Pyarai Afzal – Journey So Far…

Kahan se shuru huai thai or kahan pohanch gayai.. This is what that comes in my mind whenever I think of this show now. I feel extremely sorry for all fans of Pyarai Afzal, including me, because this show started with a great note and look where we are standing now. First of all, having male protagonist and then Khalil Saheb’s powerful dialogues made this show most anticipated one. Episode after episode, we kept on falling in love with this show but after 20 episodes, this show started losing its charm.

I have no clue why are they doing this to the brilliantly written script; I mean this extension is totally uncalled for. We wowed to see Afzal happy  ,we got sad when Afzal cried but now, nothing comes in my mind that can help me to connect to the characters.

I agree with the fact that dialogues were the reason for which this show got famous and loved by all. But repetition of same dialogues and same situations adds nothing but gives you a feeling as if you are watching the same incident again and again.

Afzal rejected Yasmeen when Yasmeen confronted him and spoke her heart out. Afzal loved Farah throughout his life and now that he knows that he is not capable of getting married to her so there was no chance of him getting married to someone else too.

Afzal parents are still longing for him and he misses them equally. His sister, Arfa – who was once closest to him, cries for him day and night and prays for him. Rukayya knew that Afzal liked Farah and for that whenever Farah visits her, she feels as if her own son is sitting in front of her.

Lubna’s so called love is of no use till now because Farah has seriously become a “dheet haddi” ; I mean hadh ho gaye ab tou, she is ready to be engaged to that psychiatrist but has no guts to tell Afzal about her feelings for him. On the other side, Afzal bhi dhun ka pakka ho gaya hai, that slap of rejection somehow made him egoistic and now he wants to get engaged too – after knowing that Farah is getting engaged.

After rejecting her, Afzal asked Yasmeen ;  I mean seriously , was it that much easier for him ? He proposed her just like that and thankfully ,she rejected her because she knew that he loves Farah and both of them will never live a happy life because when it comes to Afzal, Farah’s love overpowers Yasmeen’s affection.

But wait.. Yasmeen kahan reh sakti thei peechay.. She called Afzal and told him that she is ready for engagement but with a condition that he has to marry him and will never leave her half-way. Afzal is now unable to stand Farah’s association with someone other than him and inreturn,he is putting his own life at stake ; Taking decision of getting married to someone whom you never loved isnot clever act indeed or woh bhi badlay ke aag mai..

Thats all what I extracted from past few episodes. Still, I can’t smell this show heading towards its ending. Are you ?

Do share your thoughts about your journey with Pyarai Afzal so far.

Rabia Basharat.

P.S. I was busy with personal stuff , you will get to read regular reviews from now on.


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