Pyar Ke Sadqay Episode 24 Story Review – The Engagement

Tonight’s episode of Pyar Ke Sadqay was seriously upsetting, it is really frustrating watching Sarwar get exactly what he wants. Abdullah’s silence and ‘helplessness’ continue to make sense but that one particular scene in which he puts the ring on Shanzay’s finger even after Mahjabeen’s visit was painful to watch! I was really hoping that Abdullah will reconsider his decision and do something tangible at that time but apart from showing his unhappiness, he did not do much. This episode basically laid down the foundations for what is coming ahead. Sarwar has successfully managed to put Mahjabeen in the most vulnerable position, it remains to be seen if Abdullah will eventually leave Mahjabeen and will Sarwar get what he wants. At this point, the silence of those who could have done something is more upsetting. I felt for Mahjabeen and her family, she deserves to be happy.

The Trap

After trying everything else, Sarwar got Mahjabeen’s father arrested. Even though Mahjabeen’s father has been under so much pressure but the way he has taken a stand for his daughter is endearing. He has proved that he is a wonderful father who will never ‘trade’ his daughter’s happiness for the sake of his own convenience. Since the previous episode, Sarwar is more focused than ever and in the next episode, he might be able to convince Mahjabeen as well. It remains to be seen how Mahjabeen will get herself out of this situation since she is too innocent and more vulnerable than ever right now.

Pyar Ke Sadqay Episode 24 Story Review - The Engagement

The most upsetting part was watching Mansoora act all naive and do exactly what Sarwar wanted. I was watching the episode yesterday in which Mansoora was shown suspecting Sarwar and more than ever I felt that there was a dire need to show how Mansoora changed her mind altogether. Right now we just have to assume that Mansoora wants Sarwar to stay in her life that is why she has decided to turn a blind eye and even support him. Except for Mahjabeen’s remark about the age-gap between her and Sarwar, nothing has been shown which would have indicated that she was fed up with Mahjabeen.

Shanzay and Abdullah

Shanzay might be desperate and slightly crazy but she is observant enough to know that Abdullah still has feelings for Mahjabeen. Tonight, she also played a major role in yet again convincing Abdullah that he needed to divorce Mahjabeen. Abdullah is being pressurized from all directions. Since he is the kind of person who needs the approval of Sarwar in particular therefore it makes perfect sense that even with all the love he feels for Mahjabeen, he cannot do what he wants. All of Abdullah and Shanzay’s scenes highlighted Shanzay’s insecurities and more than anyone else, she could feel that if given a choice Abdullah would have never left Mahjabeen for her. So basically Abdullah is being forced into this marriage but somehow Shanzay thinks it is alright since she is getting her own way!

Pyar Ke Sadqay Episode 24 Story Review - The Engagement

So, Shanzay went ahead with the engagement even though Abdullah had not divorced Mahjabeen. While watching the engagement scene, I was thinking that there is still room for the writer to ‘redeem’ Shanzay’s character even after everything she has done. If she comes back to her senses and goes back to being the intelligent woman she was, she could turn things around. It would also be the perfect way of getting Mahjabeen and Abdullah back together but the preview of the next episode suggested something entirely different! Bilal Abbas has done exceptionally well when it comes to showing just how confused and unhappy Abdullah is. Although I was furious when Abdullah put that ring on Shanzay’s finger, I also felt that he was doing all of this because he was too weak to take a stand for himself or Mahjabeen.

Washma Is Disappointed

This time around Washma has also given up and she is seriously disappointed which obviously works in Sarwar’s favor. Washma has given up on men especially after what Abdullah did. We have never seen such a reaction from a daughter or sister in our dramas. I think this is another element of Washma’s personality which makes her refreshing and interesting. Washma and Pho’s relationship, their scenes together were a breath of fresh air since it was good to see two people who have never let each other down. Srha Asghar and Sharmeen Ali share great on-screen chemistry and are so convincing in these roles.

Pyar Ke Sadqay Episode 24 Story Review - The Engagement

This time around Washma and Pho have not talked to Abdullah like they did before. While Washma anger is understandable, there was no reason why Pho didn’t talk to Abdullah about this. All Abdullah needed was some support and he could have made a better decision.

