Sabaat Episode 12 Story Review – Mediocre

Tonight’s episode of Sabaat had much-needed character development but it lacked flow altogether. Usman Mukhar’s entry was quite plain, his character didn’t have the same appeal as the one he played in Anaa. It seems like Dr. Haris will be a somewhat simple character. The change in scenery was refreshing, Hasan and Anaya finally got to spend some time together without the tensions in the house. The worst part of this episode was the direction, even those scenes which should have been impactful, lacked impact altogether. The transition from one scene to the other one at times was confusing, to say the least. The camerawork also left a lot to be desired, the close-ups of trees and coffee mugs interrupted the flow of these scenes. Some of the scenes were also written and acted-out in the most disappointing manner. Some of Hasan/Anaya scenes were cute but Anaya’s parents just like every other episode stole the show altogether.

The ‘Honeymoon’

No one really discussed the fact that Miraal set Hasan’s room on fire and how serious the situation was. Even Miraal’s parents’ conversation revolved around something entirely different. Right now Hasan seems like the wisest character since he was the only one who mentioned that going on a honeymoon was not going to solve their problems. Miraal’s father at times is really difficult to understand, her mother’s dialogues tonight also suggested that he was just that! The actor playing the role has been performing really well but his character keeps me guessing just like some of the other characters. Also, there are so many things which we hear about from characters but don’t actually get to watch them on-screen which also makes a lot of difference.

Sabaat Episode 12 Story Review - Mediocre

Hasan and Anaya’s honeymoon started off well, the beautiful locations and their happy faces suggested that we would get to see some great on-screen chemistry and romance. The scenes that followed however were not all impressive. Some of these conversations and scenes were not the least bit romantic. Mawra Hocane definitely performed much more convincingly in these scenes as compared to Ameer Gilani. In some of the scenes, Ameer Gilani seemed rather distant and his expressions were also confusing. The biggest issue with these scenes was how the disappointing cinematography and editing. The editing was extremely choppy which basically affected the overall impact of these scenes. The locations were beautiful and it was good to see Hasan and Anaya bonding but this could have been covered in a much better way.

Miraal Decides To Get Help

Finally, Miraal decided to get help but just like every other big development in this drama, this one too was covered in the least impactful way possible! Miraal’s confusion and fears were translated convincingly on screen in the past few weeks but the final realization just wasn’t compelling enough. Although it was good to see her affectionate side when she hugged her mother, the background score made no sense!! Miraal’s deceased naani was already haunting her therefore she was probably scared of losing her mother as well therefore she turned to her friend for help. As far as I know she should have gone to a clinical psychologist first but as it turns out Dr. Haris, the man most of us had been waiting for, is a psychiatrist. Although I had been waiting for Usman Mukhtar’s entry in the play, I must say that I wasn’t too impressed with the interactions between Miraal and her doctor. His pants which matched with the sofa made me laugh! Was it planned or a coincidence? Dr. Harris’ evaluation of Miraal’s state of mind was interesting but the preview of the next episode suggested that he will fall for her! I hope that doesn’t happen this soon.

Sabaat Episode 12 Story Review - Mediocre

The dialogues and situations covering the slight change in Miraal were too plain. After this episode, I have little hope that this drama will actually shed some light on Miraal’s mental health or bad parenting. Miraal’s father has played a major role in making her the monster that she is, I hope that the writer sheds some light on that at some point. Although I feel for Miraal’s mother and the fact that she is trying her best to avoid conflict makes her likable but Laila Zuberi’s performance has not been too impressive.

Anaya’s Parents

I am glad that Anaya’s parents got enough screen time tonight and they have not been relegated to the background. The empty nest syndrome was reflected convincingly through these scenes. It was especially refreshing watching a couple of their age trying to support each other. Going to the cinema scene was just too cute! Seemi Raheel and Syed Muhammad Ahmed are extremely adorable in this role. It is good to see two different kinds of parents in this drama. It also goes to show how important it is for the parents to raise their children as a ‘team’.

Sabaat Episode 12 Story Review - Mediocre

Final Remarks

This episode had some important developments but it wasn’t impactful enough. The preview of the next episode suggested that Hasan’s father might not like the idea that Anaya should work in his office. He will also continue to spoil Miraal further! The most disappointing part of this preview was Dr. Harris’ scene, I really hope he does not fall in love with Miraal just like that! I really think that this drama needs to pick up pace, some of the conversations truly test your patience!

