Sabaat Episode 20 Story Review – More Of The Same

Sabaat continues to disappoint because of a weak storyline. This isn’t the first time that a leading channel has used star power and great production values to get the attention of the viewers. The script is going downhill with every passing episode and right now I am honestly watching this play to find out how ridiculous Miraal’s track, in particular, can get. Once again after watching this episode I was wondering why Fareed and Miraal were the only ones who were not ‘struggling’ and of course Yasir Qureshi as well. Every Pakistani drama shows how the negative character usually drives the story forward but this drama has more than one such character. Not only this all the relatively pleasant characters seem to be in constant turmoil. There isn’t a moment of happiness in Hasan and Anaya’s life!

Hasan’s character had potential but he is too busy feeling sorry for himself. In this day and age, he does not have access to social media which does constantly remind you of other people’s birthday. Usman Mukhtar’s monotone dialogue delivery and this psychiatrist’s lack of understanding of his wife’s character is making this track a repetition of all the other relationships in Miraal’s life. There is absolutely no character development and Miraal’s naani visions proved to be another useless track! She needs to see a proper professional, one who does not fall for her. 20 weeks of one dead end after the other have made Sabaat a star-studded disaster. Mawra Hocane and Ameer Gillani have acted so well yet their track has nothing grand to offer.

Anaya’s Growth and Hasan’s Frustrations

Ever since Hasan and Anaya moved out of Hasan’s house, Anaya has been the one who is keeping things together while Hasan’s frustrations are never-ending! I felt for Anaya today when she was celebrating her promotion and had no idea what was going on in Hasan’s mind. Of all the people in the world, Hasan is actually listening to Atif. While Hasan’s frustrations were understandable, it was sad that he questioned Anaya about that phone call. Looking back at the kind of relationship they had and most importantly the kind of faith he had in Anaya, it was truly sad watching Hasan even think on those lines. Well, Miraal is still ‘winning’, Atif is doing all this to please her but the preview of the upcoming episode gave some hope. Hasan will hopefully resign from his present job and that conversation he was shown having with Anaya in the preview of the upcoming episode promised that he will finally realize his mistake.

Sabaat Episode 20 Story Review - More Of The Same

There is no romance between this newly married couple at all. They are too busy making ends meet. Hasan keeps on thinking about the present situation and Anaya is too busy making chai and keeping him happy! It was finally good to see Anaya and her parents together. It would be sad watching Anaya’s father die but it seems that will eventually happen. Anaya’s scenes with her father have been the most emotional and some of the best ones. There were so many different directions in which this track could have been taken. Anaya and Hasan could have moved in with Anaya’s parents and lived a happy fulfilling life but they are struggling otherwise and Anaya does not even know that her father is unwell!

Miraal – The Narcissist

We have seen so many controlling and selfish characters in Pakistani dramas but I must say that Miraal’s character has to be the most shallow and uninteresting one. Miraal looks like she is the boss, walks like she is the queen and the director makes sure that her character is presented that way as well, yet this character is just plain dull! The poor lady needs treatment yet she is the one running the show. She is the perfect example of a narcissist but then why couldn’t her psychiatrist husband see that? The scene in which Harris suggested that they should have a baby made me laugh so hard! Usually, we see desperate women who want to hold on to their good-for-nothing husbands make such foolish decisions. Hearing a psychiatrist say that a baby will bring a married couple close was simply unbelievable! You would expect a mohallay ki auntie giving such a suggestion but definitely not a prha likha professional who has enough experience to know that having a child won’t change Miraal! Harris naivety is simply nonsensical.

Sabaat Episode 20 Story Review - More Of The Same

I am glad that he is at least taking a stand and is not willing to quit his job but why can’t he see what Miraal’s issues are? These conversations between Miraal and Harris are so ‘plain’ that they suggest that both of them have the same mental caliber. I have said this before and I feel the need to say it every single time I watch a new episode of Sabaat – there was absolutely no need to show that Harris was a psychiatrist! The fact that he is a psychiatrist doesn’t add anything to his character. He did not help Miraal, he does not understand her issues and he did not even use his own intellect and experience to choose the right life partner for him.

