then even before she got a divorce she thought she needed a backup! The backup is a guy she does not even think is worthy of her. If Shanzay has low self-esteem the viewers should have been informed about it so that all this desperation made more sense.

Pyar Ke Sadqay Episode 21 Story Review - Shanzay Is a Loser

I was expecting Shanzay to fake the suicide but as it turned out she actually tried to take her life for the ‘loser’! That does make Shanzay the biggest loser in the drama but while Abdullah’s character has been well-established in all these episodes, Shanzay sudden loserpan is simply unexplainable and yes I just can’t get over it! For now, this loser is taking the plot forward with her desperate ways. Shanzay sole mission in life right now is loser lrke ke dil se ek loser lrki ko nikalna! Yashma Gill’s acting isn’t helping either, it makes it even harder to take the character seriously.

Abdullah’s Promises

Although Abdullah is being extremely unfair, gullible, and foolish at the moment, understanding why he is letting the loser and the manipulator get the best of him is easy. He made a promise to Mahjabeen and tonight he also promised Shanzay that he will marry her. He has always been shown as someone who gives in to pressure easily. He is in love with Mahjabeen therefore promising to be with her was something that came straight from the heart. He made that promise to Shanzay simply because he was being pressurized left, right and center! Bilal Abbas’ expressions said it all when he made the promise! He is like a child who is being forced to do something he does not want to do.

Pyar Ke Sadqay Episode 21 Story Review - Shanzay Is a Loser

Abdullah’s decisions and actions have been frustrating but everything he does is always in line with his character unlike Shanzay who is simply not the same person anymore. Sarwar once again played a major role in convincing Abdullah that he had to marry Shanzay. Shanzay’s father played his part as well! He is back to being the ‘cool and unreasonable’ dad! Abdullah does not want to leave Mahjabeen and if given a choice he would never marry Shanzay. In my opinion, his character is way better than all those other male leads we see in such dramas who are intelligent people yet they fall for the other women like they are naive. At least, in this case, we know that Abdullah has certain weaknesses and Sarwar knows how to manipulate him.

Mahjabeen Is a Darling

Mahjabeen’s scenes tonight were the best part of this episode. Right now she is the wisest and the most likable character in the play. She can sense what is going on and like a good wife she is trying to do whatever she can to please her husband. Even though she can be so sensible at times, she can’t help saying the most inappropriate things! I am glad that the writer retained the innocent and spontaneous part of her personality because without it Pyar Ke Sadqay would have been difficult to sit through at this point.

Pyar Ke Sadqay Episode 21 Story Review - Shanzay Is a Loser

Mahjabeen’s dua was the highlight of this episode. The way she reconsidered what she asked for made me laugh so hard. It was a nice way of asking Allah to help her by doing something not-so-nice to Shanzay!! Yumna Zaidi nailed this scene, she is amazing as Mahjabeen.

What Is Mansoora Thinking?

Mansoora made a brief appearance in this episode but his scenes suggested that she was thinking about something. The scene in which she was shown sitting on the table with the papers in front of her made me wonder if she was doing something in the background that might prove to be a game-changer. I am waiting to find out.

Pyar Ke Sadqay Episode 21 Story Review - Shanzay Is a Loser

Final Remarks

The preview of the next episode was promising, I really hope that the story takes a different turn next week. Mahjabeen will finally speak up and it seems like Mansoora will be back in action too. This episode had quite a few scenes and scenarios that made little sense but even then Mahjabeen and Abdullah kept it engaging enough. In one of the scenes, Abdullah mentioned that Mahjabeen knew about Shanzay’s proposal and in the next one Mahjabeen was asking about Shanzay’s marital life, that was confusing! I am looking forward to the next episode and despite the shortcomings, I am enjoying watching Pyar Ke Sadqay.

Share your thoughts about tonight’s episode of Pyar Ke Sadqay.

Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan has been a part of reviewit right from its inception. She feels very passionately about Pakistani dramas and loves discussing them in detail. An enthusiastic writer, thinker, and political scientist, constantly trying to look beyond the obvious. Full-time mom.

  • Fatima please write the article which I requested you Meray Paas Tum Ho vs Dil Lagi comparison please please please please please please

  • It was a BORING episode. I don’t know what is wrong with these channels. STOP DRAGGING dramas. Hum TV is the same channel who gave us Belapur Ki Dayan, that was nicely wrapped up within 20 episodes. Why can’t they do this now? They ruined YDM. Now they are doing same to PKS. The story is stuck at the same point. Washma and Pho’s complete disappearance is so bizarre.
    Yes!! The only good thing in the episode was that Dua scene. It was super cute. Also, tie walay scene main abdullah pey bohat ghussa aya tha. :p
    The OST is beautiful but that whistling soundtrack that they play in Sarwar’s scenes is so loud and annoying.
    I don’t even want to talk about Yashma’s performance now.
    The promo didn’t excite me either. Looks like after Mahjabeen will tell Abdullah about Sarwar, he will leave her at her parent’s house which I am so nit looking forward to. I hope this doesn’t happen.

