Raqs-e-Bismil Last Episode Story Review – Worth The Wait

I was waiting for Raqs-e-Bismil to end and I honestly did not think that this last episode would be as engaging and powerful as it was. Tonight’s episode was a lot like all those episodes in the first few weeks which made Raqs-e-Bismil a drama that was thoroughly entertaining. For more than 14 weeks, Raqs-e-Bismil was right on track and after being off track for such a long time, this last episode did justice to a drama that always had potential. The treatment given to this last episode by the director Wajahat Rauf definitely made all the difference. The use of background music and effective camera work made this last episode an absolute treat to watch. The performances were also on point and after a long time, the scenes were not stretched. I was perhaps more pleasantly surprised and even impressed because I did not have any expectations from this last episode at all! The element of intrigue was kept alive right till the end which made this ending one of the best and memorable as well! And all of this is coming from someone who thought they had lost all interest in the drama!

Powerful and Engaging

This last episode opened with Saranga and the gang meeting Peer Qudrat Ullah to ask for Zohra’s hand in marriage. Just like most of the things connected to this gang, this latest development was also somewhat strange! However, ultimately that is how they found out that Zohra was getting married to someone else! I feel that this was not the best way to give Moosa that important piece of information; there could have been many other more logical and believable ways to do so! We finally got to see the fierce and impulsive side of Moosa which had been subdued after Zohra got married! I loved this particular scene because it reminded me of why I fell in love with Raqs-e-Bismil in the first place and I knew this last episode was going to be full of action and emotions! Moosa and Zohra’s meeting was worth the wait. Imran Ashraf completely stole the show tonight when he translated every single emotion superbly on screen. This was a reality check for Peer Qudrat Ullah more than anyone else and the writer deserves credit for revealing the truth in such a powerful manner.

Raqs-e-Bismil Last Episode Story Review – Worth The Wait

Zohra’s dialogues were penned down impressively and even though I was quite annoyed with her until last week, I found myself liking her character in this particular episode. That basically goes to show that if the scenes are to the point and meaningful, the characters automatically start making sense. Even in this last episode, Peer Qudrat Ullah took his sweet time and so many people had to convince him that getting Zohra married to Moosa was the right thing to do. Zohra was finally back to being the sensible person she was introduced as initially.

Final Remarks

This last episode was picture-perfect! I am so glad that the drama did not have a tragic ending. I must say that it was the kind of ending that makes you forget how much torment we were put through in the past few weeks. It was truly gratifying watching Moosa and Zohra getting a happy ending. It was also a well-executed end. Laila should have been in the picture though since she was one of Moosa’s closest allies and well-wishers. Imran Ashraf and Sarah Khan made a wonderful on-screen couple. Moosa will be remembered as yet another feather in the cap of Imran Ashraf; he is an outstanding actor who always makes his presence felt. He goes out of his way to give all the characters he plays a genuine feel. The writer deserves credit for having a definite purpose in mind while penning down this drama even though some of the messages were quite repetitive. This last episode however was written beautifully throughout.

Raqs-e-Bismil Last Episode Story Review – Worth The Wait

Overall Impression

Overall, Raqs-e-Bismil was a drama that was engaging and entertaining for the most part. However, when the story started going off track, there were multiple scenarios that turned completely illogical. Zohra’s marriage, the divorce, Zohra’s disappearance, and Esa’s feelings for Sakina after the truth was revealed were some of the most important developments which were not handled convincingly. Most of these developments in the last few weeks were used simply to stretch the story and add few more episodes to the drama. Esa and Sakina’s track completely lost its charm towards the end which was most unfortunate since there were so many viewers who were emotionally invested in this track. It won’t be wrong to say that towards the end, the writer failed to handle most of the tracks in a manner that would be expected from a writer of Hashim Nadeem’s caliber.

Moosa and Imran Ashraf remained the highlight of the show right till the end. Even when Moosa’s role as a savior was pushed to the limit, Imran Ashraf made sure that he stayed true to the character and gave it his best. The performances of all the actors involved were convincing throughout which is why it was even more unfortunate that the story went off track for a few weeks. Even though Raqs-e-Bismil tested my patience in the past few weeks, this last episode made up for that and I will always remember it as a drama that had the perfect beginning and ending!

Did you watch this last episode? Don’t forget to share your thoughts about it. And if you had given up on this drama a few weeks back, I suggest that you do watch this last episode.

Fatima Awan

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  • I am sooooo there with you Fatima!!! I am simply bowled over after being bored for weeks. Best ending and remarkable review. How can you write so well, so soon?!!! Love your review and loved this ending. Thank you Fatima for your balanced and timely reviews. Imran Ashraf and Sarah Khan looked so good together. Peer Qudrat Ullah’s stubbornness was too much. I am so happy for Moosa as if he were a real person. Best ending ever.

