Raqs-e-Bismil Episode 20 Story Review – Haphazard

Tonight’s episode of Raqs-e-Bismil wasn’t as impactful as it should have been considering that Zohra went missing in this one and everyone was worried sick for her. It was a little too fast-paced since so much happened but most of what happened was simply all over the place. There have been way too many coincidences lately and Sheheryar executed this latest ‘business deal’ in the most haphazard manner possible! I had a really difficult time connecting to Zohra’s pain perhaps because her mindset is not making sense to me at all. Even though the writer quite literally spelled everything out for his viewers but sometimes showing is more effective than telling! I know why Zohra was bent on staying with Sheheryar but the reasoning came across as meaningless especially for someone who valued her self-worth so much. Sakina and Esa’s scenes were a step in the other direction but even these scenes were not as impressive as their scenes were in few of the previous episodes. Everyone’s over-reliance on Moosa is getting repetitive as well. I honestly feel that the drama should end now. The fact that the supporting characters have lately been making an appearance only when they are serving some purpose definitely disrupts the flow of the story. It is always a bad idea to make the supporting characters disappear once the story reaches a certain point.

Zohra and Moosa

Tonight’s episode opened with Zohra and Moosa’s meeting but even after the declaration of love, Zohra was bent on making her marriage with Sheheryar work. She was devastated to find out that Sheheryar had divorced her. This divorce was sudden because of the pressure on Sheheryar from his family but it did not explain why he didn’t make sure that Zohra was with Laila when he sent her the divorce papers. The way she was kicked out of the house was forced, to say the least! So Zohra wanted to make this marriage work to prove to the world that someone from her background was capable of being ‘well settled’ outside the walls she was born in. The reason for this could be whatever happened to her mother in the past but considering Sheheryar’s plans for Zohra, it was really difficult for me to connect to her state of mind. She did not call Moosa for help and ended up being hit by Faizee’s car (coincidence!)

Raqs-e-Bismil Episode 20 Story Review – Haphazard

All of a sudden Ana Ji is back in the picture and this time around she desperately wanted to know how Zohra was doing. She ended up being yet another person who had to turn to Moosa for help. Although I adore Moosa’s character but the fact that he is the only one everyone turns to for help is getting a bit far-fetched if not forced. Laila’s character continues to be dignified, she is even willing to forgive her good-for-nothing husband but Zara Sheikh’s performance continues to be shaky! Moosa’s dialogues about Ishq were the only dialogues from this episode that truly left an impact.

Sakina and Esa

Sakina asked for Esa’s apology as if what she had done was easily forgivable. She has definitely ‘moved on’ and is willing to start afresh but Esa obviously will need more time. I was expecting their scenes to be more intense but things are back to normal and it seems that very soon Esa will forgive Sakina just as casually as she asked for his forgiveness. The parents were not even shown in the scenes covering the track and I felt that they should have been kept in the picture since they have been such a vital part of this track. Esa’s honesty was likable and the fact that he chose not to be sarcastic was even more so. Other than that, this track is gradually losing its charm which is truly unfortunate since it was one of my favorite tracks.

Raqs-e-Bismil Episode 20 Story Review – Haphazard

Final Remarks

This was not the kind of episode that gives you a lot to talk about since even though the story is at a juncture where the viewers should be wondering what will happen next, Zohra’s accident and disappearance wasn’t the best way to keep the viewers interested. Zohra’s choices have been baffling as well! I also feel that Moosa’s relationship with his parents has been relegated to the background to a ridiculous extent. He is being discussed in almost all the conversations they have but he never even thinks about them! Moosa being such a caring and sensitive person shouldn’t be so comfortable being completely disconnected from his family. This episode was rushed and haphazard, there were so many tracks that needed to be shown in more detail. I hope that the story is wrapped up soon since with every passing episode Raqs-e-Bismil is losing its spark!

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