Mahjabeen’s Innocence

Just like every other episode of Pyar Ke Sadqay, the best part of this episode were all those scenes which showed just how innocent Mahjabeen is. Yumna Zaidi is beyond amazing in all such scenes, her expressions are always on point. Her dialogues about the clever girls always being the ‘mehbooba’ were so cute. She tried her best to win Abdullah over and she did too but even then she is stuck in this situation which is beyond her control. Mahjabeen’s dialogues and Yumna’s expressions in the engagement scene were the highlights of this episode. She wished Abdullah well and even apologized for being there, even though she was heartbroken. I love how Yumna makes sure she doesn’t have eye contact with anyone when Mahjabeen is going through the most difficult times and emotions. She tries to hide her pain even though otherwise she is so transparent.

Pyar Ke Sadqay Episode 24 Story Review - The Engagement

Final Remarks

Although It is truly upsetting watching Sarwar win for now and the preview of the next episode did not look too promising, I am still hoping that some of the characters will surprise the viewers. Abdullah, Washma, and even Mansoora can do a great deal. I just hope that we get to see a closure which is gratifying. Even though Pyar Ke Sadqay is being stretched but I still find myself looking forward to it and I cannot disconnect myself from Abdullah and Mahjabeen. Although there were no guests at the engagement which was odd, it was the best scene tonight because everyone’s expressions said a great deal.

One of my favorite therapists shared this on her page today and I think all of these personality traits explain why Abdullah always finds it so hard to do what he wants to do. What do you guys think?

Pyar Ke Sadqay Episode 24 Story Review - The Engagement


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  • I was so mad at Abdullah but like you said he is also a victim. The main person responsible is Mansoora. She destroyed so many lives by making this sick person Sarwar a priority in her life. Just for her own happiness she destroyed her children’s life. I hate her more than Sarwar. I agree with you Fatima, this is the only drama I wait for all week. And by the way your reviews are always superb.

    • I know! Poor Abdullah, I feel for him but then he makes me angry too, mixed emotional but yes he too is a victim without a doubt. You are so right about Mansoora, she is rich but not enlightened. Me too! I can’t seem to keep my interest alive in any other drama right now, this one has me hooked completely. Thank you so much, Lubna, for liking the reviews and for the feedback.

  • I hope this isn’t one of those dramas where the villain wins through ten episodes and then his miserable end is shown in one episode. Abdullah is a victim here too but is he never going to take a decision in his life that makes him happy? Whether it’s academics or marital life. And the way he believed that Munshi is corrupt and isn’t going to help him is making him unforgivable.

    • Me too! I really hope that is not the case. Abdullah needs professional help after all these years of mental abuse, he cannot change on his own especially with people like Sarwar around.

  • I think the episode was well done. My heart broke for Mahjabeen and my skin crawled when Sarwar called her at the end. I was even more creeped out seeing the promo.

    Shanzay still doesn’t make sense. I mean she’s all “I can’t share you”… “I won’t get engaged to you if you’re still married”. But she is okay marrying a man that already said no and loves his wife. Maybe there is a redemption arc for her…. but currently she makes no sense at all. I mean actually she seemed a bit like Mahjabeen where she doesn’t seem to have a clue on the propriety of things. I mean who posts their relationship status as engaged two days after being divorced. I mean I think her friends would raise eyebrows at that more than posting “likes”. Maybe that’s why she runs around in her pjs?

    Anyhow, Abdullah was disappointing but in line with his character. Mansoora is a monster. Washma is awesome.

    I don’t know how mahjabeen will get out the terrible situation she is in now…

    • Haha so true! I noticed that too and I was thinking the Facebook and likes bit was so much like Mahjabeen’s reaction to the wedding! Love Washma, I would really like it if she gets more screen time.

  • I wonder why isn’t Washma reaching out to Mahjabeen? At least she should find out how she is doing after this heartbreak because she was so supportive before.

    • I agree with you Sophia, I think she is exhausted too! She looked depressed and really disappointed today but she will be back, hopefully that thappar won’t silence her.