    PS: I read that you have started watching Dushman e Jaan. So what do you think of it? I fear they might drag this one too.

    • Every drama nowadays is dragged it is the reality of Pakistani dramas. If we must watch Pakistani dramas we should accept it. If compared with others this drama is still more entertaining.

      • Why should we? It is ruining the charm of dramas that start on such a good note. Belapur ki Dayan was in 2018, just 20 episodes, MPTH (23 epis) was a story that was ‘not so different’, but it did so good on charts because of its fast pace (and execution). Alif was wrapped up within 24 epis too without being dragged.

        • Alif was terrible rating wise. Worst investment made by the producers. It was also a slow play, bad example.

          • Alif had a steady pace and wasn’t dragged.Ratings pey hi chalna hai to Belapur ki Dayan ki ratings bhi ‘terrible’ theen. Does that make it a bad drama? No! Recently, Kashf and Dushman e Jaan are one of the bests being aired now and are not gathering much views and ratings, does that make them a bad drama? No! Hasad, Meherposh, Kahin Deep Jaley, Thora Sa Haq, Na Kariyo Muhabbat etc were always ‘chart busters in terms of ratings! Does this make them great dramas? No! And FYI, Alif was praised critically, it used to trend on Twitter every week,that none of these dramas who get so many TRPS have managed to.

    • You are right Pakistan Po, the Shanzay track has been added to stretch this drama although they had plenty of other interesting ways to add few more episodes. Thankfully I don’t find this drama as boring as I would normally find a drama that is being dragged. I stopped watching YDM a long time back, apart from the repetition, there were too many plotholes in YDM and the writer’s explanations only went to prove what a train wreck it turned out to be.

      I love Abdullah and Mahjabeen both, they make so much sense always, therefore I will give the writer credit for keeping their track logical and convincing.

      I agree with you about the whistling sound and Sarwar’s make-up can sometimes be so OTT! Let’s see, so far they haven’t prolonged Abdullah and Mahjabeen’s narazgi.

      Yes, I watched it and thank you sooooo much for recommending it. I have only watched a few episodes yet but I am so glad I started watching it.

      Appreciate your feedback, always. Keep reading and commenting.

      • I feel the only way to tolerate most dramas these days is to like skip 7-10 episodes in the middle. I didn’t watch the middle of YDM it was less annoying.

        • You are right, the problem with me is that once I stop watching a play, I find it really difficult to tune into it again. I would much rather forward and watch it in bits and pieces or not watch it.

      • Awwweee! My pleasure :) So glad that you watched it. Episode 5 dekhi? It was brilliantly directed and the OST is too good.

        PS: Is it shot in Lahore? Many of the actors are from Lahore (Saba Hamid, Sophia Mirza, Mosin Gillani, Salman Pirzada, Irfan Khoosat, Kashif Mehmood) and the director is also Lahore based. If it is, then it explains, why it isn’t getting the attention it deserves. This happens almost with every film/drama made in Lahore (like Inkaar). ARY didn’t even promote it while it is going out of the way to promote Jalan.

        • Yes dekhi, I think Mohib is the star of the show. I am so glad to watch him acting so well since he is such a misfit in Dilruba. I am sorry, I am not too sure where it is shot Pakistan Po. Salman Pirzada ki dialogue delivery, taubah!!!!!!

          • Hahaha, he seems to be a wooden doll. He was in Inkaar too and he works only in Lahore base dramas, so i think it is!! Also all the locations are new, otherwise we see same houses and offices in almost every drama!! And the scene where the dead body arrives and they all come running was sooooo brilliantly directed! Slow mo, perfect emotions with OST brilliantly used.

          • Yes totally! Like a kid learning how to read. He looks so graceful but his dialogue delivery is so flat. Yes well observed, that scene was executed brilliantly.

  • I don’t know what I can add to your review! I think it covers it all. I mean Abdullah is a person that can we easily manipulated and will say yes to the last person that says something to him.

    I hate the loose use of suicide in dramas. But, It doesn’t make sense that someone would try to milk themselves to marry someone they don’t like very much.

    I think we are getting to drag point in the drama. So perhaps I can skip the next 5 episodes until something happens.

    • Thank you so much Mozsz. You’re right about using suicide, besides it makes absolutely no sense.

      Yes, it is being stretched but I do feel that every episode has something tangible about it, some character growth if nothing else.

      I appreciate your feedback, keep reading, and commenting.

