Bunty I Love You Episode 5 – Review

This show is exceeding my expectations week after week. We got more insight into Bunty’s old life in this episode, and we also know now that Dania is clearly infatuated with Bunty. She feels as if her teenage days are back when she is with him and she is in love with this feeling of being young again. She wants to give Bunty all the luxuries in life and in return she wants his company and his attention.

The surprising part was that Dania was trying to buy Bunty’s affection. This has already been tried on her by Patel and he had failed. What is the point of trying it again when it is bound to fail? Bunty is shown as an innocent boy who is in awe of Dania and the luxuries that she had bestowed on him, and like any boy of his age he wants to show off his new status to his friends. He had thought of Dania as his employer, but she had made him his friend. She wants to share her lifestyle with him, and she gave him the first glimpse of it when she took him to the party.

Dania was extremely excited to take Bunty to the party and introduce him to her friends. Bunty was not at ease with the environment and uncomfortable dancing with Dania at first, but he adjusted after a while. Now that Bunty is a part of her life, she refuses to share him with anyone and it totally spoiled her mood when he was constantly being called by someone. Her mood became worse when she got to know that it is a girl. Bunty told her truthfully that she was his friend Jedi’s sister who always degraded him; though he omitted the fact that he likes her, but unfortunately the feeling is not mutual.

He tried his best to make Mehwish jealous by giving her details of his new lifestyle, and the party he has been to. He was successful in making her shocked and a bit jealous too. He thought that she will finally take some interest in him now that he matches up to her status. Mehwish thought that he was lying about the whole matter till she saw him in the new car and suit herself when he visited her house. But then she did not want to show that she was impressed and tried her best to ignore him. I truly felt bad for Bunty when he barred his heart in front of Mehwish and gave her the ring and she cruelly rejected him once again by throwing the ring in his face (figuratively of course!)

Bunty is still not aware of Dania’s intention but he knows she is a respectable woman who is just in need of his company for a while. It was obvious with the way he was defending her in front of Jedi that he respects her alot and does not feel that she has any dishonorable intentions.

Dania, on the other hand, is clearly smitten by Bunty. She was furious when she thought that Bunty lied to her about the phone call, but immediately brightened up when he complimented her. She fulfils all his wishes even before he says it. She thinks she owns Bunty and hated the fact that he had went out without informing her. She was restless the whole time as she feared that he had lied to her once again. One scene that was beautifully shot was the one in which she hears Patel’s voice and feels his presence around her. The fear and restlessness was beautifully portrayed by Saba Qamar.

This show is turning out to be extremely interesting. I am waiting to see what happens next!

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Mariam Shafiq


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