Did you watch tonight’s episode of Sabaat? Do share your views about it.

Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan has been a part of reviewit right from its inception. She feels very passionately about Pakistani dramas and loves discussing them in detail. An enthusiastic writer, thinker, and political scientist, constantly trying to look beyond the obvious. Full-time mom.


  • I was one those many fans waiting for Usman’s entry, why was it so thandi. Dialogue delivery slow. You are absolutely right about the scenes not having the impact. Honeymoon scenes were ruined by the director/editor. Once again on point analysis. Thank you for your honest reviews.

  • I agree with your review Fatima. The previous two episodes were better when compared to this one. Your observations about the choppy editing are right, I noticed that too. I want to know more about Usman’s character and just like you I hope that he is not going to be in love suddenly.

    • I am so glad we agree. Yes, I also think that the previous two episodes were much more interesting. If he is then it will be too disappointing unless he is playing a negative character.

  • Thank you for the review. Overall I liked the episode. But I found some of the point strange.
    Anaya has been showed as someone who really wants to make a career and her own identity. So why wont she discuss is this beforehand with Hasan? Normally girls who are fine with idea that they will only work if their husbands allow leave it to be discussed later (though I dont have problem with that) but someone who is that serious about her career will definitely want to clarify it earlier on. I also wish Anaya would say that working doesn’t just mean you are earning bread and butter, it can also mean you want to achieve and make a career. I have come across some people who think that women only come out to earn when they need to support their family. Which is not always the case. I know many males and females who have enough that their 7 generations can sit home and eat but they still want to make it big.
    I agree with you on the point where Miral trys to console her mom, the background score did not match the situation.
    I would really appreciate the makers of drama that they showed if you have some disturbance mentally, it’s okay to seek professional help. And also the part where Miral’s friend tries to explain to her that being an educated person, she should not show this kind of reluctance in visiting the clinic. This is something people in our society need to understand.
    Miral is a controlling freak to next level. It was clearly shown when she when she tells her friend meray samne mat Khari ho.
    Why every other person in this drama falls in love so instantly? First Hasan, followed by Anaya and now Dr. Haris.
    One thing I liked her is they showed that the father will award CEO’s position to Miral. Excluding the part Miral is Upto no good and her father wanted to handle her, but I liked that they showed equality, the elder child gets CEOs chair.

    • You’re welcome Pakistani. Interesting observations. Honestly speaking I am glad Anaya mentioned it! And I hope everyone will be okay with Anaya not working for Miraal because imagine what that would be like LOL!!

  • While we were waiting for his entry, I’d been hoping that Usman’s character wasn’t actually going to be Miraal’s doctor. I find the potential conflict of interest issue icky, personally. And from the promo, I’m not massively optimistic about how that plot’s going to go.
    I’m enjoying your reviews Fatima, they prepare me for the disappointment I inevitably feel when I watch the episode, lol.

  • i too was disappointed in Miraal & Dr Harris’s scenes, i know it can happen but it’s way too early for the Dr to fall in love with her

  • Fatima, Im still enjoying this drama a lot, I think the pace is not slow, its moving too fast, but the direction is a little slow, overall the drama has a very calm feel to it, i cant explain. Sara Khan is outstanding i feel, she has totally become the character miraal. I m liking hasan-anaya from beginning itself , their scenes were cute. just like the overall feel of the drama, the first scene of haris-miraal was not over the top.

    The 2 things i agree is that the parents should have really shouted on miraal and make her realize that what she did was literally crime, and secondly, it will be v disapp if haris falls in love with miraal next week itself.

    Any ways when anaya will start working in the rival company, and if it causes problems between hasan and anaya, only then i think the show will become little difficult to watch.

    • I am so glad you are enjoying watching the drama tiger. This drama had potential but I find the script and the direction both can be utterly dissapointing at times. I hope you keep on enjoying this drama. I appreciate your feedback.