  • Hahaha love your review. Like every week you did so well reviewing this drama. Instead of whining about the bad parts, you also appreciated the good ones. I am with you this drama still interests me and I think there is hope. I enjoyed watching this episode. Shanzay please go away.

    • Thank you so much Shaz, I am glad you enjoyed reading the review. Me too. Even though PKS has taken a few turns which are annoying me, I am still enjoying reviewing it so thank God for that! haha yes I hope she does.

      Keep reading and commenting.

  • Who is annoyed of sami akhtar ? Annoying is a small word I am actually boiling with anger. His every comment begins and finishes at HS, MPTH and so on……. he is always comparing actors..what is need of it.?? Every one is fine in his place. This comparison will give you nothing but frustration. If a person keep wearing ” jacket and jursi” when winter season is over everyone will laugh at him .
    It is fine to talk about an actor when his drama is on air but talking about him now and then is extreme of stupidity….

    • Well maybe he is a fan or he likes these types of articles thats why he is requesting I’m waiting to see Fatima’s reaction to it

  • AoA Fatima, I hope you and your family is doing well. Do you remember me? We had the best discussions when you used to review DeS, you were also writing for dramapakistani at the time. I got married, had kids, no time for watching tv LOLz. Now that I got back to watching dramas your review popped up in my search engine and I was so happy to read it. I read all your reviews of PKS and I have started watching it. For now just wanted to say hello to an old friend.
    Take care

    • AoA Javeria! Oh yes! How can I forget you?! You were so active on dramasonline and dp both. I can never forget those discussions, those people who were all for Durr-e-Shehwar compromising and others who thought the drama was regressive. DeS will always be a special play for me. LOL!! I can so relate to that my friend, been-there-done-that. It is so good to have you back.

      Thanks a ton for dropping by to say hello, so many beautiful memories associated with you.

      You too, stay blessed.

  • Shanzay is a loser is the perfect title for this episode! You’ve summed it up rightly Fatima! When and how Shanzay turned into a complete loser is a mystery! Get hold of yourself girl! Why and why does she need Abdullah for her morale boost! Is shadi the only thing remaining in her life. This is the height of her desperation….there’s not one moment when you feel that Shanzay is actually interested in Abdullah or that she likes him, forget love him! Still she wants to hold onto him for her ego boost and commit a suicide! Get a life girl!!

    Mahjabeen and Abdullah’s scenes were the saving grace. But the abrupt change in Abdullah’s attitude in the tie scene was unconvincing. /the dua scene was my favorite. Also, I think Yumna’s hair length changed briefly for a scene in this episode, I could be wrong though.

    The preview of next episode promises quite some action and the story moving to the next phase but it remains to be seen how well they execute this. For now, even Sarwar is making brief appearances as manipulator (he looks quite handsome though). Mansoora’s scene definitely meant something, she had no dialogues but just an appearance in that scene. I am looking forward to Pho’s and Washma’s being back in the scene, don’t know when that is going to happen.

    • Thank you Sheetal, I look forward to your feedback. Seriously! You are so right, I am also wondering why she doesn’t have a life, no friends?? Really weird!

      I did not notice the hair length but I did notice a change in hairstyle in the previous episode so you probably are right.

      LOL!! Oh yes, Sarwar is charming, I like how Omair Rana adds that bit to this character since it was so needed. You understand why Mansoora fell for him. Me too missing Pho and Washma, hopefully, they’ll be back soon.

      Truly appreciate your feedback, keep reading and commenting.

  • Fatima super review. The title made me laugh out loud, you always give the best titles. I did not notice about Mansoora. After reading your review, I watched that scene again. Your observation is on point, she is up to something. I am so intrigued now. Like you said enjoying the show. Keep reviewing till the end please.
    Thank you

  • Totally agree with you Fatima.

    Not a huge fan of Shanzay’s track. The only reason I think they are adding this is to show us what love vs infatuation/ desperation are. Mahjabeen is patient, kind, and loves Abdullah in her entirety and being. Meanwhile, Shanzay is resourceful, manipulator, and quite desperate which shows that even if they get married, she won’t truly love Abdullah. Abdullah was infatuated with Shanzay and it seemed like he realized that last week but his lack of grounding in his thoughts and emotions forced him to say yes to Shanzay :/

  • Your review says it all Fatima. Not much left to say but must commend you for your keen observation. If you are right about Mansoora than her missing from all the previous episodes will be for a reason. Is she fooling Sarwar? Is she playing along while she does her homework. If it is true, it will be the best. How I wish Shanzay succeeded in killing herself, good riddance. She is so annoying. True about Yashma’s acting, she looks and acts like a cartoon.

    • Thank you so much for your kind words Aqsa. Yes, I really hope that is the case, can’t think of any other reason why they would show those scenes. LOL @ Shanzay! We all feel the same way about her ;)

      Keep reading and commenting.

