Rubaru – Episode 06!

Ohkay so this episode focused more on Neelam & Taimoor’s love story, which made me wonder all this while that what was the force which dragged Taimoor to fall for an immature girl like Neelam?

Yes, Neelam is a spoiled girl who always got pampered from her mother especially, once again making it pretty obvious that Naani was unreasonable even in dealing with Neelam, because she showered her with extra love & attention & walked an extra mile for her. So, yes because of all that Neelam became spoiled to the core. The scene of Neelam’s mother & brother was enough of a proof to let us know what sort of support she used to get from her mother so I am not going to blame Neelam for how she turned out to be because sadly her mother never taught her the tact of being reasonable & considerate which made her become a complete selfish snot.

All this while I thought what did actually Taimoor find him Neelam who treated him like a doormat? But then in stead of feeling hatred for Neelam, I thought Taimoor was entitled to everything that she put him up with because a guy like Taimoor didn’t deserve a nice submissive wife. He is one of those who can not value the attention & consideration their wives shower them with so for this reason he completely forgot all that his wife did for him & very conveniently got tangled with an immature girl who was not only demanding but also was degrading towards him.

I think in all this matter no one else is to be blamed, not Neelam, not Taimoor’s wife but Taimoor himself because he got swayed by the existence of his pretty student & he was ready to put on stake everything that he ever owned, even it if costed him his only son – Surmed. Taimoor was definitely unjust in dealing with his wife because he didn’t give her a due share of credit & respect that she ever deserved.

I believe they thought Neelam’s winged eyeliner was enough of a reminder for us all that she belonged to the 90’s era whereas looking at her statement necklaces & skin-fit jeans it evidently spoke the opposite. All this while I thought she was just doing some simple graduation but getting to know that she was a student of MBBS – this was another deet that was shocking. I never thought that shopping, meaningless affair & MBBS can go hand-in-hand but then it doesn’t matter, we’re talking about Neelam & she can do anything.

I felt that Neelam/Taimoor’s extremely candid scenes wouldn’t have looked so bad IF Taimoor didn’t have the whole guilt baggage that he carried with him. So, yes I definitely blame Taimoor & I feel he is a villain & Surmed took that all after him & in fact he is over-doing it now. Let’s see what happens next.

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