Sabaat Episode 19 Story Review – Marital Problems

After watching Sabaat’s episode last week, I wasn’t sure if I could actually sit through another episode of this drama but tonight’s episode was better than the previous one. Even though the objectives and basic personalities of the characters more or less remain the same, there was some progress in the storyline. I still feel that Sabaat’s story overall is quite pointless, in all these weeks there has hardly been any tangible meaningful development in the story. Anaya and Hasan’s track could have taken such a positive and even inspiring turn had it been shown as the perfect union of two people who wanted the same things in life. On the contrary, the track focuses more on the problems these two have been facing ever since they got married more than anything else. Some smooth sailing for a while would have been great. On the other hand, Fareed and Miraal have unlimited wealth and they continue to exercise control. In a nutshell, tonight’s episode focused on both the married couples and showed how their relationships were progressing.

Anaya’s parents for the longest time continued to be the most heart-warming aspect of the story. I completely fell in love with their characters for obvious reasons. Anaya’s father is yet another beautiful and gentle character played by the most adorable Syed Muhammad Ahmed. Unfortunately like many other such characters played by him, it seems like this one will also die! This for me was the most disturbing development of this episode. Anaya had such close ties with her parents, their bond was extremely special yet we haven’t seen her interacting with her parents enough. Her father’s diagnosis came as a complete shock since there was no background to this. In the previous episode, he met Anaya and he seemed fine.

Hasan and Anaya

I am glad Anaya and Hasan’s scenes in this episode were not as disappointing as the ones we saw in the previous one. Hasan’s frustrations continue to grow and unfortunately, Miraal is still in a way running his life for him. Hasan wants to leave the job but Atif keeps on telling him not to do that because of his ulterior motives. It was good to see Anaya giving him advice like a friend and wife who had faith in him and not like a mother lecturing his son! There was more active communication between these two too unlike before. It would have been even better if once in a while they took some time out to enjoy themselves. Their life is a little too robotic and there isn’t much romance. Both of them have a job and they have each other yet most of their conversations are more practical than romantic!

Sabaat Episode 19 Story Review - Marital Problems

Mawra Hocane and Ameer Gillani make a cute on-screen couple. Anaya and Hasan have interesting personalities as well but the writer has definitely not added the spark needed to make this track more likable. They come across as two wise but really boring people trying to make ends meet – nothing more and nothing less! Hasan’s frustration is justified but he is not trying hard enough to find another job. Anaya on the other hand has a rewarding job and she does not have to face the challenges which Hasan is facing. Hasan was more eager to start afresh before than he is now. In my opinion, there was absolutely no need to make this track so grim since Hasan and Anaya did nothing wrong. They are not the ones who should be punished for taking a stand for themselves. The message this track is sending out is completely wrong!

Miraal and Harris

The first part of Miraal and Harris’ track showed how uncomfortable Harris felt living in Miraal’s parents’ house. He also felt ‘ignored’ because his wife was too busy with her work! It was actually good to see Miraal focusing on something other than Hasan and Anaya but happiness is short-lived! As soon as Miraal found out who Hasan was working for, she was once again completely focused on getting Hasan back! This part of Miraal’s personality and this track is extremely annoying.

I am going, to be honest, and say that I am happy Miraal has started giving Harris a tough time! In my opinion, he completely deserves it since he made such a foolish choice when he decided to marry Miraal! Harris’ character is so plain and unappealing. He barely has any emotions! He is always so contained and even if something bothers him, he makes sure he does not show his actual emotions. He is clearly smitten by his wife which is the only reason why he even ignored the fact that she walked in while he was attending to his client. Miraal is getting jealous now and hopefully, soon enough Harris will see that he married a monster. Most of the time it seems like he does not know Miraal at all but he loves her nevertheless and would do anything to please her.

Sabaat Episode 19 Story Review - Marital Problems

Final Remarks

There was some much-needed progress in all the tracks in this episode which made this episode slightly interesting. Although Sabaat’s overall story so far doesn’t have a definite direction but I want to know how these tracks are taken forward in the upcoming episodes. Harris is sadly turning out to be a plain character, somewhat of a caricature. Everything that has happened in these 19 weeks could easily have been covered in 10 weeks. Sarah Khan’s dressing in this episode stood out like a sore thumb! These gowns and jackets she has been wearing in Sabaat have been the worst part of her overall look.

The preview of the next episode suggested that Harris will soon have to deal with the controlling, narcissist side of Miraal’s personality. I really hope that Atif is not able to brainwash Hasan into thinking that marrying Anaya was an unwise decision!

Did you watch tonight’s episode of Sabaat? Do share your thoughts about it.

Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan has been a part of reviewit right from its inception. She feels very passionately about Pakistani dramas and loves discussing them in detail. An enthusiastic writer, thinker, and political scientist, constantly trying to look beyond the obvious. Full-time mom.


