Aasmanon Pay Likha Episode 21 – Review

After a few disappointing weeks, we finally got to see an episode with some substance. I am sure most of you were in tears while watching the episode (I definitely was!). Sheheryar Munawar Siddiqui acted brilliantly in this episode; his expressions, the way he cried, and even his dialogue delivery was spot on. All the scenes between mother and son were emotionally charged. Saba Hameed was also brilliant in all her scenes!

Aaliyan might be upset with his mother but he still went to the hospital to visit her. Years of anger and resentment were buried inside him and he just could not forgive her for leaving him even though she tried to explain him the reason. Their last meeting was disastrous as Aaliyan again lashed out on her, and simply refused to let her love him or even come close to him. He regretted his decision later on when he got to know that his mother had passed away the next morning. Shamsa had desperately wanted to meet her son in the last few minutes of her life, but he did not feel important to pick up Qudsiya’s call who was trying to reach him to tell him about Shamsa’s condition.

Qudsiya was highly disappointed with Aaliyan’s behavior; she was shocked at the indifference he showed towards his own mother. She did not like the way he had behaved with Shamsa when he knew that she was unwell. She had avoided speaking to Aaliyan since they met again but this time she could not help but lash out at him for being so insensitive.

The scene where Aaliyan goes near Shamsa’s body and cries his heart out was a heart wrenching scene. He showed how much he loved her in that scene though he was not able to express it when she was alive. I really wish they had shown a happy reunion between Aaliyan and Shamsa before she died. At least Aaliyan would not have to live with the guilt that he never showed any affection or love towards her.

Dado had always remained tight lipped about his mother, but now the guilt was eating her up inside and she finally revealed that Shamsa was never at fault and he had been told lies all along. Aaliyan was devastated to hear the truth and hurt by the betrayal from his own family. If only Dado had revealed the truth about his mother when she was alive, then at least he would have spent her last few days without being upset with her.

Dado was surprised when Qudsiya called her to ask about Aaliyan and then gave the news of Shamsa’s death. Aaliyan had not told her that Qudsiya knew Shamsa and she was curious to know how they knew each other. Aaliyan himself did not know her relation with his mother and Shahnawaz. Technically, he should have known by now that Qudsiya worked there. But then Qudsiya was treated more like family than an employee and all he could tell Dado was that she was close to Aaina. It seems that he still has doubts about Shahnawaz and Qudsiya’s relationship.

Qudsiya’s mother is an extremely annoying character. She came to Shahnawaz’s house to give condolence, but then could not help but state her opinion about Qudsiya living alone with Shahnawaz in his house. It was just not the time or place to say this because Shahnawaz needs Qudsiya’s support for a while to help him deal with Aaina after Shamsa’s death.

Natasha has left the house once again and this time no one bothered to stop her except Rana. Aaliyan has had enough of her now and I doubt he will make any attempt this time to bring her back.

The preview for the next episode really seems promising. I hope we finally get to see Qudsiya and Aaliyan together!

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Mariam Shafiq


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