Pyar Ke Sadqay Last Episode Story Review – Apologies and Realizations

This last episode of Pyar Ke Sadqay had the perfect happy ending but some of the confrontations were not as impactful as they should have been. Some of the scenes were prolonged and just like every other episode of this drama, the OST was used generously in the background! Although some of the dialogues were too plain, this ending had some good messages as well. All the main characters learned something or the other from their mistakes. Since the writer already laid the foundations for this ending, it wasn’t rushed or illogical. Right till the end, Sarwar blamed his upbringing and thought of himself as the ‘victim’. In the prison cell, however, he perhaps realized that this was Karma.

Apologies and Realizations

I really liked the way Sarwar’s character was used to bring Mahjabeen and Abdullah together in the end. It seemed like Mahjabeen wouldn’t agree to go with Abdullah but the second Sarwar intervened, everything changed. Abdullah finally took a stand for his wife, the best way he could but it was disappointing watching him giving Shanzay the option of being his second wife! Abdullah stayed confused till the end but there is hope now that with Mansoora’s help, he will gain more confidence.

Pyar Ke Sadqay Last Episode Story Review - Apologies and Realizations

Mansoora’s realization in this last episode and the way it was spelled out for the public was the best part of this episode. A woman does not always need a man to ‘complete’ her and she should never settle for someone who does not give her the love and trust she deserves. The inclusion of the idea that self-love and acceptance come before everything else was brilliant! Mansoora made so many mistakes in the past but in the end, she truly redeemed herself and is on the right path.

The viewers also found out tonight why Shanzay was so desperate to marry Abdullah. Even then, I feel that Shanzay shouldn’t have been given so much screen time. Abdullah and Mansoora both should have apologized to Mahjabeen’s mother as well. The way Abdullah and Mahjabeen showed Sarwar that he was no longer in control was truly gratifying! The look on his face when he saw Mahjabeen’s expressions was so meaningful. This was his punishment too that the only woman he ever loved hated her so much.

Pyar Ke Sadqay Last Episode Story Review - Apologies and Realizations

Overall, this was a rather simple but satisfying ending. It was the kind of ending which assures you that all these characters got what they deserved – good or bad!

Final Verdict

I must say that watching and reviewing Pyar Ke Sadqay was an absolute pleasure. I did not warm up to the drama instantly mainly because of the execution which was in contrast with the actual story – quite fictional. While the story was realistic, the treatment given to the drama was fairytale-like right from the beginning. The number one reason why Pyar Ke Sadqay did not just grow on me but I also fell completely and utterly in love with it within a few weeks was the characterizations. We have never seen such a true depiction of people with learning disabilities or those who have been shunned all their lives. Abdullah and Mahjabeen were two of the most beautifully flawed and brilliantly layered characters.

It was Yumna Zaidi’s captivating performance which kept me enthralled in the first few episodes. Mahjabeen literally ran the show in the initial episodes. Later on, Abdullah’s track also became more interesting. Bilal Abbas Khan’s impressive performance throughout continued to be the best part of this drama right till the end. Even though the lack of character development was off-putting towards the end but Bilal Abbas’ performance never disappointed. As someone who has been closely associated with people like Mahjabeen and Abdullah, I would give the writer and these actors tons of credit for doing justice to the outstanding characters which hardly ever get the kind of attention they deserve. Zanjabeel Asim Shah’s understanding of these characters and the way she effectively blend comedy with well-thought-out scenarios is much appreciated.

The love triangle in the last few episodes was stretched and mostly unconvincing. Shanzay’s character was confusing and Yashma Gill’s performance was just plain annoying. All the other characters always made perfect sense and were translated on screen superbly. Washma and Pho’s characters made up for Shanzay’s desperation and Mansoora’s vulnerabilities. The beauty of Pyar Ke Sadqay lied in the fact that it offered a variety of characters, it was inventive and fascinating in its own way. Even when the story was being stretched and I wanted to see the drama ending, there was always something interesting to talk about after every episode. There wasn’t a single episode which was pointless, there were some that were slow but each episode added something or the other to the story.