  • it was upsetting to know that Anaya’s father has a serious illness, pity it wasn’t Fareed Sahib, i liked the scenes between Anaya & Hassan
    next weeks teaser has made my heart smile because i can’t wait to see Harris go through the torture that everyone else has to go through with miraal, somehow i can’t see Harris working again, not if he wants to stay with Miraal & with that white coat i thought that she looked like a doctor than a bussiness owner

    • hahaha good one! So true yaar, why are all these unfortunate things happening with the good guys while the toxic ones are having the time of their lives, not cool!

      The feeling is mutual my friend, Harris deserves it!

  • I watched Sabaat’s a few scenes today after a long time and I have a question! Why Does Muhammad Ahmed have to die in every drama? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • I concur with Fatima about the overall slow tempo of this drama. However, I still look forward to watching this play due to a fresh touch of Islamabad’s landscape and apparently a different theme than typical domestic melodrama of family politics.
    Haris totally deserves to be treated so disrespectfully as he has married a psycho knowingly. Totally, bizarre to see Meeral walking in a therapy session, what a breech of a patient’s rights and Haris still treating Meeral with solemnity… making her behaviour look innocuous!

    • I know right! Who walks in like that?! Only Miraal LOL!! I am also curious to know what happens next but still can’t get my head around the basic concept of the play. I have been waiting for Miraal’s character to open up, hoping there might be some layers but guess what she is not an onion just a sad potato ;)

  • Bang on with the review Fatima! This episode was certainly better than the previous one, but I have to say that I find the execution quite flawed.

    The way business meetings are shown in this drama is a joke. Miraal is shown playing around with every meeting or conference, which looked more like an office meeting. No professionalism at all! Secondly, one day they show Miraal so busy that she’s even working when at home and the other day she’s free to walk into her husband’s clinic, amidst an ongoing session. How cool is that! It was good to see that Haris has other patients to attend too, it seemed Miraal was the only one he saw. Though it was news to me that Haris had stopped taking sessions after meeting Miraal and that he would come see Miraal at just one call from her. I find myself not connecting to Miraal and Harris track. There is no couple chemistry between these two characters. Their bond was never established, all we saw was both of them speaking 2 dialogues to each other in some episodes, then Haris proposed to Miraal and then they got married. Had they taken time to establish their bond, it would have been easier to relate to their chemistry.

    It seems that Haris is set to please Miraal too, as he ended the session ‘because’ his wife walked in. Three cheers to their professional attitude, pity the patient though. Hassan and Anaya’s track is going down the ‘Abhimaan’ lane and sadly so. It would have been good to show Hassan’s father visiting them and saying all those dialogues to him face to face, rather than on a casual call. The scene would have been more appealing then. I am just waiting to see Fareed learn his lesson.

    Anaya’s father’s illness has come out rather abruptly. There was no background to it, none at all. It was disappointing to see this development as her parents are the most delightful part of this drama. Let’s see how things unfold from here.

    • Thank you so much Sheetal for liking the review and for sharing your views. Totally agree with you! Miraal and Harris are like employee and boss. I think that is the problem with most of these characters, they are flat and unappealing.

  • Fatima, all your observations show you great keenness to focus on all those little details that we sometimes miss. What you said about Syed Mohammad Ahmed, I couldn’t agree more. First in DeS, MPTH, then Ruswai and now this. They make us fall in love with his characters and then they kill them off. That is so unfair. I totally agree with you, Hasan and Anaya should have been happy together. What they are showing is not fun to watch. What are they being punished for? LOL @ Harris, I don’t feel anything for this thanda character. He has no personality and no aura, he is Miraal’s puppet. Usman Mukhtar’s talent wasted.

    • Thank you so much Hamnah for your kind words. Absolutely yaar! Why do they do that, not fair at all! They always kill my favorite aba :( So with you on that, Harris is too plain and too patient.

      • You know whats sadder? That Shehzad Kashmiri also directed Yakeen ka safar.
        Something’s wrong with him

    • I think Usman picked up the wrong script, the character has nothing going for it. Who is Harris? Still trying to figure that one out!

  • Agree with you fatima, the episode was slightly better, but still nothing gr8, the screenplay and editing is not good, one short scene of this couple, and then 1 short scene of another couple, you will they are not covering anything properly. Its high time they move the haris-miraal track fast.

    • You are right tiger, drama needs to pick up the pace but I don’t think it has anything big to offer. I doubt the Harris/Miraal track is headed anywhere interesting. I have started wondering if Miraal too will lose her mind like Jhooti’s main lead and so many more such characters!

  • Mujhe Dr.Haris character ki samajh nai arahi k isko aik psychiatrist dekhana keo zaruri tha…..!!! Usko apni wife k anger n tamperMent issues to nazar aa nahi rahe….. unko question nai kr raha unpe miral se baat nAhi kr raha….. usman mukhtar is total waste as a psychiatrist Dr.Haris