Final Remarks

Tonight’s episode was basically a bit more of everything that we have been shown in the previous few weeks. The locations are grand and the picture quality is great but Sabaat lacks substance altogether. Anaya is turning out to be too-good-to-be-true as well, this character is definitely slightly more likable than the rest but it doesn’t have enough shades. She does not question Hasan’s frustrations or suggest a way out, her wife duties are restricted to making chai and khana. Surely someone as sensible as her who had such great problem-solving skills could have done more for her forever clueless husband! After watching Anaa, I was desperately waiting for Usman Mukhtar’s next project but I must say that I am beyond disappointed with the kind of character he chose to play.

Did you watch tonight’s episode of Sabaat? Do share your thoughts about it.

Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan has been a part of reviewit right from its inception. She feels very passionately about Pakistani dramas and loves discussing them in detail. An enthusiastic writer, thinker, and political scientist, constantly trying to look beyond the obvious. Full-time mom.


  • Your review always puts things in perspective. I like Anaya but just like you pointed out no shades in the character. She and Harris are strange in their own way. The characters are all meaningless and stories. All the money the put in production should have gone into better script. Just like you watching it to see how it ends. I Applaud your commitment to the reviews. My humble request please review ghissi pitti mohabbat, it is best among all new dramas. Thanks. Much love.

    • Thank you so much Hamnah for always being so supportive and for appreciating the reviews. You are right even though Mawra is much more likable than Usman in this one but the characters are both more or less the same, no emotions! Always so understanding, so seedhe.

      Thank you once again for your kind words. I am glad you are watching this one because I look forward to your feedback.

      Oh yes! I will InshaAllah start reviewing it this week, loving the satire.

  • Timely and accurate review as always Fatima. You said it all. Don’t you think that stupid Ali had more common sense that this so-called doctor? I love your reviews. Which drama are you going to review now that Pyar Ke Sadqay has ended? Please do reply.

    • Thank you so much Javeria for all the love. Hahahaha so true yaar, Ali tu aqalmand nikla ;)

      Ghisi Piti Mohabbat is on my review list next;) Do read the reviews and comment.

  • Meiney tou yeh third class drama 4 weeks pehey hee chhor diya hai dekhna. Aakhir meri mbs kaa sawal tha kisi achi cheez pey invest hoti.. so i opted to use mbs on Ghissi pitti mohabbat and prem gali. Enjoying both dramas aur mbs bhi khush hein ki achi jagah per invested hein. Want to know which drama you are going to review..please Ghissi pitti mohabbat karey. Aapka review acha hai… nand and bhabhi ka issue jo ary wala drama hai NAND wohee sabaat mein hai sirf upper class ka darja diya hai.. what a waste of time, energy, money on such lethargic story..

    • Buhat acha kiya aap ne, aap ke qeemti mbs buch gaye :)

      Me too! Loved both the dramas and absolutely loving the satirical comedy in Ghissi Pitti Mohabbat, completely out of the box! I am not watching Nand, naam hi kafi hei haha.

      • Jee bilkul, i just saw one scene of NAND and it was just horrible.. sabaat and nand plots are same in one way or another way. Simply disgusting…

        • i watch Nand, hopefully it will have been written differently than the others & she will leave her husband

  • Thank you for the review. It’s been 20 episodes and I fail to understand the purpose of the show.
    It was good to know at least there is something in the world that Miraal believes she is not capable of doing (taking care of children).
    Idiots like Yasir exist. They give favours to their favorite ones (like Sana) using resources of their employers. But the good thing is they showed that while Sanas are there, we also ave Anayas. And TBH, Yasirs also have to give promotions to Anayas because at end of the day kam karne wale bhi chaiye hote hain.

    • You’re most welcome Pakistani. Seriously! It has no purpose. Enjoy the beautiful scenery, ignore the lack of content. hahahahahahaha your observation about Miraal, kamal, maza aa gaya haha!!!

      Oh yes! Lots of Yasirs out there. I have seen so many capable people struggling and working under people like Sana.

      Really enjoyed your comment, keep reading and commenting.

  • I was totally disappointed with Sabaat but this episode impressed me by exploring an important issue that has not been explored in this way in any other drama. The issue is two opposing sides of working women’s success in the office environment. On the one side, women unfairly use ‘being woman’ as a tool of upward mobilization in the work environment while on the other side, they’re competent yet their success is considered as the outcome of being a woman. I’m glad that the drama makers did not stereotype working women and show the story from both perspectives. They also show how one type of woman can taint the reputation of the second type of woman so it is crucial to be intelligent enough to make a distinction in both types.

