Sabaat Episode 16 Story Review – New Beginning

After watching the previous episode, I didn’t have high expectations from this particular episode. Tonight’s episode however was pleasantly surprising. Although Hasan and Anaya’s reactions when Hasan’s mother suggested that they should move out of the episode were not too convincing, the overall development was quite likable. This was one of those few episodes which showed the bonding between Hasan and his mother. The best part of this episode was watching Hasan’s mother turn from a caricature to a really strong character. I do feel however feel that Laila Zuberi has underplayed this character a little more than needed. This episode would have been faultless had the writer not tried so hard to make Anaya so ‘politically correct’! Even after everything that happened, she was still willing to live in the same house as Miraal although she had been given the option of moving out of the house. The writer deserves credit for penning down Hasan and Anaya’s scene in the apparent so beautifully. Ameer Gillani and Mawra Hocane’s brilliant performances made these scenes extremely realistic. I must say that Mawra Hocane’s performance, in particular, was simply outstanding. I still feel that the thappar in the previous episode was completely unnecessary since Miraal’s insults were a good enough reason for Hasan and Anaya to leave the house.

The New Beginning

Most of us were hoping that it would eventually be Hasan who would make the decision to live independently but that was not the case. The writer change in Hasan’s mother’s stance more convincingly than anything else in the first part of this episode. In the beginning, she tried to convince her husband to get Miraal married but he has already decided that she will continue living in this house even after getting married. She could have talked to him about Hasan and Anaya living independently but she chose not to do that. There were times when Fareed seemed like the kind of man who could show some flexibility but clearly when it comes to pleasing Miraal, he does not even use his common sense! He is more than willing to let his only son go because he knows if he tries to stop him, Miraal will get upset.

Sabaat Episode 16 Story Review - New Beginning

Although Fareed’s attitude is extremely annoying, it is also the perfect explanation for Miraal’s present condition. Any child who is brought up in this manner would find it impossible to hear no for an answer as an adult. I think the writer has intelligently shown how important it is for parents to do their job right! A parent’s job is not to ‘please’ their child at all costs but their job is to ensure that their child grows up to be a balanced and responsible adult.

I couldn’t understand why Anaya was all dressed up when Hasan’s mother came to meet her since last week she was not willing to go back at all. Also, Anaya has not been shown taking any big decisions lately. It is as if the writer wants to portray a ‘perfect’ image of a wife and a daughter-in-law but in doing so he has taken the human element away from this character. Taking important decisions or stance does not mean that a woman is rebellious, she could have taken this decision and carried it out as gracefully as Hasan’s mother did.

The scenes showing how much support Hasan got from his mother, the childhood stories and the lunchbox were some of those scenes which made me wish we could have seen more of this and less of Miraal’s repetitive craziness. The director deserves tons of praise for shooting the apartment scenes so well. The way he captured the emotions of these characters and showed what it was like to move into a new place which isn’t yet ‘home’ was extremely relatable!

Hasan and Anaya

Hasan and Anaya’s scenes in the apartment were better than those which covered their honeymoon. Mawra Hocane did exceptionally well in the scene in which Hasan asks her if she liked the apartment. Everything happened suddenly, this was not the kind of change she planned or looked forward to. A girl who was always used to being around parents and family now had to start a new life. These scenes were beautiful and realistic because they covered convincingly how their life had changed all of a sudden.

Sabaat Episode 16 Story Review - New Beginning

Hasan and Anaya are finally free! They can live their lives on their own terms and conditions, clearly, they are more than willing to give this new life their best. They literally were like two love birds who had just been freed from a cage! I am glad there was more friendship and support shown in these scenes than the done-to-death romance.

It was also good to see Hasan reacting to Miraal’s insulting behavior for a change! Anaya put those pictures of Facebook and Hasan the video but later on, she said she did not want anyone to know yet that they had moved out of the house.

Harris (Absent) and Miraal

So after all these weeks of waiting for Usman Mukhtar to finally make his entry, we only got to watch a few unimpressive scenes so far and now Dr. Harris is absent from the scene. Even if he is not in touch with Miraal, the viewers should have been at least introduced to the character itself in this episode. I have watched all the episodes with Dr. Harris in them and I still don’t know him! What kind of a person is he? Does he have a family? Does he have a story to tell? It has been 15 weeks, the viewers at least should have been introduced to his character properly. So far he is Miraal psychiatrist/psychologist (even that has not been determined yet) who now wants to be her friend and is, therefore, taking a ‘break’!

Miraal is clearly not ‘cured’, she still has the same mission in life and she is not seeing a professional any more either. This entire track literally gets on my nerves because it is highly repetitive. The fact that Miraal is a narcissist is well-established by now, can we please move on! She is still planning to somehow end Hasan’s marriage with Anaya which basically shows she is a dimwit too! This is definitely the track that has been the most unappealing aspect of Sabaat.

Final Remarks

I am definitely rooting for Hasan and Anaya after watching this episode. I just wish, the writer wouldn’t have been so focused on making Anaya so ‘perfect’. Tonight’s episode belonged to Mawra Hocane, her performance was outstanding throughout. Hasan and Anaya’s scenes were well written and executed, they made this episode engaging and quite likable as well.

Did you watch tonight’s episode of Sabaat? Do share your thoughts about it.

