‘Reasons Behind Fawad Khan’s decreased fan following’

The Choices he made:

Hassan, Asher and then Zaroon, one after another he left a mark with his great acting skills and charming personality. When all these dramas went on-air, Fawad was the talk of the town and we had all praises for him. The audience gave him titles like ‘Tom Cruise’ of Pakistan and he enjoyed the best time of his career when he was the number one choice of producers. He could surely do better than that and rise to peerless level of fame. But he chose to become a minor part of Bollywood movies. Khoobsurat was his Bollywood debut against Sonam Kapoor who is not even included in the top actresses of Bollywood. The film basically revolved around Sonam but that was still bearable because it was a solo movie. Next he signed Johar’s movie ‘Kapoor and Sons’. I wish he could take the title seriously but he did what was not expected. Seriously, a gay’s role? What made him do so? Some will say that doing a role won’t make you a one but was that the only role left for our ‘superstar’? When it comes to India and Pakistan, certain acceptable things become unacceptable. You’ve disappointed us Mr.Khan!


‘You be with Alia and I be with you’
What’s next? Wow! A ‘Cameo Role’:

Things didn’t stop there. He decided to make us regret our decision more of making him our favorite. I just have one question. What has he done in Bollywood till now that he has started giving ‘guest appearances’? Calling this kind of role Cameo Performance may work for some of his fans but not for all of us! We all know what status he enjoyed here. Our actors are so desperate to work in Bollywood that they will even say ‘No’ to some good projects in their hometown and accept the unacceptable in Bollywood. Is our country no more worth serving or are they not ready to do so?


‘Fans are dying to catch a glimpse of me so let’s appear in the trailer for just 0.00001 sec’


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