Rubaru – Episode 08!

Ohkay, this drama is getting way more interesting & intense then we first expected. All those tinsy bit issues with the direction have subsided & I think it’s going to get better as we go.

Taimoor did what he thought was the right thing to do & without giving any such consideration to what his wife or son would think, he went to Pakistan to get Neelam back. I think Taimoor is an absolute sorry excuse of a human being because he had a good wife but sadly he couldn’t cherish her or value her because he deserved a girl who’d treat him bad. His wife thought she won him over & their marriage was safe but it wasn’t meant to be.

I thought after finding a caring husband like Parvaiz, Neelam would forget about Taimoor because even though it looked & sounded cheesy but her husband praised her 24/7 & even did those little gestures of comfort to show how much he loved & adored her. At first when Neelam shooed Taimoor away I thought she was serious & didn’t want to walk out of her marriage because she actually found a good husband but sadly Taimoor succeeded & once again tagged her with him. I must say all the songs sung by Pervaiz & overdone praises were appalling. :/

I think now as the story is progressing Surmed’s frustration & anger is getting justified on it’s own & all our questions are being answered because he, at a very young age got to see all the nightmares come true when he was wide awake. To see his mother begging her husband to not leave, to see her lose her senses & then eventally to see his mother die right infront of his eyes, I think he went through a lot. He even got a professional help of the shrink at such a young age which does show that he was totally disturbed.

It was good that they showed a little bit of the current day stories as well. Kiran got the compliment of being psychotic from her husband & that’s the last thing any girl would want to hear that too in the early days of her marriage. Shabbi got in contact with Surmed’s uncle once again & this was the first time we got to know his actual relation to Surmed. He is not only his uncle but also happened to be his father’s friend & someone who helped Surmed when he was young.

The next episode seemed more interesting & I can’t wait to find out what happens next. How did you find tonight’s episode? Do you think it’s getting interesting? Do share with us. :)

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