  • Great review ..
    Mansoora z the main culprit here ..
    I think munshi jee mahjabeen ko abdullah se aur sarwar ko mansoora se talaaq delwaayai ..
    Aur mehjabeen ki direct shadi sarwar se karwadai ..
    Aur mansoora aur gugoo (abdullah) se kahai kai bhai ” kaisa diya “

    • Thank you Burst. Munshi ji koi game khel lei tu ziada acha nahi ho ga? He should actually do what he has been accused of. Sarwar ko bewakoof banaye, office mei active ho kr sb kuch Washma ke naam kr dei. Sarwar ko itna yakeen dilwa dei ke Mahjabeen se shadi krwa dei gay ke wo Mansoora ko chor de, so that she gets the much-needed reality check.

      Mahjabeen, Washma and Pho ko business run krna chahyeh, something on these lines.

      LOL @ gugoo, kash gugoo ko bhi koi rescue kr le.

  • i was more mad with Mansoora than with her silly husband, because she does not seriously believe that Munshi jee has been unfaithful all these years

    • I know! Mansoora has always been gullible but this is too much! But then she let Sarwar beat Abdullah up so many times. She will do anything to please this man, which is sad.

  • The episode has more sad elements than ever. I guess this is the peak Sarwar is going to see and then there’s a downfall waiting for him. I just hope Mahjabeen gives him a good answer as she’s the HERO of the show.

    Yumna nailed every scene and her expressions are always on point. When she looked away from her mom while crying, it made me feel her grief. Abdullah is just giving in to the pressure at the moment. Shanzay, come on!! She’s saying she can’t share Abdullah with anyone, while she is the one who came between a wife and her husband, took him away from her and now she’s doing everything possible to get them officially divorced! She just appears like a shallow character. I couldn’t even get myself to hate her as her styling is such a put off that I find her annoying and nothing more.

    I wonder why Pho and Washma didn’t have a word with Mahjabeen yet. May be Mahjabeen could share something about Sarwar’s intentions with them and they could put some sense in Abdullah. Or may be its because the writer doesn’t want that to happen just yet. Still they could’ve shown them making efforts to find out what actually transpired that led Abdullah to leave Mahjabeen at her mom’s house. I was wondering why Washma and Pho were missing from the engagement scene but their scene later answered that. Abdullah made no attempts to talk to Washma or Pho after Washma left from office.

    Shanzay’s father wants Abdullah to join his office. I feel that this is going to work against Sarwar somehow. May be Abdullah will soon find out about his ways while at work. Atiqa Odho looks beautiful as ever, she carries herself well. Mansoora, however, continues to disappoint and neglects everything that Sarwar does to get things going as he wants. You said it Fatima, it just seems that only one comment from Mahjabeen about the age gap pissed her off so much that she turned completely against Mahjabeen.

    At this point I just feel for Mahjabeen and a little bit for Abdullah. Bilal and Yumna have once again given brilliant performances.

    • You are absolutely right Sheetal about Mahjabeen being the real hero, love her character and Yumna’s performance. Mahjabeen deserves the best and Abdullah really needs to redeem himself somehow. I appreciate your regular feedback, keep reading and commenting.

  • I have a strong feeling that this show will end with a tragedy, I think someone is going to die or maybe more than one character. I can be wrong but right now I strongly feel someone is going to die and this show will end in a tragic way.

  • Fatima after watching this episode, I was angry with Washma but your review gave me clarity. She is angry and we saw how angry last week. She will get slapped in the next episode. Mansoora should die, she cannot differentiate between right and wrong. She is like a teenager in love. Thank you for the well written review Fatima, I wait for your reviews.

    • Yes! She is really angry, that is why she just doesn’t want to talk to Abdullah any more. Mansoora is the worst no doubt. You’re most welcome Javeria, I look forward to your feedback too.

