Pyar Ke Sadqay Episode 29 Story Review – Mansoora In Action

Tonight’s episode made up for the slow-paced and disappointing episode last week. In fact, this episode of Pyar Ke Sadqay was so fast-paced that I have a difficult time believing that I got to watch everything I was waiting to see in this latest episode. It was ultimately Mansoora who decided to take a stand and be a mother for a change. Although I would have liked to see Mahjabeen being slightly more strong and active in this and the previous episode, the fact is that Mansoora’s blind love for Sarwar was the root cause of everything that has gone wrong with Abdullah’s life. This was the best way for Mansoora to redeem herself. It is however sad to watch Mahjabeen taking a backseat at the moment since she has always been the driving force. The change in Mansoora was convincing since she was giving mixed signals for quite some time now. Abdullah’s Mathematic skills were also put to good use in this episode, another development that we were all waiting to see. The question however remains, does Abdullah deserve Mahjabeen? This episode was also quite intense. Yet again, the director used the flashback scenes effectively. Some of these scenes showed the importance of Munshi ji in Abdullah’s life and those were my favorite!

Important Developments

The most important developments in this episode surrounded Mansoora’s character. Even though Washma told Abdullah not to share the news of the pregnancy with Mansoora, he did just that. This proved to be that one major development that changed the course of the drama. When Mansoora told Sarwar about the pregnancy, his reaction made it pretty clear that he was not happy to hear this news. Atiqa Odho’s expressions suggested that she knew that he was going to react in this manner. From there on, Mansoora was on a mission. First, she went to Mahjabeen’s house and it was her mother who told her everything. Mahjabeen’s phone call to Sarwar while Mansoora was hearing what he had to say was such a good idea since that left no room for confusion. Although, Sarwar did not say much whatever he said was enough to show that Mahjabeen was telling the truth. Since Mansoora has been so ‘blind’ for so long, even at this moment I was not expecting her to open her eyes and see things for what they were.

Pyar Ke Sadqay Episode 29 Story Review - Mansoora In Action

It seems like all Abdullah needed to feel more confident and in control was his mother’s support. Her conversation with Pho was so meaningful and important since it showed how difficult this was her. It also reflected her true feelings for Sarwar at the time. He did not only want Sarwar out of her life but she despised him as well and rightly so! Abdullah however stayed confused right till the last moment and sadly we did not hear him tell Shanzay that he could not go ahead with this marriage. Even when Mansoora asked him if he was happy, he was still confused! Sarwar reacted as confidently as always because he must have been thinking that Mansoora will eventually take him back. Abdullah’s inquiry and the final verdict will prove to be the final nail in the coffin. Abdullah and Mansoora both have a really good reason to feel guilty and it remains to be seen what they are willing to do in order to make up for their mistakes.

Shanzay continues to be desperate, seeking Abdullah’s attention, being insecure, and needy! This character and track have to be the most unconvincing ones we have seen in dramas lately. It is simply impossible to believe that someone like Shanzay would act this way and even if this is a reaction to the toxic relationship she just broke free from, it should have been made more clear. The way she ran to see Abdullah after Sarwar informed her that he had been quite busy lately and later on her excitement when she found out Abdullah was busy planning a surprise for her showed that she was simply obsessed with him! Was this track even needed?

Pyar Ke Sadqay Episode 29 Story Review - Mansoora In Action

Final Remarks

Tonight’s episode of Pyar Ke Sadqay was action-packed and powerful. Although I am really happy that Mansoora is finally going to be the mother which her children deserved and she will finally get rid of Sarwar, I am not too happy about the fact that Mahjabeen did not have a lot of dialogues in this episode. I absolutely love Mahjabeen’s character but for the past few weeks, she has lost her strong personality altogether. She clearly loves Abdullah, so much so that she thinks he is perfect but does he really deserve someone like her? For Mahjabeen’s sake, I really hope that these two get a happy ending. The preview of the next episode was really confusing! What was Sarwar doing in Mahjabeen’s house? Will Mansoora stick to her decisions? Will Abdullah be able to redeem himself? Will Abdullah’s confusion ever end? Looking forward to getting the answers to all these questions.