Special shout out to Srha Asghar for breathing life into Washma’s character and making us fall in love with her. It is rarely ever that a supporting character is as attractive as Washma was. Sharmeen Ali’s poised demeanor went so well with the character she played. Atiqa Odho and Omair Rana were equally impressive in their respective roles. Atiqa Odho performed especially well in the last few episodes. Omair Rana truly outdid himself as Sarwar. Sarwar’s conversations with his mother wouldn’t have been as amusing and insightful if it wasn’t for the on-screen chemistry between Gul-e-Rana and Omair Rana.

Bilal Abbas Khan and Yumna Zaidi will always be remembered as one of the most unusual and appealing on-screen couples we have seen in recent dramas. Even with all the ups and downs, the viewers wanted to see them together in the end. Pyar Ke Sadqay was definitely the kind of drama you get lost in. It was a well-told story overall that would have been faultless had it not been stretched. I still feel that Shanzay’s track was the worst part of an otherwise superb drama.

I would like to thank all those readers who shared their insightful and interesting views every single week and made the discussions worthwhile. I am going to miss reviewing Pyar Ke Sadqay. I am also looking forward to Mushk and hope that it will prove to be another drama that all of us can enjoy watching and discussing.

Do share your thoughts about this last episode and most importantly about the entire journey. I would love to hear from all of you.

Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan has been a part of reviewit right from its inception. She feels very passionately about Pakistani dramas and loves discussing them in detail. An enthusiastic writer, thinker, and political scientist, constantly trying to look beyond the obvious. Full-time mom.

  • Thank You So Much For Reviewing This Show So Perfectly From Start Till The End. An Amazing Journey Of 30 Weeks Comes To An End. I’ll Really Miss This Show. It Was Amazing And Most Importantly It Was Beautifully Executed. And I’m Glad That Abdullah & Mahjabeen Got Their Happy Ending.

    • You’re most welcome Asad. Thank you for being a part of this beautiful journey, it wouldn’t have been the same without you guys. Yes, for a change I wanted to forgive the male lead LOL!! Usually, I want to see them suffer the way they made the heroine suffer. That scene with Sarwar intervening was pure genius, a game-changer.

  • What an ending perfect happy one. I agree with you about the OST. The message regarding Mansoora, you penned it perfectly. Fatima you deserve praise too for reviewing this drama so well. I came here every week to read your reviews and you never disappointed. I will miss PKS also and your reviews. Keep up the good work. I am happy that Abdullah and Mahjabeen are happy. I was also so invested in their story.

    Bless you. Thank you

    • Thank you so so much Hamnah, you’re too kind. Honestly speaking all these reviews came dil se. I love psychology, love analyzing human emotions and when we have such wonderful characters doing so becomes an absolute pleasure, to be honest.

      I will miss it too and out discussions every week. It makes me so happy that so many of you took the time out to be part of these discussions. IA meet you soon on another thread ;)

  • You perfectly summed it up!
    Abdullah Slapping Sarwar was sooooo good!! That whole scene was so well directed!!
    Last few scenes were so cute!! Yumna and Bilal nailed it. Srrha Asghar and her portrayal of Washma was brilliant. What I still want to know is what was the purpose of adding a few scenes of Washma’s boyfriend. The show should have ended at Washma’s wedding tbh.
    Despite some unnecessary dragging and Yashma’s annoying performance PKS was a good watch that gave us some very cute moments, some laughable moments and some very emotional moments!
    Beautiful ending to the story of two Baanwlaas! Thank u for reviewing it ❤
    PS: What are you going to review next? Can’t you review the webseries being released?

    • Thank you so much Pakistan Po. So good to hear from you after such a long time. Yes! That was the best scene, well written and executed. The banwalas were the most adorable, will miss them for sure.

      I am not too sure, GPM or Mushk. And if I like Saraab, I will stop reviewing Sabaat and start reviewing that. I am not watching the webseries at the moment. What is worth watching? Recommendations plz

    • I absolutely hated the part where at the end Abdullah said Shanzay could be his second wife. I personally feel Mahjabeen should have just left him.