  • Dear Fatima,
    Apt review, I must say, they have ruined Usman’s character by making us wait unnecessarily. They could have played a side track of Dr Harris in the beginning so we, the viewers, had not gone through this torture. I am so mad at the producers for making us fools and introducing him in the middle of the show. I don’t know the purpose behind this logic as I have lost interest in this Miraal’s nama or Miraal’s tantrums.
    When there are two protagonists, how come one is introduced in the second half of the play.
    In my opinion, writer is also responsible here, the script is not that great.No offense, but the writer seems impressed by zindagi gulzar hai and Dear zindagi ( Indian movie). He mixed two scripts and made this cocktail.🍛I saw this movie a few day ago, where I noticed Shah Rukh was Aliya bhatt’s psychiatrist.
    Thank you for reviewing, keep up the good work, as always.🎊👍

    • Thank you Simi for appreciating the review and commenting. I haven’t watched the movie you mentioned but yes people have been comparing it to ZGH. Sabaat disappoints more often than it impresses, expected better from it.

    • Dear Zindagi is a beautiful movie but the resemblance I think is only in the fact that Shahrukh is Alia’s psychologist in the movie. Alia gets romantically involved in him whereas he doesn’t. At their last session, Alia admits to Shahrukh that she has grown to like him. Shahrukh responds that it is normal for a patient to feel this way about his/her therapist and while he likes her too (in a non-romantic way), she is still his patient and he, her psychologist, and a relationship would not be possible.

      • That’s good cuz patients are not supposed to be romantically involved with doctors. I’ll have to check out this movie it sounds good

      • You are right Sheetal. In my opinion, the writer didn’t copy the movie but he took the main point (psychiatrist and the patient ) and the female character in the movie behaves abnormally with her parents as well.
        Also, he didn’t take the main story from ZGH, just got the central idea( Anaya’s strong character is like kashaf and Hassan resembles Zaroon)
        BTW, I like Shah Rukh’s acting in Dear zindagi.

  • Good review. But wouldn’t it be all sorts of weird for a psychologist to be involved with his patient? I can’t wrap my head around this track.

  • Just an important side note to those reading these reviews:

    Psychiatrists are medical doctors whose main job is to diagnose mental disorders and managing medications, as their expertise focuses on the chemical imbalances within the brain. Psychiatrists prescribe medication.

    Psychologists are not medical doctors but have extensive training in psychology. They focus on supporting people by providing psychotherapy (talk therapy.

    A psychiatrist very rarely does therapy. A psychologist does therapy.
    So Dr Haris seems to be a psychologist and not a psychiatrist.

    More importantly, neither a psychiatrist nor psychologist is supposed to have a sexual relationship with a patient – new or old. It is completely unethical and illegal.

    According to the American Medical Association:

    ‘A psychiatrist shall not gratify his or her own needs by exploiting the patient. The psychiatrist shall be ever vigilant about the impact that his or her conduct has upon the boundaries of the doctor/patient relationship, and thus upon the well-being of the patient. These requirements become particularly important because of the essentially private, highly personal, and sometimes intensely emotional nature of the relationship established with the psychiatrist.

    ‘The requirement that the physician conduct himself/herself with propriety in his or her profession and in all the actions of his or her life is especially important in the case of the psychiatrist because the patient tends to model his or her behavior after that of his or her psychiatrist by identification. Further, the necessary intensity of the treatment relationship may tend to activate sexual and other needs and fantasies on the part of both patient and psychiatrist, while weakening the objectivity necessary for control. Additionally, the inherent inequality in the doctor-patient relationship may lead to exploitation of the patient. Sexual activity with a current or former patient is unethical.’

    Similarly, the American Association of Psychology strictly prohibits any romantic relationship between a psychologist and patient – current or former.

    So even if the setting is Pakistan, what they are showing in this drama is completely wrong – ethically, morally and legally.

    • Thank you for that information. I have studied psychology for 4 years so yes that is why I was confused when she went to a psychiatrist since she needed to go to a psychologist first. Most people don’t know that and if they feel they need help with a mental disorder, they end up seeing a psychiatrist. That is why I am not too hopeful that the writer will be able to do justice to this track since he clearly doesn’t know the difference. Dr. Haris is a psychiatrist, plz read what was written under his name outside his office again. that is why I pointed that out, a Psychiatrist does not do therapy like you said they prescribe medication.

      Sexual or otherwise, it is unprofessional. I was surprised when Haris was okay with meeting her anywhere other than the office, that is highly unprofessional but then that is something his colleague pointed out too.

