Sabaat Episode 13 Story Review – Extremely Disappointing

This had to be the worst episode of Sabaat and it won’t be wrong to say that this drama is going further downhill with every passing episode. So much for Dr. Haris’ entry! The conversation between Haris and his friend was sickening, to say the least. The fact that the makers of this drama were perfectly alright with normalizing such unethical and unprofessional behavior goes to show just how wrong their overall approach towards this entire track is. I was hoping that Miraal’s underlying issues will be highlighted once she started seeing a professional but unfortunately, the professional she is seeing has some unresolved issues of his own it seems! Anaya’s character also took a disappointing turn with this episode since her sole purpose in life right now is to win Miraal over! Watching such an intelligent and goal-oriented woman like her worrying about pleasing a narcissist was definitely off-putting. Right now, Hasan is the saving grace of this drama – never thought I would say that! He is the only one who talks sense and is not interested in pleasing Miraal. Fareed sahab is bent on making his daughter a bigger monster than she already is! Well, that was expected but I was not expecting the psychiatrist/patient scenes to be so poorly written and meaningless. I am equally disappointed with Usman Mukhtar who chose to play such a role. Although his role in Anaa wasn’t all positive either, it definitely was more meaningful than this one.

The Honeymoon and Reality Check!

This episode opened with Anaya and Hasan continuing with their honeymoon. Both of them came across as sensible and caring people who wanted to live a meaningful life until they went back to Hasan’s home and they turned into Miraal’s victims – nothing more and nothing less! The camping scene was cute and whatever they did to help those children was also a good way of showing their personalities and what these two were capable of doing as a team. The background scene when they were headed back to the hotel after camping was sad and so inappropriate. The director simply failed to make the most of the beautiful scenery and definitely did not do justice to these scenes. Most of the scenes were ‘slow’ with the most boring background score. In the previous episode Anaya wanted to stay in the mountains and in this episode when Hasan said he wanted to live there, Anaya said she liked staying with family! Miraal’s mother finally asked them to come back home after taking permission from her daughter and that is when both of them got a reality check!

Sabaat Episode 13 Story Review - Extremely Disappointing

Anaya was shown as a fierce woman who believed in looking for solutions for problems yet it seems that she has completely failed to understand Miraal. Why was she even expecting Miraal to accept her gift after the kind of confrontations she had with her. Later on, she was upset because she did not want to make Miraal upset! So, now the sole purpose of Anaya’s life is winning Miraal over otherwise her kids won’t have a phupo and cousins to play with!!!!

Hasan is the only one who realizes that Miraal is never going to change and if Anaya listens to him then she will probably be happier. It was seriously upsetting watching Anaya join the ‘let’s not upset Miraal’ club in this episode. Hasan’s majburis make more sense and it was also good to see him protesting a little. He is thinking about his mother and is not trying to please Miraal.

Therapist/Patient Relationship

While I am thankful that Dr. Haris hasn’t fallen for Miraal, he is clearly very ‘interested’ in her. The way his friend questioned him about the patient and why he was going out of his way to meet her outside the office was something which just shouldn’t have been shown. Although Haris’ reply suggested that he did not want to have this conversation and that he was professional, the viewers also got to know through this scene that he was making an exception. Miraal and Haris only had one scene together in this episode and that too did not add much to the story or their track.

Meeting Haris it seems is not going to help Miraal much since he is not being honest enough with her so far! This was their third meeting yet the session wasn’t convincing enough. So far, he thinks she is ‘disturbed’ and that’s it! If these conversations were used to give the viewers an insight into Miraal’s character, telling us why she is like this, these interactions would have been so much more engaging.

Sabaat Episode 13 Story Review - Extremely Disappointing

Miraal The CEO

Miraal’s father made another decision to please his daughter but this time around he went too far! This was his way of telling Hasan and Anaya who the chosen one was. This man has made Miraal the insensitive, selfish, and controlling person she is yet he takes no responsibility for it. His business rival will do whatever it takes to bring him down therefore it is not going to be easy for Miraal to run this business smoothly. Also, how could her father hand her over the business just like that! She clearly proved that she did not have what it took to make the right decisions under pressure. Also, the fact that Anaya will now be working for Miraal will only make things worse!

Final Remarks

Apart from Hasan’s character, there wasn’t anything remotely appealing about this episode. It was difficult sitting through this episode and watching Miraal’s father make all these foolish decisions is seriously annoying! And this guy’s smile was so creepy!