    • Yes I agree with you Fatima Awan. Pyar Kay Sadqay really and truly was an awe-inspiring and wonderfully written and performed but it was OVER-STRETCHED a little too long. I always read your reviews and they are beautifully written.

  • I loved the ending even though there were some flaws as you Rightly pointed out. Your review summed up everything perfectly all the strengths and some weaknesses of PYar Ke Sadqay. Zanjabeel wrote it superbly. Yumna, Bilal, Srha great work.

    Your reviews were cherry on top. Which drama are you reviewing next? I am addicted to these reviews.

    • Yes, it wasn’t flawless but very satisfying! Thank you so much Mona for liking the review and for commenting.

      Awww thanks a lot for your kind words. I might review Mushk next. I will watch the first episode and decide. Hope you will be watching the dramas I review in the future too. Keep reading and commenting.

  • Thanks Fatima for an amazing final review, you have been as flawless in ur review as Yumna and Bilal have been in their impeccable performances.
    The final episode was a true culmination of the whole drama, any other ending wouldn’t have done justice.
    It’s going to be an empty Thursday for some time…

    • You’re most welcome Alizeh. I am so glad that you liked the reviews and I am genuinely happy that you were such a special part of this journey. Yes, it will be. I really hope we get to see more such dramas on our television screens soon.

      Keep reading and commenting.

  • It’s the most cutest, adorable, sweet (aur jitne ache lafz hai sab dal dein) drama I have ever seen, like literally I was smiling throughout the episode. Everything was wrapped up so nicely and sensibly, no going mad or asylum or suicide which happens to most of the villains.
    The episode was as perfect as your review, thanks a ton for reviewing this fatima, stay bless dear!!

    P.s. this bawla and bawli will stay long in my heart ;-)

  • this has to be the best comedy drama that i have ever watched, it had right amount of episodes & yes it seamed like it was being dragged when Shanzay came back in Abudullah’s life but i didn’t mind for the stories sake & i enjoyed every bit of it
    it was beautifully written, wonderfully acted & the song was brilliant, i loved the last scene, it was so lovely to watch.
    thank you for all the lovely reviews that we got to read every week & i’l be here for Mushk drama next week.

  • I actually liked that Abdullah still offered shanzay to marry him. It’s good that he didn’t change suddenly and it doesn’t matter that we hate him for loving shanzay but that’s what it is. You just happen to love someone, you know is bad for you. Good thing is that you understand that and do what your mind says. Now i think about it, actually Abdullah was never in love with Mahjabeen. It’s very easy to feel for people like Mahjabeen but to live with them is another thing because as a normal person you tend to run out of patience. Now i know Abdullah didn’t have any disabilities but it’s good that writer showed him as a traumatic kid so that balances out why he choose to live with Mahjabeen because a normal guy couldn’t have done this. I actually kinda understand Sarwar’s character. Not completely but i guess if they could have worked on him more, he wouldn’t have came off as an out and out villain. But i would still give them credit that they at least gave him a backstory to give the reasons of his actions. Every character is a hero of his own story so sarwar felt that. A really good play and a very satisfying ending. It was again a pleasure to read your reviews. Sometimes i don’t comment on your reviews but i read all of them.
    PS: Did you watch Ghissi pitti Muhabbat?

    • Ahsan I do feel that Abdullah could easily be diagnosed as someone who was on the autism spectrum, socially awkward, not having enough confidence, anxious, trouble making decisions. Also, the fact that he was so good with numbers! I have an Abdullah in my life so I would know haha!! The writer did not intend to show that but he fits the bill completely. I think the writers do not ‘label’ their characters with such neurodevelopmental disorders because then the discussions take a completely different turn!

      Thank you for reading the reviews regularly, I looked forward to your feedback every week and did wonder why you were not commenting;)

      Yes! I watched GPM, loved it! Reminded me of 7 Din Mohabbat In, ek dum mast ;)

      • That’s what i am trying to say. Actually i saw that lot of people (especially women) blame Abdullah too much and were comparing him with a typical heroes in our dramas. They were asking questions like does he deserves Mahjabeen and all of that…I just feel for Abdullah more. Infact more than Mahjabeen. At least she had her parents to look after her.