      • Fatima,
        May be is he is a double degree holder, lol. First completed his Masters and LPC and then went on to Med school. I have seen a few therapist who have pursued this track. and then they would put MD or Psychiatrist in their title because it is higher than LPC. Anyway, i doubt Dr. Harris has done both.

    • Sorry, but the reason I believe that these facts are important to state is because there already is such a big taboo about going for therapy in most South Asian countries. Seeing a psychologist for therapy is confused with seeing a “pagalon ka doctor”. Mental health issues especially in young women are ignored or hidden because it may lead to problems in their getting married.
      Now if they start showing mental health professionals having relationships with their patients, there will be a lot of family elders who will refuse to permit young women to go in for much needed therapy because they will feel that this will lead to romantic entanglements.

      • No need to apologize, your point is valid. Even I am disappointed with the so-called doctor! Truth be told, most doctors flirt with their female patients which is sad but definitely not something that should be ‘normalized’ in dramas. Absolutely agree with you.

    • i guess your medical license can be cancelled if you exploit or trick yoyr patients in having romantic relations. hum tv is hell bent on painting wrong picture of mental health, its high time that they fire illiterate writers or atleast have a script consultation whenever they are doing something else than kitchen

      • Agreed. Especially the abysmal portrayal of the Psychiatrist in Kashf. That could have been an interesting track but alas, HUMTV could not handle in properly.

  • I felt that the episode was just about an average one. As you’ve said Fatima, Dr Haris’s entry as quite plain, so is his character. The name plate outside his cabin had his first name only, which was quite strange. Although, Miraal’s reluctance to open up about her problem was quite understood, but the way she got convinced to seek medical help wasn’t very convincing. The preview shows that Dr Haris already likes Miraal, which is also very abrupt at the moment as in the two meetings that they had, I don’t think Miraal showed any such side of her personality that was lovable. Miraal’s character, in fact, is the least bit lovable at the moment, I find it hard to believe that someone can fall in love with her in this condition. Also, she wants to have the counselling sessions somewhere other than the hospital and the Dr obliges!! Nevermind!

    The mother of the house is in action now and is taking some right decisions. Miraal’s father’s reaction when Anaya talked about his friend’s death was surprising, couldn’t he guess that his wife would have made up this reason to save the day. He is just running away from the issue leaving his wife alone in situations like these. He is a bad husband and certainly a bad parent. He has done it again! According to the preview, he has made Miraal the owner of the business to pamper her ego!

    Hasan and Anaya’s scenes were cute. In one particular scene, there was a change of location three times within a gap of just one sentence that follows the other which was very unrealistic. The running scene was I think an indication that at some point of time, competition might come in between Hasan and Anaya’s relationship. I could be wrong though. Also, their styling is a bit weird. During snowfall, Anaya is seen wearing a simple salwar kameez whereas when its quite sunny, she’s wearing a full overcoat. Miraal seems to be wearing thick coats whereas others are wearing just plain clothes! It seems this mental disorder is making her feel cold.

    Anaya’s parents totally stole the show for me! Such good chemistry, such heart warming conversations. It was good to see them supporting each other. It was good to see a husband so understanding and loving, caring for his partner’s moods and trying to cheer her up. That was just sweet!!

    Usman Mukhtar has added a star appeal to this drama which was lacking earlier. I hope that now the drama takes off from here and hope that the makers make the most of this newly added star appeal, it remains to be seen if that comes true! Cheers!!

    • Absolutely! Why would someone fall for her? Well, maybe Haris himself is a twisted character LOL!! Not that we need any more of such characters in this drama. Ek Miraal sb pe bhari!

  • Overall drama is rubbish let’s see next episodes may usman entry is good decision but from my opinion miral is not giving any good performance and the miral brother looks like a dentonic ad please director should control the full
    Team of drama any way nothing to say any more

  • Its against medical ehics to have romantic relationship between psychiatrist and patient because patient is in vulnerable state it looks like taking advantage of someone

  • I haven’t seen any doctor sitting like that.. I am referring to the picture of Usman Mukhtars entry pic shown here. Lol.. matalab thora sa tau taika hota ..
    I am not saying anything else as you have reviewed it beautifully…