Rubaru – Episode 07!

Ohkay, so this episode was a lot better in terms of direction. I didn’t get bored while watching this episode because there were a lot of things going on together & it was like a full on emotional ride through out.

Mehwish Hayat may have a small role to play but the impact of her frustration wasn’t small at all. I loved how she acted out her anguish because her husband didn’t understand her & didn’t even value her. I think Taimoor’s being a total wuss & he’d be better off with a spoiled brat like Neelam but sadly that wasn’t supposed to be, otherwise it would’ve been a treat to watch Taimoor being treated as a doormat. I think Taimoor’s wife had some real powerful dialogues which told how much she loved him & how much she was ready to sacrifice just to save her marriage. What she said about Neelam sharing him was spot on & it shows how selflessly she loved her husband that just to see him happy she was ready to accept Neelam as his second wife as well.

I think now we all know why Surmed has become so violent because the way his mother tortured him in her hissy fit was nerve wrecking. They didn’t show it completely but how they executed it was brilliant. At least this showed that the only person who Taimoor would not be selfish with was his son Surmed. He did decide to let go of Neelam – a hard way but just the idea of losing Surmed was enough of an eye-opener for him.

I thought Neelam was being unreasonable once again. While conversing with Taimoor, his wife spoke about the duration of their affair which was 5 years & that made me think what drove Taimoor towards her? Their relation must have started in 1987 which means Neelam was more immature, more spoiled & more demanding, so what made their relation last for good 5 years? Because all that we saw was Neelam demanding him to divorce his wife every time, throwing a tantrum & walking away, so is this was Taimoor started missing once Neelam went away? & why did she actually go to Pakistan when clearly she told her mother that she had a few things to take care of in Turkey? Also, after making her point clear with Taimoor that she was going away from his life for good, she once again called him? Did she actually expect Taimoor to come chase her till Pakistan? So many questions but there was no justification for any of it.

I still think they should’ve opted for younger actors to play the part of Neelam’s brothers because to see Behroz Sabzwari in jeans, didn’t justify the purpose. Is it just me or Naani was actually unreasonable? She didn’t utter a single word to Neelam for why she did what she just admitted plus why did she let her sons take the wrong decision for Neelam? Neelam herself assured them that Taimoor won’t be coming to get married to her so why marry her off to someone who wasn’t even her match?

I actually lol’ed at how utawla Neelam’s husband looked. That’s what we call giving a 100% in a few seconds that you get of a screen space. His expressions were priceless, I am sure no one would miss him but definitely this performance of his was memorable. I thought after Neelam got married things ended because they showed present day Shabbi glamming up herself as her mother but then the flashbacks servant had told us there’s more to the story. I think Neelam would once again return to put a nail in the coffin. Can’t wait to find out what happens next.

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