        Many of the times i was in a hurry and sometimes i couldn’t figure out what to say because there wasn’t much happening after 20th episode. I got excited about Ghissi pitti Muhabbat so i commented. I also don’t watch Sabaat anymore. Plus i think you should watch churails on Zee5.

        • highly disappointed by churails ..
          ghalat ko teek karnai k leyai ghalat hona parta hai ..jis mai aurat ki sakht us ki personality us ki asal responsibility us ki asal shanakht us ka asal dayera jo islam ne banaaya sab ko chakna choor karkai rakh deya hai is churail dramai ne ..
          koye bhi aurat is fazool dramai ko na dhaikai ..
          dhaikna hai to Hazrat Muhammad saw ki pakeeza bibiyoo aur beityoo ki hayaat ko study karai fazool cheezo pai waqt zaaya na karai ye slowly and gradually apki zindagi pai burai asraat murattab karaingai ..

          kuch naya melnai ko melai to bus acha hogaya ?

  • Great review Fatima Bilal Abbas deserves an award he is just 4 years experienced yet he played this challenging character flawlessly his dialogue delivery was poor in Balaa and also in some episodes of Cheekh but overall he was Phenomenal in Cheekh I’m glad he has improved his dialogue delivery he is the best young actor of Pakistan he is the future Faysal Qureshi.

  • Ultimate question – Did Abdullah deserved Mahjabeen after all he did? All he did was demean her while they were together and never believed her. I mean he was ready to keep his promise to Shanzay and marry her too, especially the way he said it, “Tum bhi ajaao”, so off-putting. He wanted to uphold this promise, but the promise he made to Mahjabeen to never leave her, he was ready to break it.
    Also couldn’t he have done the audit while Munshiji was in jail? Oh right… he was busy getting engaged to Shanzay. His ghairat came in to play too late and the impact was too little, the slap wasn’t enough for what Sarwar did. Abdullah certainly got off easy in the end. Should have suffered some certainly.

    • Also he didn’t had any problems in breaking his promise to sarwar about having any type of relations with his wife.
      Yet he was still willing to keep his promise to Shanzay without thinking how it will affect Mahjabeen. Especially after knowing all that Sarwar did to her father and how he harassed her.
      Plus we didn’t got any scenes of his actual heartfelt apology, (it’s like he didn’t even made one) and also didn’t got to see him openly declaring his love for her.

    • Bus kar behen itna negative bhi nahi hona chaheyai .. :D
      sarwar ko thappar bhi mela aur jail bhi ghar se bhi nikaal deya divorce bhi deya gaya mohabbat bhi nahi meli karoobar se bhi gaya …ye kaafi nahi hai ??

      abdullah koye normal banda to nahi tha aap us sai asal hero ki tarah expectations kiyo rakh rahi hai .. us ne mehjabeen ko talaq to nai di .jo larka bachpan se father ne suppressed rakha ho so as his mom se kya expectations rakhti hain aap ? wo bus logo kai pressure mai aakar faislai karta tha but abdullah dil ka bhi acha hai isi waja se shanzai ka dil bhi thorna nahi chahta tha ..aur phir bhi wo apni wife k leyai bola ..kuch scenes aisai hotai hain jin mai apko khud matlab nikalna hota hai jab abdullah ne mehjabeen ko ghar jaanai ko kahan but abdullah ne khud bhi mehsoos kiya kai nahi wo is qabil he nahi kai mehjabeen ko ghar lai jayai ,..

    • I know how you feel! That is how I felt when Asher in Hamsafar was forgiven but I did not have a problem with this ending since that was the only happy ending for Mahjabeen and the writer made it pretty clear that Abdullah was incapable of making sensible decisions, a big flaw in his personality but not due to his own weakness, it was due to all the bullying and abuse he faced as a child.