      • As for your review, I do agree with your observation that in every Pakistani drama, negative characters drive the story forward while the positive characters are in constant turmoil till the end. The drama-makers have actually chosen this formula to keep the viewers glued to their dramas. They keep the viewers waiting for the revelation of some truth or hoping to see the negative character getting the taste of their own medicine. However, this happens only in the last couple of episodes and the purpose of the drama-makes is fulfilled.

  • your review said it all, i was shocked to hear Dr Harris suggest having a baby because after all he went through with his parents, you would think that he would’t want his child to go through it too

    Hassan disappointed me by thinking that Anaya would do the same appalling thing as other women to get promoted at work, if this i how he going to act like then he shouldn’t have left home

    of course the saddest scene in the whole episode was of Anaya’s father & mother’s, it nearly had me crying

    • Good point Shameem!! Dr. Harris is in need of a therapist himself! This is yet another fazool ki misunderstanding between Hasan and Anaya, so not needed!

      Appreciate your feedback, keep reading and commenting.

  • Absolutely excellent episode with excellent acting by Usman mukhtar, Sara Khan, mawraz amir Gilani, mohbahmed, simi Raheel, Hassan’s mother, even Yasir and sana and atif. And Jahangir The entire cast was great as was the direction and scene setting and soundeverryrhubt awesome. I thoguuht it was very realistic. Usman was not expression lessm he looked let down and depressed. Hassan looked let down and lost and dejected. Morals chsracter is interesting.

    • Mind you I have not liked many episodes in the past, esp in the beginning. But this one I liked. Everyr dialogue made sense. And acting wise I could really feel the state of mind of each character. That was interesting. Great job…now I enjoy the focus on style in the drama because finally I feel the unfolding of the story. Remember when things moved too fast (hassan transforming it was super hard to digest? Was very annoying). As for usmans character, no doubt he is very lineant with miraal, but guys trust me I have seen men do such things to accommodate and please women…esp in the initial days…that’s why I said it felt realistic…lets see…interesting point abt Anaya not being able to help hassan….did not find their track repetitive…this guessing what the other is thinking and each one demanding in their head…that’s a new stage of development in the relationship…so no…noone is liking it for the sake of being fans….I in fact hated or disliked maeda etc in the beg…but now I like all the actors …(even when they are bad charactera because they are beleivable. We have all seen terrible office workers as well)

  • Sabaat a story very close to reality. Excellent subtle acting by all. Ameer aka Hassan is a treat to watch. Life is never linear and like a river it goes over rocks and also plains. With every incident in our lives we mature and grow. We build relationships as we travel in life, relationships always test our love, honesty and trust. Trials are a part of our life and each relationship faces these trials, there is no winner or looser in a relationship..its a shared bond, a shared win, a shared loss. Hassan is in selfdoubt as he is a very competitive person and he is unhappy with is current situation. On the otherhand Anaya is very happy and confident about her efforts and rewards. Miraal and Harris an intriguing relationship was it a marriage out of love or compassion and hamdardi??? It will be fun to watch the next episodes to see how time tests these relationships…their love, trust, mutual respect. Reminds me of a dialogue of Hassan to Anaya “hum kya sirf sukh ke sathi the, pehele azmaish mei hi talooq tor di”.. more trials to test the bond.

  • Fatima you know why they add these stars and compromise on content because their fans will give all kinds of explanations to justify the most ridiculous storyline to please their favorites. That is the only way they get attention from these celebrities. There are only few people who watch dramas objectively and see how low the story is headed. Sabaat is height of repetition and boredom. Kudos to you for always being so accurate in your analysis. I watched all the episodes over the weekend and oh man!! What a disaster. Anaya the girl who took the biggest risk to save her friend cannot help her husband find a way out. Your remarks about her are apt. I was Usman Muktar’s biggest fan before this project but not one of those blind fans so I can see how pathetic Harris character is written and the acting is literally putting me to sleep. He does not even deliver the dialogues clearly. I don’t know how people find this story and drama full of morals and meaning. I am still searching but it is like being lost in a corn field!!

    • LOL!!! Interesting comment Komal. Thank you so much for liking the review and for commenting. You are right about the fan following and how most of the time it is a safe bet! You’re right, I feel the same way about Anaya but I think Mawra’s performance has been exceptional.

      Keep reading and commenting.