Sabaat Episode 13 Story Review - Extremely Disappointing

Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan has been a part of reviewit right from its inception. She feels very passionately about Pakistani dramas and loves discussing them in detail. An enthusiastic writer, thinker, and political scientist, constantly trying to look beyond the obvious. Full-time mom.


  • Not just the smile this guy was creepy altogether. This episode was boring like you said. I like how you explained Anaya in this episode since I did not like her but couldn’t really put my finger on what was the issue there. Thank you for these amazing reviews. Usman Mukhtar chose the wrong character this time.

  • Thank you for your review, Fatima. You’re keeping me updated without the annoyance of actually watching the drama, lol. I’m actually wondering what compelled Usman to choose this drama and this character after Anaa. It seems kind of tepid.

    On a gossipy note- I think the guy playing Haris’ creepy friend is a friend of Usman’s in real life.

    • You’re most welcome. I am so glad you’re still reading the reviews and commenting because I look forward to your comments.

      LOL!! Love the gossipy note, acting nahi aati bhai ko!

      • By the by, thank you for reading my comments the tone I meant it in :)
        I don’t take myself very seriously, and that sometimes gets me into trouble

        • You’re most welcome. Maya since you comment regularly here, I know your comments are always light-hearted and no you did not get yourself in trouble at all. Continue commenting, please. We need such comments on these threads LOL!!

  • Idk but why everyone else say yes to this drama? After watching today’s episode, i thought they are just get to cater Miraal and that’s it? It’s very weird that all the people are afraid of her because they know she is crazy but nobody even says that she needs a psychiatrist. I found so many flaws in Anaya in one of the very early episodes. I think writer hasn’t stressed enough on how strong she is. After she fell for Hassan, her personality completely changed and nail in the coffin was today’s episode. She’s not thinking about herself but the thinking about the phupho of her kids who haven’t even born yet. Idk what kind of a father Fareed is. I found him always confusing. Clearly he loves Miraal more but before today’s episode he was behaving that he needs Hassan because he needs an heir. I don’t think we need that guy as enemy of Seth Fareed after Fareed appointed Miraal CEO. Miraal has the capacity to do it on her own what that wants. I found Hassan to be disappointing too. It’s like his sole purpose was to Marry Anaya. He doesn’t really care about his career or what he really wants to do. I think he should have protested to his father not to his mother. Perfect way to kill him in upcoming episodes.

    • I agree with you Ahsan, the writing is really weak and the bad direction is not helping! I feel Hasan will and should eventually move out. I am so sick of Miraal now since now it is evident that her psychological disorder is going to be relegated in the background, really weird!!

  • This show is boring. I gave up long ago. Just one point that conversation does not come surprising to me between Harris and his work colleague. As sickening as it is as a working woman I can assure I have come across men talking like this amongst each other about women whether clients or other female colleagues like it means nothing and say much nasty things too. Even married men indulge in such talk. It’s quite shameful but sadly so normalised you just accept it. Actually sort of respect how Usman’s character shut it down and didn’t entertain it but they should of shown him do it in a more affirmative way. Other than that this show is a snore fest and I gave up a few episodes ago. Read a few reviews to see if I can go back in to watching it but I guess no! God what has happened to Pakistani dramas quality

    • Zahida you are absolutely right, men do that in offices but why normalize something which is considered not just unprofessional but also counts as workplace harassment. Pehle hi most men think they are entitled to gossip about their colleagues and patients and objectify them. Yes, he gave him a reply which suggested his work ethics were completely different but then he was daydreaming about Miraal too.

      Yes, Sabaat is disappointing big time, it is turning out to be another one of those HUM dramas with a star cast but no quality content. Thank you for reading the reviews and for sharing your point of view here.

  • I agree with you that Hasan’s character has been going good. I like how Hadan discusses the issue with his mom when Anaya was not around. More attention was paid to conversation of Dr. Haris and his friend than his session with Miral.
    If Farred had a concern with Anaya in his company, he could have allowed her to work else where with excuse that Miral is already there.

    • Exactly! He is being more mature now and Anaya is being the typical wife trying to please her susralis hence putting much of the burden and guilt on Hasan, so not needed. I know! They created such a big issue of Hasan working elsewhere so that they could justify this track, why he is not allowing Anaya to work somewhere else.