  • gr8 review fatima, really happy with the end. i too didnt wlike the beginning episodes and found it little slow and boring, i started watching only after abdullah and mahjabeen’s marriage, for me the star of the show was yumna, she was outstanding, she was the life of the drama, the writer somehow did the similar thing in the end of cheekh where she tried to gain some sympathy for villian’s character in the end and put the blame on his upbringing by his brother, anyways atleast good thing is that here sarwar went to jail.

    on of my fav scenes was the yumna’s mother’s scene with bilal, she was too good, her dialogues were excellent. the makers actually proved and made it clear at the end that there is not even 1% change in personality of abd and mah, they remained same , no improvement in their mind or understanding or intelligence, and this is somewat realistic.

    for me its yumna on one side and all others on other side, who were all good .

    good that they didnt try to be extra smart and give it an uncecessary sad ending like yeh dil mera where ahad being alive and not uniting with sajal was utter nonsense.

    • Thank you so much Tiger, totally agree with you about the ending. I think Yumna and Bilal both were phenomenal but yes it was Yumna who kept me coming back for more in the initial episode. I looked forward to your honest and insightful comments every week. So glad that you were part of this journey. Keep reading and commenting.

  • Wonderfully written Fatima, you’ve highlighted every hit and miss accurately.

    I liked this episode in general, but I think it did lack a certain charm….may be I wanted the last episode to be more power packed. Abdullah and Mahjabeen’s scenes were cute as usual. The icing on the cake was the closing scene, about Abdullah’s glasses. Lol :-D I did miss Abdullah confessing his love. At least once, they should’ve shown Abdullah saying that he loves Mahjabeen too, atleast in reply to Mahjabeen’s dialogue.

    I couldn’t believe Sarwar needed ‘just’ that to see that he’s been evil. Mansoora and Abdullah should’ve done this long long ago. The scene between Sarwar and Pho in the previous episode didn’t make sense at all. It remains a mystery what Sarwar meant when he said, ‘main akela nahi doobta’. They should’ve also shown some progress in Washma’s relationship with her boyfriend. Shanzay went away easily too. It showed that this part was just dragged in the story. It didn’t take much for Shanzay to just go away. She said Abdullah is not the only guy on earth, whereas few episodes ago, she tried to commit suicide for this ‘guy’.

    The performances, story, execution and the chemistry between Yumna and Bilal were the highlights of this drama. I saw an interview of the writer where she has mentioned that some of the incidents are from her own experiences and have happened with her and that she is quite like Mahjabeen. Also, that she was ‘inspired’ by the movie ‘Barfi’ which is quite evident. All in all, I enjoyed watching this drama. Yumna and Bilal make a very good pair and should be cast together again. Cheers!!

    • Hi Sheetal, you were such a special part of this journey. Thank you so much for liking the reviews and for taking the time out for contributing to these discussions. You have always raised valid points and I agree with you when you say the charm was missing but I am so happy it was logical. I loved Mansoora’s ending.

      Loved your comments, will look forward to your comments in the future too.

  • Fatima Ji,

    It indeed was a wonderful journey to watch this drama…..
    I need to say this, I always watched the drama and then went on to read your review….
    In case of PKS, your reviews left me spellbound. I read your review and then watched the episode…. ( nice of you to have begun reviewing PKS midway)

    Team PKS deserves praise, to have picked a topic (autism spectrum) which is very difficult to dramatise. Well Done!!!

    Fatima Ji, For the very first time I got to see a path breaking revolution taking place in the Pakistani drama industry……

    Churails…… New Story line, Awesome, Fantastic feel…. Real….. Mind blowing, Fast paced, Celebrating Life and Liberty……. (Zee 5 web series)
    Please do review this drama…..
    Will be grateful to you for this always…..
    Qurbatein is another nice drama…. The background music is superb……

    In particular, I enjoyed reading the comments of many in this group…. Thank You Everyone….