  • I don’t know how long are we going to tolerate showrunners greed for money…
    In last episode of YDM, half of the airtime was done in flashbacks, and the other half was filled with meaningless and outsynched dialogues…
    In a couple of scenes, it felt like someone else was speaking in place of Ahad.

    ARY is hijacked by a group of people, who are making lame serials by keeping the owner Happy.

    Geo’s every new drama looks like a copy of the previous one in terms of direction and shooting sets.

  • Fantastic review by you. You covered everything in detail. Not much to add except that Sarwar is losing his negative spark. Even as a villain he had a certain presence, that is gone now. I think you also mentioned that last week and I would say that I agree. Keep writing these amazing reviews.

    • Thank you so much Asad for liking the review and for commenting. You are absolutely right about Sarwar. Yes, I did :)

      I value your feedback, keep reading and commenting.

  • Nice review fatima, I feel it was the mistake of viewers to consider Shanzay as an honest confident girl, but I think she was always meant to be a vamp only. Firstly she was jealous that Abdullah got married so easily, secondly he got a loving wife, thirdly he is very happy with her. And her life turned out to be complete opposite, so she is just an evil character who wants Abdullah just to satisfy his ego, she doesnt love him even now,she wants to keep abdullah as a puppet the way Miraal was using Ali in Sabaat.

    Anyways , Mahjabeen is enuff to enjoy the play, she is so cute, no praises are enuff for yumna. As long as the fun and light heartedness continue, I dont mind Shanzay. At some point it will be serious as Bilal said in his interview that there will be rona dhona, and no love story is complete without that. But I just hope that the good pace continues.

    • Thank you tiger. I am enjoying watching it too. The viewers perceived what was being shown, Shanzay was never the desperate sort and why is she even going after someone she considers a loser, makes little sense. Mahjabeen and Abdullah I still like a lot!

      I appreciate your feedback, keep reading and commenting.

  • Ya Allah mian mera ghar bacha lay baaki aap ki marzi … height of innocence and cuteness. Love you Yumna and thank you reviewit.

  • I knew this would happen because Bilal told this in an interview so i have no complaints. I just read your reviews and watch this on YouTube so i can skip Shanzay and Sarwar’s scenes. If you look at the drama, it only had substance for 20 episodes. The only way to drag it is this. This clearly shows our writers has the capacity to write something great but our channels ask them to ruin it so they can earn more money. Only KRQ and Umaira Ahmad has the guts to say no and they end their dramas when they want them to. MPTH and Alif are the recent examples. Anyways you are doing a great job as always. Thank you very much.

    • You are absolutely right Ahsan. I think the decision to stretch dramas was made a long time back after Hamsafar aired, it was a decision based on monetary benefits.

      Thank you for liking the review and for the feedback, hope you are doing well.

  • Your observations always impress me Fatima. I am a big fan of your reviews, today your observation about Mansoora made me a bigger fan. Keep growing.

  • Abdullah has not mentioned to Mahjabeen about marrying Shanzay so far, i saw past episodes & i really have gone off Abdullah after i saw him harassing Shanzay night & day, at that point Shanzay behaved well but now after she has been married she is acting a bit weird, i also don’t like the way he shouts at Mahjabeen when he is the one hiding things from her
    i liked the scene when she was praying & when they went to her parents house

  • I think yashma is the best as shanzay. She did excellent work and performed her character very well .I love her mirror scene .
    Abdullah aur mahjabeen dono he ek doraye se pyar karte hai lekin dono he ye baat samaj nahi parahe hai , Abdullah kafi hadh tak samaj gaya hai lekin mahjabeen ko bass ye fikar hai abhi k log ausaye tane dengaye aghar abdullah ne chordiya , mahjabeen ko bhe apna pyar realize karna hoga aur ye jab he hoga jab ye dono seperate hongaye ek dosraye se temporary tor pay.
    Mujhe Abdullah aur mahjabeen ki seperation ka wait tha I really hope ye bas temporary ho lekin dono ko itna samaj ajaye k ye dono ek dosraye se unconditional love karte hai .
    Mansoora he mahjabeen k ghar se jane ki wajha hogi , mansoora mahjabeen ko ab passand nahi karrahi hai due to sarwer ne aus k demag mein zehar dala aur sab se ziyada ausaye umer ka bolkar mansoora ki dukhti rakh par hath rakh diya hai wo ye he souch rahi hai k mahjabeen aus k ghar k laye nahi aur wo he Abdullah ko ausaye chorne ka kahegi warna Abdullah khud se mahjabeen ko nahi chorkar asakta ausk ghar with out kisi pressure k ab wo pressure sarwer ki taraf se hoga ya mansoora ki taraf se wo next episode mein pata chalega.

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