Pyarai Afzal – Farah Vs Yasmeen.

24 episodes down and this show is still entertaining as it was in its first half. Despite of the fact that story is unfolding quite slowly, still strong dialogues and above all its perfect cast is more than enough to  glue its viewers in front of their television screens. Further, this show is bringing back the “family drama” trend and I hope that drama-makers will now be more sensitive in producing the quality content – Content that all of us can comfortably watch and enjoy with our families.

When a child is in trouble, a mother’s instinct tells her about the ongoing crisis through which her child is passing. But this time, it was not only Afzal’s mother – Every person related to Afzal felt as if there is some ongoing trouble at Afzal’s end. Yasmeen’s impatience clearly depicted that how much worried she is for Afzal. Kher se , we came to know that Afzal is all well and he will be discharged within few days.

Now coming to Hyderabad, Farah’s every single action narrated that she is not at all feeling comfortable after rejecting Afzal. This is the time when the feeling of remorse and regret of refusal is burning her deep inside and for the peace of her mind, she decided to go to Karachi with her Father. Indeed, it felt very nice to watch how she slept in the car just for the sake of going to Karachi to look for Afzal – After all, she knew that she won’t be able to wake up early in the morning and she didnot want to take any risk this time.

Farah’s visit to Yasmeen was quite interesting to watch; The way Farah inquired all “aglee pichlee”  stories from Yasmeen showed how desperately she is yearning for Afzal. There was a huge grin on my  face while watching whole of Farah and Yasmeen’s “rapid fire round”.

Farah took no notice that she was talking to her father when she came back from Yasmeen’s home – Ofcourse, she was habitual of using those few trademark words every time she opens her mouth and now that she is all alone with her father, she can’t help herself to stop uttering them. She was unable to open up infront of anyone so she started cursing Lubna after meeting Yasmeen. Farah’s rage and jealousy pointed out nothing but her love for Afzal.

On the other side, Lubna’s disappointment after knowing  the details showed that she was in no way pretending to love Afzal – rather she was actually fond of Afzal. Yasmeen apni jaga paraishan thei that who Farah is and whats her relation with Afzal. Her mother was clever enough to judge that who will come for a security guard unless there is some ongoing chemistry between them?

Wali’s cheapness was at its peak today but this time Yasmeen confronted him confidently because she knows that Afzal will be there for her now. I laughed every-time Khala slapped her bhaanja – he deserves to be slapped again and again. Episode ended with a very sad note; Babu Hameed became Wali’s victim and I am dead sure, Afzal will not spare him this time.

With whom would you want Afzal to end up ? Farah or Yasmeen ?

I would love to read your comments about this episode.

Rabia Basharat.


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