    Fatima Ji, while reading your reviews, it is as if the drama is being enacted in real time……
    looking forward to a lot more of your reviews…… Thank You so much…. Ketan

    • Thank you so much Ketan for such kind words, I am truly grateful for all your love and support. Same here, I absolutely loved the feedback from all of you every week. We were all equally passionate about this drama and it turned out to be so amazing! I am not watching Churails yet, will definitely give it a go.

      You’re most welcome. I am so glad that you were part of this beautiful journey. I looked forward to your comments every week.

      Keep reading and commenting.

  • Im going to miss this drama, it’s a shame munshi ji died seeing his daughter in such a troubling situation. I think it was realistic that Abdullah was still confused as it would’ve seemed a bit forced if he wouldn’t have been.great review as always Fatima, can’t wait for mushk. I haven’t actually watched any urwa Hocane dramas but have heard shes a great actress.
    Btw I know you used to review ishqiya- what were your thoughts on the ending. I was shocked!

    • Thank you so much for liking the reviews and for commenting. Urwa performed well in Udaari and I really liked her in the Mushk promos. She was amazing in Punjab Nahi Jaungi. So glad you will be watching it.

      Yes, I was!! I didn’t watch the ending, I will soon. It was the most ridiculous play. I am so glad I stopped reviewing it LOL!!

  • Thank you for the review. I was not watching the drama after one or two initial episodes due to lack of time and was already watching some other shows, but your reviews made me do it. Overall show was amazing. Yumna and Bilal gave outstanding performance. Washma was my favourite character and Srha was brilliant.
    One major takeaway is the upbringing element leading to development of personality. Abdullah lacked confidence becuase he was brought up by Mansoora in toxic environment whereas Washma was strong since Pho took care of her.
    I think Abdullah purposefully gave Shanzey option of being second wife because he knew she wont agree.
    Overall it was a good drama with unconventional story.
    But Hum needs to end the practice of stretching popular shows.

    • You’re most welcome Pakistani. I am so glad that you decided to watch this drama and were part of this wonderful journey. So true yaar, that is such a good point. I do feel however that Abdullah had some other issues as well like learning disabilities.

      Yes, loved the drama and loved your comments. Keep reading and commenting.

  • Pyar Ke Sadqay is unique with its storyline and the treatment of the play, for the very first time the protagonists of the play are shown as slow learners and throughout the play, we see a considerable growth of both the characters and how they both are perfectly complementing each other. Throughout their struggle and journey, their relationship is very cute and beautiful. It is one of the most beautiful romances we have recently seen on TV.Best drama. Strong messages and performances. Atiqa ma’am did a fantastic job. A women needs no one, if she has faith and hope in herself, period. Innocent people just think that all others are like them, and they do not counter the vicious and dark sides of others. They are not fools. Omair Rana nailed his character.The Bawla couple Abdullah and Mahjabeen were being cute too and they did an amazing job ,specially their expressions were always on point.This was their lifetime performance.Vashma being a powerful character did a fabulous job.Poohs acting was good too.Although the scenes between Omair Rana and Gul e rana were quite annoying,plus the annoying character of Shanzay.The drama hooked all of us till the end.Salma Hassan is also a great actress.Liked the mix of her humour and seriousness.Last,but not the least Malik Raza ufff his acting was just sublime.
    Kudos to the team.Excellent Execution.Excellent Production.Farooq Rind always bring amazing and risky projects .Hats off to him. Powerful writing of Zanjabeel Asim Shah , gripping story,spellbounding acting. Fantabulous!!!!!!

  • Ur review was very interesting and it seemed that u have also enjoyed the drama fully as we did .yes the characterization was very strong and overall it was a very cute drama giving a lot of small messages to ponder,feeling very sad that y did it ended.

  • Fatima can you or Zahra review “Ghissi pitti mohabbat”. It is light, funny and little bit different. Script is written in beautiful urdu. It is a good watch. Please consider reviewing it.

  • Where do I start, PKS was introduced to me by my aunt in Isb… from the first episode I was glued to the tele… amazing performances and a well written drama… my favourite character was Sarwar… amazing how poised he was throughout as if he had everything in control… top top stuff… we Overseas Pakistanis are proud of our dramas…

  • >