Pyarai Afzal – His stay in Karachi till now..

By far, we have seen that Afzal leaves Hyderabad just for the sake of becoming an established entity; He knew that this was the reason for which he got rejected by Farah. It was so interesting to see that how Afzal’s family reacted after knowing the fact that Afzal is gone. Maulvi Saheb’s concern didnot come to end but he got anxious to know whether Afzal had some cash to spend or not. Afzal’s mother got shocked but didnot put a glance of sadness at her face just for the sake of not letting her husband know that she is worried. Inshort, both of them looked apparently happy, but deep inside they were completely broken.

No one can be as dumb as Farah. I am seriously not getting what on earth she wants ? And why she is not clear about her aims. Firstly, she played with emotions of Mehtaab. To clean bowled Mehtaab, she took help from poor Afzal.Then played with his emotions because she wanted to go abroad for Mphil. And now that all obstacles are completely vanished, she decided to not go abroad but will do Mphil from Karachi.And now today,she seemed confused again that she should not go to Karachi. Her father is so right.. wakaie, dimaagh ka aalu bana deya hai..

Farah’s discussions with her sister clearly depict that she has developed feelings for Afzal. Unlike Lubna and Arifa, I guessed it not merely because she keeps on talking and asking about Afzal but my guess also relates to Farah’s feeling for Mehtaab. Now that she is in love with Afzal, she came to know that how badly Mehtaab got hurt when she rejected him.

Babu Hameed, Afzal’s first friend in Karachi, helped him to go through his hard time.. Ya ye kehna chahye that Afzal helped him. This way or that way, within very short span of time, they became good friends as if they were together since their childhood.

I am really liking Sohail Ali Abro’s character in this show. Her first encounter with Afzal at her own house was fun to watch. It was pretty much predictable that sooner or later Yasmeen will fall for Afzal and tonight’s episode gave her strong reason for that.

Be it his love for Farah, respect for his parents or loyalty towards her sister, Afzal proved himself to be an extremist. And tonight, we came across his hidden trait and that is to fight for right. It was his father’s teaching that gave him courage to never fear a man because at the end of the day a man is the creature of Allah who wants a man to fear him only.Afzal’s fight with Wali was interesting to watch and I enjoyed every dialogue during their fight; The way Afzal handled wali after having that lethal fight was another treat to watch. So for me, the highlight of today’s episode was Afzal and Wali’s encounter and the scenes after that; Inshort, last half of the show compelled me to watch the show till end.

First half of the show was a bit dragged and I lost my interest somewhere in the middle of episode.But Wali’s part brought my interest back into the show. Ab dekhna ye hai whether Farah will go to Karachi or not ?

I would love to read your feedback about today’s episode.

Rabia Basharat



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