  • Lol that guys smile was creepy.
    I feel like this drama is a rollercoaster, some episodes good, others terrible.
    Btw what did you think of zebaish?

    • I agree there have been some good episodes but not enough.
      I watched Zebaish and OMG!!! It is like a circus.

      • Never had high expectations from Zebaish, it looked pathetic from promos only, and Zara Noor doesnt know acting at all, she is so OTT.

        btw whats the meaning of Zebaish and Sabaat?

        • I didn’t like the promos either, too over theatrical and weird! Zebaish I think means decoration, here it might mean outward appearances or glamour perhaps.

          Sabaat I think means continuity, endurance, consistency. What it implies IMO is that relationships can’t continue when everyone is not willing to do their part – I think so, not sure though.

  • My opinion is over all drama is bullshit please try to understand directions is totally failed as soon as possible stop this drama

  • Assalam o Alaikum
    Thank you for the review.This drama is not exceptional but not that bad as you stated.It has good, calming feel to it.Visuals are beautiful, good acting by everyone and story is ok.Not too much going on but I still look forward to it every week.For the first time I’ve ever liked Mawra’s work and her couple with Ameer Gillani looks cute.I don’t think this drama deserve such a negative review 😊 Peace please ✌🏻

    • Ayesha I have to agree with you. The drama may not be up to par in every aspect but it really isn’t that bad. I actually enjoyed the Kashmir trip, I didn’t notice any sad background music. Also I think this was only meeting two with Dr. Harris, unless I missed something. I think we’ve only been introduced to Dr. Harris and will get to know him more soon. Let’s give it a chance- other characters got eleven episodes for us to like/dislike them. Dr. Harris has been given about 10-15 mins total so I don’t see how we can be disappointed in Usman for doing the role. He wasn’t positive in Anaa but he wasn’t the most interesting as well. Looking forward to more of him for sure. Also I didn’t see anything off about Anaya’s character, she’s trying to adjust but she’s acting like a puppet or anything. Her character is humble, modest and adjusting to atmospheres. Hopefully there is progress in Miraals character through Dr. Harris. I will say the friend was a little immature but that is a character- not the actor- and to gossip that “creepy actor” is probably a real friend of the co-actor is sad. Let’s be polite when talking about people.

      • It was a joke and there was nothing impolite about it. Maya was sharing some info, the word gossip was used for fun and I commented that the actor couldn’t act. He wasn’t immature, he was tharki and creepy since he was clearly above 30 and a professional! I am glad you enjoyed some scenes in this episode and I agree some of the episodes were better than others. The viewers waited so long to meet Dr. Harris and Miraal has already been given so much screentime. The first 3 sessions with a therapist are the most important ones in reality but clearly this therapist/patient track is meant for ‘entertainment’ purposes only. I would love to be proven wrong but so far that is what it seems like.

        • We waited for Dr Harris for the longest time and look at what we get. I am shocked to read this comment calling the creepy man immature, his scenes were cringy. He was sick man. I work with men and this is the kind of attitude we don’t want in a workplace. Your point about normalizing something so wrong is bang on! I hate such sick minded colleagues, how dare they and I always call them out. Fatima keep writing these honest reviews.

          • Precisely! I used to work in a male-dominated environment too therefore such an attitude is definitely not something I would tolerate either since women have to work so hard to earn respect and acceptance in such places. And they were talking about a patient, someone who puts their trust in the doctor/therapist. Yes, there are a lot of such tharkis in offices/hospitals but why normalize such behavior, the scene was seriously disturbing. Thank you so much Nimra, I intend to.

      • As Fatima said, I used a lighter tone and called it gossip, because I didn’t think it was important enough to be “trivia”. I just stated a fact- the guy playing Haris’s friend, Meiraj Haq, is a long time friend of Usman’s. The former has a YouTube channel that Usman has been on more than once where they talk about knowing each other when they were teens/young adults.

    • Waelukum Asalam Ayesha, it definitely could have been so much better. I like Mawra too in this one but Anaya’s character confuses and disappoints often just like all the other characters in the drama.

      It is okay Ayesha, we all have different opinions. I appreciate your feedback.