  • i think shanzay character will surprise the viewers bc she is the only one .Abdullah ko free jab tak shanzay nahi kargi tabtak wo kuch nahi karsakta kyu k wo shanzay k sucide k dar se ausaye nahi chorega ab serif shanzay he hai jo abdullah ko azad karsakti hai kyu k abdullah tu pehlaye he shanzay ko NO kar chuka tha lekin sucide ki wajha se wo majbor hogaya .abhi bhe wo ye he souchta hai k shanzay sucide karlegi aghar mein kuch bhe kiya mahjabeen k liye .tu mujhe lagta hai k shanzay ka character humain aghaye jakar surprise kardega kyu k shanzay ki bts pics hai essa k sath means somehow she will return in essa life again .aur serif shanzay ka ek decision he Abdullah ko ais karb se azad karsakta hai jab tak shanzay ausaye free nahi karti tab tak abdullah bebas hai . maybe engagemanet scene k bad shanzay ko bhe guilt feel hone lagaye mahjabeen k liye ya phir abdullah ka sath aus ko sharminda karne lagaye aus k apnaye circle mein .i think hassan ain sab situation mein kuch hero ka kirdar nibha sakta hai kyu k wo shanzay ki university ka hai ausaye janta hoga shayad wo kuch plan karaye aur shanzay se abdullah ki jaan chorwadeye .jo bhe ho abdullah ko jab tak shanzay apni marizi se azad nahi karti tab tak kuch nahi hoga abdullah ka .
    munshiji ne mahjabeen ko ya seema ko sarwer k baraye mein alert kyu nahi kiya is he mad ? abdullah bhe munshiji se milne nahi gaya .
    kya wakayi munshiji k hatho sarwer ka end hoga aghar munshji zinda rahe akhiri epiosde tak ?
    what about pho is she still supporting abdullah’s family .
    aur mahjabeen ki ammma ab ausaye abdullah k khilaf auksa rahi hai means abdullah ek acha insan hai aur ye jante hovaye k sarwer ausaye control karraha hai seema mahjabeen k dil mein aus k liye boraye dal rahi hai.
    matlab ab agahye jakar abeen ki buri wali laraye hone wali hai due to all poision jo har ko mahjabeen k dil mein bharraha hai abdullah k liye .
    fuinally next promo se lagta hai abeen ka relation end hojayega shayad nakaraye abdullah sign lekin phir aus k bad kya ? abdullah ko mahjabeen ki imaginations start hojayengi kyu k ab completely ausaye chordiya hai tu ab ehsas jagraha hai .
    i believe k sarwer ki shaadi nahi honi mahjabeen se due to munshiji death ya phir mahjabeen disapproved it .
    jo bhe ho 24 weeks guzagaye hai lekin abhi tak abdullah mein himat nahi aye k wo kuch kar sakaye .
    ab meer sahab k office mein jakar bhe lagta hai abdullah aur zalial hone wala hai kyu k meer sahab ne planning se ausaye bulaya hai shayad yaha se he aus ki growth start ho kyu k jab tak wo sarwer k sath office mein hai aus ka kuch nahi hona lekjin meera k office jakar shayad aus ki garat thori jag jaye .
    lagta hai mujhe forcefully pyar ke sadqay dekhne pay majbore kiya jaragha hai kyu k story line samaj se bahar hochuki hai lekin forcefully i am still watching bc i love abdullah character alot ain umeed se shayad abdullah ki koi development koi journey writer ne likhne ki zehmat ki ho i watch the show lekin abdullah ki shanzay k sath fazul ka ghumna ,shopping ,lunch dinner ye sab wastage dekha kar episode waste pay waste kiya jarahi hai writer sahiba.

  • Very disappointed to see poor mahjabeen suffer and cunning sawvar succeeded in his evil plot…
    We want to see cute and innocent mahjabeen being happy not shanzey and sarwar

  • good review fatima, it was a v sad episode, as someone said, we hope that zanjabeel doesnt keep the sad part for a long time, and just show the good part in last 1 episode like she did in balaa and cheekh. characters of abdullah and mansoora are v annoying now. i just hope that mansoora gives us a surprise, at times i feel that mansoora is doin this purposely for sarawar to show his true colors openly, if not then purposely director is making us feel like that or maybe atiqa odhi’s expressions are not correct.

    now its time for some reverse to happen, cannot drag like this more.

  • Firstly, great review as always. I always read the review first now and then watch the episode !!

    I thought this drama had bags of potential some weeks ago. I thought it would be on par with Ranja Ranja kurdi. Unfortunately, recent events, the whole second marriage thing and Shanzay’s desperate bechara pun, have really brought it down.

    This story would have been brilliant, had it have been sarwar and his mother on one side and pho, washma and mansoora battling to help support Abdullah and Mahjabeen to fight the abuse.

    I dont like one sided dramas where the bad guy wins for 10 episodes and then the last episode just wraps up quickly.

    It should be the good and evil forces working at the same time, building suspense, so the viewers stay intrigued.

    Overall it is a great drama, everyones performances are amazing except the person playing Shanzay. However I dont like the OST much.

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