Rubaru – Episode 04!

It was a very very slow episode without much to offer. I think the cast is great & they are doing their work just fine but the director has yet to impress us with his direction. I don’t know why but seems like the directors these days can’t actually handle those stories which have the element of suspense. I don’t have much complaints but I still wish we would’ve gotten to know a little bit more in this episode at least.

While they were at a picnic, Surmed tried to speak to Shabbi & he, as a matter of fact knows how he is treating her, but I really can’t understand why does he put up an act in front of her family. He actually talks to them, accepts their invitations to the dinners & outings, he is always in a right mental state in front of everyone but when he is with Shabbi, he loses it completely. I don’t think he has some sort of a psychological issue but yes he is emotionally very disturbed because of his past & that thing takes a toll on him.

There weren’t much revelations about who Surmed is as a person but yes, we got to know that he had a girlfriend named Neha, back in Turkey & they both actually loved each other. Madiha Imam (Laiba of Ishq Mein Tere) appeared as a guest & she looked absolutely gorgeous. I am amazed that Shabbi didn’t even bother asking Surmed about who she was in fact till now Shabbi has never ever questioned him for his behavior & she is more interested in finding out things about his family instead. She seems totally disconnected & looks like she is not even bothered by how he treats her. A little say from her would’ve sufficed by now. Surmed did tell Shabbi that he left Neha because of her & just to make her suffer he got married to Shabbi but still that doesn’t elaborate anything, I think we all have to wait for the right time. But yes Shabbi’s probing should’ve been confined towards Surmed & his behavior because that would’ve looked more appropriate.

I am glad Surmed’s Khalu, Arif uncle got in contact with his wife & told her things he thought she needed to know. According to him Surmed is really sensitive but is a very conditionally articulated person. He deals with people just as he wishes to but he wants people to live according to his likes. I think Shabbi by now has understood that he is a difficult man to be with so for that she tried to show a little gesture of attention by preparing his breakfast, which sadly he didn’t even get to know of.

Kiran has no issues whatsoever in her life because she is with her parents, in the same house, married to her cousin but she is picking up on nominal details. I think this is her insecurity that is making her react needlessly. But in this episode I think Tipu also doesn’t have a clean slate because he gets a bit too touchy whenever he senses someone touched his phone. Did he also have some strings attached back in Turkey when he was studying or just like he said Cathy is ‘just a friend’? His reaction tells the otherwise but whatever it is, something is definitely up.

Direction is definitely slow & I think the director is taking his sweet time but yes, I am still interested in finding out what’s in store for us. :)

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