‘Reasons Behind Fawad Khan’s decreased fan following’

Indians claiming ‘We Gave Him Fame’:

Seriously? That’s not his fault because that’s the ‘Voice of India’. According to them, they made him what he is, as we don’t know how they all drooled over him in Humsafar and ZGH, and from there he became their choice. But who will admit that? If he would remain here, his career graph would be a lot better than where it is now. But it is the ‘Bollywood Fever’ that speaks. I really want him to make a comeback here and get what he deserves. He has the potential to do wonders then why is he wasting his talent there, where people are so offensive that they forgot his work and banned him straight away? We can’t see our talent being wasted away like this. Pakistan’s drama industry is better than India’s and our Cinema is already in the stage of revival. Should we call people from other countries to work here and save our sinking boat, while our own actors are busy working somewhere else?


Indians be like: “That was not fawad :O He must be his ‘Humshakal’”
So here were the few reasons behind decline in Fawad Khan’s fan following in Pakistan. Do share your thoughts please.



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