Pyarai Afzal Episode 20- The Permission

So, 20 episodes down and Farah is still unaware of the fact that she loves Afzal;Or maybe she knows but hesitating in confessing it infront of everyone. Whatever the reason maybe, I started watching this show with a note that tonight, this love thingee should be confessed by Farah. And I am glad that they put a step ahead of what Farah thinks and feels for Afzal now. Because despite of that fun element and strong dialogues, from last couple of episodes, I was thinking that they are dragging this show and they should let Farah disclose that she is in love with Afzal.

Today, we saw more of concern from Maulvi Saheb for his son. Now, at this point, we all know that not only Maulvi Saheb but Afzal’s whole family is extremely worried for Afzal and loves him to the fullest. So, I think that concern scenes should now be ended and they should find something else to show whenever they think to show Afzal’s family.

Another thing that I pondered upon today was that “Bhaie” part where everyone called him “Afzal Bhaie, Afzal Bhaie” and Afzal took it so seriously. I mean, I know that it feels awkward when no one talks to you and soon after an incident everyone start paying regards to you. But why they have to highlight that word “bhaie” in that ? Are we living in such society where “bhaie” is taken in terms of an underworld don rather than an “actual bhaie” ? Bhaie ko bhaie he rehnay dou bhaie..

Moving on to Farah and Lubna, Farah se zyada pagal khatoon mai ne aaj tak nahi dekhi; She is so much confused about what she thinks and what she speaks. On her visit to psychiatrist, she was not even sure what she spoke about earlier and what she should tell to him.By the way, as soon as I saw Vasay Chaudry in psychiatrist role, I smelled something funny in forthcoming scenes but he proved himself that he is not better with comedy roles only but is good when it comes to act serious too.

Farah’s father was so right that sole reason of Farah not telling her mother about her feelings is the communication gap between her and Farah. Its duty of mothers that they should create such atmosphere at home where daughters feel close to them. I have seen many cases where daughters are so close to their mothers that even it’s so hard to guess whether they are mother-daughter or friends and I am glad that I am among those types.. :)

Immediately after seeing Sohai Ali Abro in the serial, I guessed that she will definitely be liking Afzal in next episodes and that is what exactly happened.Its the time when Afzal should give her a signal that he is not at all interested in her “pink lipstick” but in her “chicken ginger”..

Only scene that gave a new turn to the story was the discussion between Farah and Lubna. Farah was not ready to confess her love for Afzal and Lubna was not ready to accept that Farah is telling her the truth. And as soon as Farah went to Lubna to clarify herself again, Lubna asked for permission that if Farah is not in love with Afzal than permit her to marry Afzal.. Uss k baad kya tha..aik zor daar thappar jis ke goonj sab ne suni.. 

As far as I can predict, that was a stunt performed brilliantly by Lubna just to let Farah accept that she wants Afzal in her life. Another thing that can be guessed is that she was seriously asking Farah for her marriage to Afzal.What do you think ? I would love to read your feedback.

Rabia Basharat.


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