Bilal Abbas Khan’s performance tonight was simply upstanding, he has truly outdone himself in this one! Yumna Zaidi yet again proved that she can deliver even when she doesn’t have a lot of dialogues, her performance never ceases to impress. Atiqa Odho actually made me like and feel for Mansoora’s character tonight!

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Fatima Awan

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  • “Lot ke buddhu ghar ko aaye”!….nai?
    Watched after skipping couple of episodes, land up at the perfect one.
    You summed up everything well…as always pppperfect review!!

  • Good episode. I’m glad things moved in the right direction. I was only disappointed in Abdullah. I mean, I don’t like Shanzay… but it seems cruel to continue to string her along. Like it was mean for Abdullah to give her false hope …

    This episode was basically all Mansoora. Great acting. I loved her “evil” grin when she told Sarwar about Mahjabeen’s pregnancy.

    Oh, I and shanzay got to debut some new pajamas! That’s always exciting!

    • Yes, me too! That scene with Shanzay should have been chopped off. But I do understand where he is coming from, too scared to tell the truth, making up lies to buy time! He is a fool for sure.

      Yes! That grin showed how much she despised this man!

      LOL!! Uff Shanzay is so annoying.

  • I’m just here to ask you that please watch ghissi pitti Muhabbat and review it… it’s just mind blowing…. It’s a breath of fresh year. At least i haven’t seen anything like it on our tv…. please please please watch it and review it

    • I will definitely be watching it Ahsan, I loved the promos, haven’t watched the first episode yet but yes will review it when PKS ends…soon InshaAllah.

  • A very well paced episode for sure! Everything was covered pretty decently….and I guess Mahjabeen had to take a back seat to let Mansoora take Centre stage! She was in full form today. Mansoora did everything in today’s episode that the viewers wanted her to do in each one of the previous episodes. She took a stand for herself and most importantly, she took a stand for Abdullah! The sad part is, an innocent person lost his life over their slow response.

    Abdullah’s confusion at this stage makes less sense. It’s been too long since he has been confused. His mom’s changed attitude and the audit outcomes should’ve changed his opinion, at least now! When Mansoora asked him if he was happy, he said he doesn’t know! This confusion doesn’t make sense now, who wouldn’t be happy on knowing that he’s going to be a father. He still is resorting to lies when talking to Shanzay. I still don’t understand why this marriage preparations are still going on….Mansoora asks him how are the preparations going, even after knowing everything. Are they waiting for the wedding day to end Abdullah’s confusion?

    I think we need to see more than just Abdullah recalling the flashback scenes. May be a little more to show that he loves Mahjabeen too. Apart from that, the performances in this episode were brilliant as usual! The preview was confusing! What was the file that Abdullah was handing over to Mahjabeen? Was it Munshiji’s proof of innocence? What will be Sarwar’s move now? Waiting to see how they wrap things up! I wish Mahjabeen gets her due credit.

    • It is about time that Abdullah changed, kafi ho gaya! Yes, it did seem like it was proof of his innocence but what was Sarwar doing there! Enjoyed reading your feedback Sheetal.

  • thanks for the perfect review, tonight’s episode was most enjoyable, finally Mansoora has entertained us all

  • Great great great review ..
    I think they have written mansoora character very well ..
    It will not be okay to change her mind abruptly about sarwar coz she has been immense loved him ..
    Yes u r ri8 about mehjabeeen ..ghar se nikaaltai he uski story mai se jaan chali gaye ..
    Khair ab wo kashaf ya khirad to nahi k hum zyada expect karai ..

    P.s mehjeeb se kahai koye khudaara apnai bachai ka naam munshi na rakh laina

    • Thank you so much Burst for liking the review and for sharing your views here. I feel Mahjabeen ke character mei kuch strengths thi for sure jo bilkul dub gaye.