  • Huge failure. Hum should have aired some other drama like Kashf or MAT in this slot (even tarap), which would have raked some ratings. No new drama airs against this crap drama (on ary or geo), in same slot, yet it is one of the biggest flops on Hum due to boring storyline

    • Tarap is going down a familiar road too and some of the performances are so average, I really liked it at first but find it difficult to watch it now – well that is the case with most of the dramas nowadays sadly!

      • The heroine of Tarao is too dull and average, she is just good for side heroine, dont know why she gets main lead roles, she was ok in Choti si zindagi, as a supp actress.

        And Syed Jobran has also become a typical villian in all his dramas. he must do something positive now. Too old for his role in Dilruba also.

        • I agree with you Tiger about Hiba Bukhari, I have been also wondering how she is getting all these leading roles. You’re right about Jibran, he is such a brilliant actor but he is being typecast.

  • LOL about that guy’s smile! Everything about this guy was creepy! Why did they have to bring in this conversation so early on, even if they want Dr. Haris to fall for Miraal, which we know is going to happen anway, I don’t see a reason why they have to rush into it. Dr Haris’s session with Miraal had absolutely nothing to it, except the fact that he said she is disturbed and discussing will ease her a bit? Is that all you do in a session? No outcome or anything at all? This was a mojor disappointment. In fact, I don’t know why Usman chose to play this character as there’s isn’t even any scope to show his acting prowess….at least that’s what it seems so far.

    You’ve said it right Fatima, Hasan seems to be the only sensible guy in this drama right now. Miraal’s father decided to take such an important decision, without even confirming if Miraal was going to be in office on that day. According to what we were shown, she just landed up there as she came to know Anaya is joining office. Did her father just expect her to be there? If he was so much concerned about it, why didn’t he talk to Miraal beforehand or even asked her to come to office as he had some important announcement to make.

    I agree with every word you’ve written in your review Fatima. This episode was nothing but boring. Also, Anaya’s parents’ ‘heart-warming’ scenes were missing in this episode, which made it even more boring.

    • Sheetal the first few sessions were of utmost importance since that was the only way the viewers could have found out about Miraal’s childhood or anything else that could have given us an insight into her mental state other than what we have been shown so far. The first 3 sessions with any therapist are the most important yet they showed them as a coffee break with a friend!!

      You’re so right about the office scene, good observation.

      Bilkul!! I missed watching their scenes. I am glad we are on the same page Sheetal, keep reading and commenting.

  • Nice review fatima, once again I didnt find it that bad. Its definitely become slow specially the honeymoon part was boring, but overall its still enjoyable. The only disapp thing is Usman Mukhtar’s role and hos over softspoken ness, which doesnt leave much impact, maybe the makers are leaving his track with Sara for later stages, as per OST, he has may scenes, means his track will gain importance soon.

    The best thing abt this drama now is Sara Khan, she is excellent in her role and for the first time Im enjoying such a negative character so much, her body language, expressions are exellent. Even Ameer Gilani who is just 2 or 3 dramas old has given a very controlled and mature performance, I agree that he is the most sane person. I dont find any issues with Mawra’s character, she is still trying to use her knowledge and make a career, and there is nothing wrong in trying to make things work in a family. She is trying to make peace and win their hearts which is a very positive thing, it shows her caring , loving and responsible behavious and kind of upbringing given to her by her parents. And hasan is giving more than 100% support to her, and trying to make sure that no problem happens.

    From the OST, its clear that Anaya wont be able to work under Miraal, i think she will join the rival villian’s company and then the clash will happen between hasan and anaya, and by then maybe Miraal also might be changed person after her marriage to Dr. So Im waiting for the things to unfold .

    • Thank you so much Tiger. I have not watched the OST therefore I am clueless. I am glad you are enjoying watching the play, keep reading and commenting.

  • Excellent review, once again.
    I must say that the producers of this play should have added Usman Mukhtar’s name as a guest appearance. He is there just for 2 min in each episode. 😳

  • what can i say about Dr Harris? the dialogues went over my head & if you blink then you miss the scene too as they are that short.
    i’m on the bad man’s side, meaning their rival, where Hassan’s so called friend works, Miraal & Hassan should have had 50% each why Miraal has to have more rights when she couldn’t win the case against the rival (i forgot his name) is beyond
    lovely review just like always

    • Thank you so much for liking the reviews Shameem and for sharing your views here. The business rival definitely has more of a personality and he has some plans too, not stuck in family politics like Fareed sb!