‘Reasons Behind Fawad Khan’s decreased fan following’

‘Now and Then’
Arrogant to some extent:

“I had just received my award and I was sitting in my seat right next to Sultana Siddiqui in the front. She got a call from Fawad Khan; I could hear he was saying that he won’t come to the show if he did not get the front seat to sit with her. That is when Sultana Siddiqui asked me to go sit in the back seat. My problem with this whole thing was that why didn’t she ask Momina Duraid, her daughter in law who was sitting on the other side to leave her seat for Fawad Khan.”
These are the words said by Badar Khalil, a senior Pakistani actress, by herself. We all know that she would not be lying just to get attention. So he wanted to sit at front, Right? May be that seat was reserved for him as well but don’t our ethics demand from us to give an ounce of respect to our seniors. What would happen if he was seated at back and not in front? But our hero again surprised us with his behavior!



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