  • 20 episodes down and I’m still as clueless about the ‘purpose’ or ‘direction’ of this drama as I was while watching the first episode.

    It was plain silly to see Harris suggest ‘we should plan a baby’, this early in their marriage. I wondered if I missed a time lap that they’ve reached this stage so soon that he thinks only a baby can save their marriage! This, coming from a ‘psychiatrist’ made me even more confused. He doesn’t understand his own wife (the one who he chose to marry after a few sessions), he doesn’t understand how to calm her down, he doesn’t understand her moods….going by his profession, he should’ve understood her and her issues, and should’ve been able to even predict her moods. This just doesn’t make sense. I wonder why Usman Mukhtar chose to ‘appear’ in this drama.

    Hassan and Anaya’s track is also being handled in the most absurd manner. How Miraal and Atif have transformed Hassan from a supportive husband to an insecure one is just sad. Hassan still fails to see what Atif is doing with him and he is still clueless about his connection with Miraal. Miraal’s ‘Undertaker’ style walk in the robe with her name written at the back was as unappealing as her character.

    You’re so right Fatima, I am watching this drama only to see how absurd it can get and just to see the end.

    • The word ‘appear’ makes perfect sense Sheetal since he doesn’t have an actual presence in the drama. LOL @ undertaker style walk, spot on!!

      Let’s see how ridiculous it gets ;) Good to have you on board.

  • Apparently Haris went to university in the 1900s- all his brightest decisions are incredibly outdated. Larki thori chirchiri/overbearing si hai- koi nahi shaadi kar do. That’ll fix her. Shaadi in jeopardy because the lady probably needed to work on herself before being part of a partnership-koi nahi, have a baby-that’ll bring you together.

    I’ve never understood the friendship between Atif and Hassan-what exactly does Hassan gain from it? I can understand them being friends in school/university- but after that I would have thought Hassan would have outgrown the friendship. Atif has never been a sincere friend to him or his marriage.

  • Gr8 review Fatima, the biggest disapp in the drama is Miraal-Haaris track. I kept on watching with good expectations as I thought that Haaris will change Miraal, but here he is just behaving how Ali was, like a puppet. Its really an insult to medical profession to show a doctor like this. If it was some other profession, then it was fine, but a doctor is not rated as per his income, and here the way miraal is shown to be jealous of his patients is so childish and further proves that she is complete psycho.

    I have no problems with Hasan-Anaya track, they are in love and all their actions are bcoz they love each other and they dont want to let down the spouse. I dont feel Anaya has become weak or anything like that. And both of them have performed brilliantly.

    Its 20 episodes now, cant understand when the change in Miraal will start to happen, its high time now. I just hope that Hasan and Anaya dont get seperated, if next week they survive with each other, then I will give full marks to their track.

    • Thank you so much tiger. I can relate to Miraal’s stupid and childish ways but what’s up with Harris?!!

      I am glad you are enjoying watching Hasan/Anaya track.

      I think Hasan and Anaya will eventually survive this mess but not too sure about the other weird couple!

  • Hi Fatima, how are you? I have not commented for so long but I have been reading your reviews regularly. I follow other reviewers too and sometimes I have observed that they read your reviews and make the headlines so to say. You are probably the only person who has a definite opinion of her own & one I always agree with. Keep writing these wonderful reviews. Cheers

    • Hi Farah, So good to hear from you after such a long time. Thank you for reading the reviews. Well, I guess some people find it easier to get inspiration from the reviews and conversations here than drawing their own conclusions. Thank you so much once again for your kind words.

  • I read your review but didn’t add a comment as I was still depressed over choosing to watch sabaat instead of binge watching dillagi *sighs*
    Lovely review Fatima

    • LOL!! Your comment is hilarious. Haye Dil Lagi – loved it!!

      I think everyone over here is more intelligent than Harris, it is apparent from the comments that people can clearly see everything that is wrong with these characters. Ab 20 episodes tk bardasht kr liya tu thora aur sahi. Wese such ye hei ke even with all its loopholes, Sabaat isn’t unbearable, it does give you something to talk (rant) about.

      Thank you Pakistani Potterhead.

  • Hating the drama, loving your reviews. Every review is exactly what is on my mind. Poor Syed Muhammad Ahmed, they kill his character in every drama. I am gonna cry.

  • Dr Harris must be the dumbest psychiatrist!
    I had such expectations of Usman Mukhtar,but this role has annihaleted him,