Fatima Awan

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  • It is as if you wrote my thoughts down. I was infuriated after watching previous episode but this one I loved. That point you made about posting pictures on Facebook, so right. That is why you are the reviewer haha. Ameer and Mawra make a cute on screen couple. So true about that, it was like they were free now. We recently shifted to a new apartment and I second you these scenes were so real. Love your reviews Fatima. Keep writing. Bless you.

    • Aww thank you so much Nimra. Good to know that we are on the same page. Yes Ameer and Mawra look great. LOL @ posting pictures, I know right! We shifted a long time back and the way these scenes were shot brought back memories – well done indeed!

      Bless you, too. Keep reading and commenting.

  • On point review. You are right about Usman Mukhar. LOL @ absent. I mean yes why not show him outside the office with his family? You know because you disliked last week’s episode so much I thought maybe you will bash this one also but you are always impartial. That is why I know I can count on your reviews. Agree with your views, you pointed out everything.

    • Thank you so much Sadia for your kind words and appreciation. Oh no! I would never do that! Each review reflects my views about a particular episode. Thanks a lot. Keep reading and commenting.

  • I like this drama because Anaya’s character represents girls like me who’re well educated and does job. In most of our dramas, girls who do jobs are presented either in negative light or they show that they’re doing job because of financial needs to support their family. In truth, many girls of our society do job because they’re well educated and they want to use their degree productively. These girls are not represented in our dramas and they focus only on those girls whose only aim in life is to get married a well-off man.

    Also, how Hassan made tea while Anaya is emailing CVs and how, in the promo, they’re showing that Hassan is doing dishes is so refreshing to watch. I’m bored with this particular scene in all dramas in which a wife says ‘aap aa gaye. aap fresh ho jaye, mai apke liye chai bana ke lati hoo. I am loving how they’re showing that a woman is doing job just like a man and man is doing kitchen work just like a woman. This segment of our society is totally ignored in our dramas and since I belong to this segment so obviously I’m loving it.

  • Finally, some breath of fresh air in this episode, however, Anaya’s reluctance to move out was uncalled for. Enduring all the insults and still hesitant to shift to a new place does not make Anaya a bad “bahu”.

    The drama now needs to pick up some tempo, overall this episode started on the right foot and I am looking forward to positive developments.

    I wish for a change Pakistani dramas do not always culminate in romantic involvement when characters belonging to opposite sex can still contribute to the story in a professional role such as a doctor/patient etc.

    • Yes hopefully it will get better although I don’t have a lot of expectations from Miraal’s track.

  • What jumps out in these episodes is the wonderful chemistry between Hasan and Anaya. They are so good together – not just their talk with each other but also their comfortable silences, their frequent glances at each other. It becomes so obvious that these two care deeply for each other.

    And knowing that Ameer and Mawra were in law school together, almost makes me want them to be a couple in real life as well! :D

  • Kia laila zuberi (character) ka koi background hai? I have just started watching this play properly, but the way she is being taunted and scolded regularly by her husband at this stage of life looks strange. Even he said “tumhain is ghar se jana hoga”! They are very affluent and can’t understand k why is she so dari sahmi all the time.

    Mawra ne to mutasir kardiya apnee acting se. Both Hasan and Anaya’s scenes were beautifully executed. Presence of their parents on dinner was another attarctive sight to watch.

    I think things are just piling up to haunt Miraal at later stage.

    I must say Islamabad is beauty. The location of the apartment was also nice. Recent shift in drama locations from Khi to Northern areas has brought enticing change in dramas.

    Nicely reviewed.

    • Hello Urs, hope you are doing well. Koi background nahi hei lekin in ki ami in ke saath rehti thi plus her husband is a self-made man so I am guessing ke jb in ki shadi hui tu ye dono hi ek normal se household se thay. With paisa Fareed changed but she remained the same, that is what I have gathered. Aur yeh jo buhat dara dara rehna hei is se I agree, is character ko aise likha nahi gaya itna jitna aise present kiya gaya hei IMO.

      Yes! Love Mawra in this one.

      Thank you.

      • Hi! How are you madam? I am good rather enjoying monsoon after testing negative for Covid-19. 😊

        You are right about Fareed’s change in behavior, pesa aur Miraal jesi psycho beti, jo larraee ki waja bani phirtee hai.

        • I am very well, thank you. Alhamdulillah, so happy to know that you have recovered, you’re a fighter. Wish you a long life with good health.

          Ji bilkul aisa hi lagta hei, naye naye ameer hue hei sahab ;)

  • Hello, I am Hamza. I never used to read reviews then one day your review showed up in the search engine clicked on it because it was titled story review I wanted to know the story haha! Since then I don’t comment but read your reviews every week. You write so well and your reviews are always unbiased. You don’t form an opinion if one episode is bad and give every episode a fair review. Thank you.

    • Hello Hamza, so good to hear from you. I am glad that you decided to comment and even happier to know that you like the reviews. Thank you so much for all the appreciation, it truly means a lot to me. I try my best.

      You’re most welcome. Keep visiting.

  • thank u for such detailed review, the best thing about this is that i don’t have to cover everything, i don’t understand why there isn’t a two seater sofa in their department instead of the table & 2 chairs, i’m thought they would go for something like Anaya’s parents house which would have been furnished

    • You’re most welcome Shameem. I think a furnished apartment would have cost much more that is why they decided to buy their own furniture perhaps :) Thank you for your regular feedback, I appreciate it.