Rubaru – Episode 15!

Ohkay, I must say I have started to enjoy this drama a lot more now. I mean I find it something decent to tune into every week. They have taken the story forward reasonably & the direction has improved a lot as well.

I still have an issue with Kiran getting the limelight. I think the writer loved the character of Kiran more than Shabbi’s. Just when I thought that she didn’t deserve such a decent husband she proved me right because she shooed him away too. I thought Usman would reject Kiran’s demand of divorce but seems like he decided to part ways with such a negative woman the moment he found the opportunity because yes, a peaceful & calm guy like him deserved someone better. But having said all that I really hate the way they have mocked the concept of divorce & marriage in this drama just like all the other dramas. I am shocked to see the prevailing trend because girls who go through divorce unfortunately know how hard it is & what do they have to face afterwards but the way they are showing that the girls remain DHEET after 1+1 divorce is just puke-worthy.

Surmed continues to destroy the business of Jameel Ahmed & Shabbi has started to probe a bit & just in a very little time she has learnt a lot about who Surmed was as a kid, what he went through & why he is that stern of a husband. I feel they have nothing left to show in their story that’s why they have parted them in a way that Shabbi is busy in her own life expressionlessly & Surmed is busy with the new found business to handle & destroy.

Just when I saw Kiran all lifeless lying on the bed I was like chalo shuker that’s the end of her journey & our suffering but to see all that as a failed attempt of suicide, left me sad. Why didn’t she die? Ohkay we get it that she had to live & get married to Usman so that Shabbi could find out the real face of Surmed but now when all that has been taken care of, why not just kill Kiran’s character?

Teeeeepu is having a great time with Neha & they both have beaming attraction for each other. I know it’s a small detail but I couldn’t help noticing the 90’s TV in Teepu’s room which he manually shut down himself. I think the director got confused because when he was supposed to show the 90’s era he showed us the mod-scot Neelam but now when we’re already in 2014, Teepu has a cathode ray tube TV, funny isn’t it!

As much as I hated seeing Kiran’s mother blaming Shabbi for Kiran’s divorce, I loved the slap she got & the insult she had to endure. She was the one who told Kiran to keep a hawk-eye on Teepu & to be stern with him. Now when she is sowing what she reaped so why is her mother feeling sorry? Instead of blaming Shabbi for what has happened to Kiran, she must blame herself first for not turning Kiran into a compassionate & humble lady & then she should blame Kiran for having a crappy tongue. I mean sorry the way Kiran is pleading Teeeepu to come back because she is ready to do everything he’d want, I mean does she really think that’s going to happen? I hope that Teepu gets married to Neha ASAP & bring her along to shut everyone’s mouth & demands. That’s going to be a good twist that I’d want to see.

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