    • Thank you so much Javeria for all the love and appreciation. Hena! This last episode made up for all the dragging, kept me completely hooked throughout. This drama could have been so perfect had they kept the momentum but no worries since they ended it so well.

    Agree with everything you’ve said. What a journey it has been for Musa. Even though it got dragged I will always remember Raqs e Bismil as one of my favorites from recent times!
    I am just in awe of that last scene right now. The editing with the flashbacks and the poem was SO DAMN GOOD. Whoever put that scene together deserves so much credit. Literally worth the wait!
    Even though I feel Imran goes OTT sometimes and Sara’s performance lacks in some scenes, they both outdid themselves in the last episodes. Loved both of them’s performance so much. Really liked how Musa’s mother stood against Peer Sahab.
    I felt like Malik Shehryar’s suicide scene was unnecessary and they should have given us some Esa/Sakina scenes instead and given them a proper happy ending too.
    As you said, the scenes were put together so well and the background music was perfect. going to watch it again😂

    PS: I love Parizaad the novel SO MUCH and judging by the OST it’ gonna be so good. I really hope you or Zahra review it!

    • Yes! Yes! Yes! Maza aa gaya! Hena, that’s what I was thinking as well, Imran and Sara both acted brilliantly in this one. Same here! I watched it again already;) You’re so right about Sheheryar, that scene was not needed. Also Moosa ki ama ke sath bhi ek scene dikha dete.

      I am so happy to hear that Pakistani Po because I wanted to review Parizaad but was apprehensive because KAM and ReS dragged so much. That is such good news, thank you! You’re the best. I have not watched the OST video but the actors’ lineup is amazing. Will definitely be reviewing it IA.

      • YES! would have loved a scene between Musa and his mother or even Musa and Sakina in the end.
        Haha You are welcome :) The novel is not that long and it looks like they have added some characters too. I have never been in favor of my favorite novels being dramatized and I was very skeptical about this one mainly. I never thought that Parizaad will be turned into a drama because a major chunk of novel takes place in Dubai and looks like they have done some changes there to that plot too but the OST has got me all excited now and I have way too many hopes from it now. Whoever did the casting has done a BRILLIANT job. I hope that it lives upto expectations. Will be looking forward to your reviews ❤

        • Oh yes! Considering Moosa and Sakina’s history that would have been great. I hope the additions are well thought out and enough to keep the serial interesting. I will be looking forward to your feedback as well ;)

  • What an amazing bombastic episode. Musa is and will always be love. Raqse Bismil got boring but this last episode like you said made it worth it. You said it all in your review nothing left to say. Thank you for the best reviews.

  • Aoa fatima!
    It was a great ending. But still i felt kuch missing tha kuch or depth dikhai ja skti thi, kher it was a good drama comparatively.

    Ek bht bra shikwa h ap se ap ne raqeeb se or dil na umeed to nhi ko q review nhi kia?
    Agr dekhe hain to kya khyal h inke baare mn?

    • AoA AH, long time, no see. How are you doing?

      Bilkul dekha. Kyu ke already 2 dramas review kr rahi thi. Bus timing aisi ho gaye is wajah se. Itne arse baad aap ne comment kiya bhi tu shikwa krne ke liye, ye kya baat hui ;)

      Raqeeb Se was classic Bee Gul, simply superb and out of the box, kuch bilkul naya aur munfrid.

      DNTN is disturbing and so close to reality that it hurts, very well executed and intrigue is on point, really good play for sure.

  • Great Review Fatima!! Loved the ending and will miss this drama. What are you going to review next? Can you please review Nelli Zinda Hai or Parizad?

  • The storyline was Initially very good. Unfortunately heroine got married and became pregnant in between resulting in addition of characters.

  • I had stopped watching ReB but after reading your review, tune into the last episode. Reminded me of the initial strong parts of this play.

    Dance scene was funny. “Qabool hai” k bajaey Saqib ko kehna chihye tha k ” ye kia mazaq horaha hai, maro mujahy maaro… aik dum halat badal diye, jazbaat badal diye…. 😉. Lekin bhai jaan to khush thay. :)

    Imran Ashraf be roka to saheeh dhol dhamkay se lekin phir khud hee dance main shuru hogaya aur us k andar ka “Bhola” bahir aagaya… 😄

    Ap k reviews ne itnee fuzul qistoan per hamara time save kerwadiya, jis ka shukria…

    • I am so glad you decided to watch this last one and I totally understand why you stopped watching it!

      Haha true, this last episode had everything, lots of emotions, some humor, and everything else we thought we wouldn’t get to watch!

      You’re always welcome and thank you for your honest feedback, always.

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