Kabhi Kabhi – Episode 21!

To be honest, every week I dread tuning to this program because I know it’s just going to be a mind-teaser & surprise surprise I wasn’t proven wrong this week too. Nothing is making sense in the drama & no character is worth sympathizing for. What a waste of time I must say!

Just by looking at Dad I wondered if he is feeling remorse of any sorts because he spoiled his daughter’s life. Luckily, Eva survived his tactics because Rehbar took her away from him otherwise Dad actually wanted to throw Rehbar out of her life as well or may be he only had an acceptance to their relation because Rehbar was nothing but a puppet that lived right in front of his eyes. Sadly, what he did with Eeshal was absolutely insane. I hope he rots in his guilt because what Eeshal’s facing right now is a result of his planning. Plus on the other side, Eva & Dad’s conversation made NO SENSE at all. She cried because she thought Sunny scolded Eeshal because of her, all of a sudden Eva felt so much for her poor sister but where was this very same Eva when her younger sister was going to her in-laws place? She didn’t even bother seeing her off at her wedding night & how come all of a sudden Eva developed such an insight as to feel something for someone? Isn’t she a conceited little fool who has no brains whatsoever? Once again the dumb & dumber conversation was forced & looked like they had no dialogues to work with so they just blabbered whatever popped into their minds.

Sunny permitted Arez to meet Ali & all of a sudden Rehbar tells Eeshal on the phone that Arez was furious & wanted to meet Ali, whereas he already had met him. Eeshal starts planning with Rehbar that how Arez could meet Ali? When Sunny in the very first place ALLOWED Arez to meet Ali so where did things go wrong? No verbal spat was shown & nothing was ever said to Sunny to hurt his 1gram ego so why the fuss was created once again out of thin-air? All I saw was that Soni came & started begging Sunny for rescuing her & Arez told her off, that’s it. So, why was Arez once again seeking Sunny’s permission & why was he not allowing it?

I actually advise the actor playing the role of Sunny to stop acting because seems like annoying is his second-name & he by all means redefines & owns it. In the beginning of the drama reviews I got a pointer from the writer herself saying that Rehbar & Eva have a very strong role to play in this story & now when we’re almost at the end of it, I am still waiting for their feed. I did hear the term Halala being used without any grounds to it, so is this what Rehbar would do? Get Eeshal married again to Arez? Is this what the story’s all about? I hope it finishes off ASAP because this senseless drama is getting on my nerves now!

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Zahra Mirza

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