      LOL!! Mahjabeen dekhte hei kya krti hei.

  • Thanks Fatima for the super review as always – ur reviews are so well written👌
    Coming to PKS, this drama is also not different from others in the sense that for 7-8 episodes the series slows down and deviates from main story line and the villain makes hay and sun seems to shine for a long time for😀 the villains of our drama series.. and then the director realizes and wants to make amends in last 2-3 episodes.

    Back to PKS, Abdullah’ confusion is still on which is now not bugging me any more as I have given up on him and even if he moves mountains in next episode he cannot redeem himself.
    But I still want Mahjabeen to be happy and if that means Abdullah returns to her, then so be it

    • You’re most welcome Alizeh. I am so glad that you are liking the reviews and I appreciate your feedback. I think PKS has been thoroughly entertaining overall and yes totally agree with you about Abdullah. Lekin wohi baat Mahjabeen loves him!

  • I really don’t think that Abdullah is confused or double-minded. I do feel that he actually loves both the girls and wants to keep both as his wives. He has no objection from Mahjabeen but Shanzey is the one who has openly declared that she can’t share him and in order to marry her, he has to divorce Mahjabeen first. As long as he can, Abdullah is trying his best to keep both the girls and it even seems that he wants to marry Shanzey by telling her a lie that he has divorced Mahjabeen. Eventually, he has to choose one and his vote is more towards Mahjabeen but if both the girls don’t show any objection then the situation that seems most desirable for him is to marry both of them. Perhaps in the future episode, this situation changes but right now this seems to be Abdullah’s state of mind.

  • Glad it worked for many ppl, but I dint really get the change in Mansoora. They dragged it for so long, and suddenly she stood up and boom everything is in place. How come? Till last episode she was saying “nasha hai tau nasha hi sahi”, and now in a single day she kicked him out of her life and her buisness.
    This is general problem with our dramas.. they start at a good pace, drag unnecessarily in middle, and suddenly everything is solved in last 2 episodes..

  • Gr8 review Fatima, finally Mansoora woke up. m still disappointed and annoyed by abdullah’s confusion.

    Pls review prem gali too, its written by genius faiza iftikhar and the cast is also good. I want to ask 1 thing that every drama has saba hameed, saba faisal and samina ahmed, specially saba hameed is there in most of the dramas, not that they are not good, but need some variety.

  • Finally, a much awaited shift. Was it worth it to keep your self angry for the last ten episode, as if I had no other or better things to do? Absolutely not. In this episode, a two minutes scene with Mansoora and Pho is so powerful, and thought-provoking, that these dialogues, and the scene, could have easily replaced, the filth, and cruelty we were witnessed to in the last ten episodes.

    “Janti ho ziada takleef kis bat ki hui mujhe? Apne bachon ki takleef dekh ke. Mere bete ki shakhsiat badal di Sarwar ne. Aur me…
    Maan muhabbat me andhi ho jae na, tau bache us ke jeete ji yatim ho jate hen.”

    We are living in the age of twitter, where both our consentration levels and interest are limited. Our writers should seriously consider these things:

    – no point in draging a drama, and thereby converting a masterpiece into something a pain to watch. Even Indian movies come now in two-hours format. I have written earlier – sunno chanda (first season), is a masterpiece, because it had no such tactic of fooling the audiences. I would not mind watching it many times and enjoy these small fights between Jiya and Arsal time and time again. Pyar ke sadqe, I will only watch it until their marriage, and from there on, it is downhill. Although, it could have been a new breath of fresh air.
    Time has changed and script writers should take into consideration that no one likes to watch such intence cruelity in entertainment. I think our script writers are now adays afluenced by the Turkish Dramas, who like draging things and displaying deep sorrows (Ertugrul, and Avlu are two such examples).

    – Mansoora no doubt is extremely beautifull, but what is the point in showing her close up for atleast two minutes from different angles in an episode? Is this a refined version of Indian dramas where same shot is shown from different angles, with intense background music. I would not even want to watch Ileana D’Cruz this close :)

  • >