Sabaat Episode 22 Story Review – Another Shukki Husband

Sabaat continues to focus on the marital problems faced by both couples. There was a major development in the story tonight but definitely not a pleasant one. So many viewers pointed out that Sabaat was a ‘modern version’ of ARY’s Nand and after watching a few episodes of Nand, I must say that I agree with them! I must add however that Faiza Hassan’s performance in Nand is much more impressive than that of Sarah Khan in Sabaat. Also, with Nand what you see is what you get, unlike Sabaat which promised to be a meaningful dramas but turned out to be clichéd to the core. The characters in Sabaat are equally black and white. Hassan is the only character in Sabaat which isn’t all black or white but the turn this character has taken has done-to-death written all over it! We have seen jealous and controlling family members creating such misunderstandings between married couples innumerable times in dramas. Watching Hassan fall for all the lies has been extremely disappointing.

This was another episode of Sabaat which did not even have a single scene showing what is going on in Anaya’s parents’ life. The writer has conveniently sidelined all the sane characters from the story so that Hassan and Anaya in particular are left at the mercy of people like Atif and Miraal! Mawra Hocane’s performance continues to impress and I found myself feeling for Anaya a little after a long time.

Hassan and Anaya

Tonight’s episode opened with Hassan showing the first signs of abuse when he confronted Anaya like she was the enemy solely based on his discussions with Atif. Hassan’s insecurities and frustrations are getting the best of him and he is clearly no longer the person Anaya chose to marry. Ameer Gillani and Mawra Hocane acted brilliantly in this scene. Anaya once again chose to ignore Hassan’s behavior. It would have been good if Anaya put her foot down for a change but the writer is bent on showing that she has the patience of a saint! I don’t see this as a positive trait especially because before she got married she was completely capable of finding a solution to her problems. Instead of questioning Hassan’s behavior and making him realize that he is wrong, Anaya continued trying to act as if nothing had happened. She no longer talks to her friends or even herself therefore we have no way of knowing what she is thinking and how she manages to stay so positive. I like Anaya’s positive nature and her practical approach but sometimes her reactions can be really difficult to relate to. She is a little too forgiving at times and the way she bounces back is unreal.

Sabaat Episode 22 Story Review - Another Shukki Husband

The scene showing Hassan stressing out about his future and his frustrations made perfect sense. However, like someone else pointed out earlier, he can easily start working online again. Right now it seems like Hassan is too immature and gullible to be living on his own. While Anaya is a strong and positive person, Hassan is continuously complaining and worrying about things that are not in his control. The only takeaway from this track is that overprotected rich boys should not get married until they are mature enough to make wise decisions. When Anaya and Hassan moved out of the house, I thought that this was going to be the beginning of a healthy relationship but these two have been facing continuous problems ever since they moved out and what makes the situation worse is that Miraal is behind all this.

Miraal and Harris

Just like Anaya, Harris is also doing whatever he can to make his spouse happy but he is also a ‘meesna’. Miraal has absolutely no respect for Harris’ feelings or decisions. Since he is a man, he managed to find a way out and decided to do what he wanted to. This track is also really slow since it took Harris so much time to do what he wants! He won’t even get away with it as Miraal will find out that he is practicing again in the upcoming episode. Miraal and Harris’ track is literally putting me to sleep! Harris is a bigger caricature than Anaya since his response to everything is the same. Usman Mukhtar seems to be bored with his character too therefore his performance is just as plain as the character itself.

Sabaat Episode 22 Story Review - Another Shukki Husband

Nothing is pleasing about Miraal getting what she wants. We have been watching her have her way right from the first episode, it’s about time that we get to see some change in her character and track. The character doesn’t have many layers and all of Miraal’s scenes are more or less the same.

Final Remarks

Hassan turning into the typical shukki husband was the worst part of this episode. The story it seems is finally moving forward and I really hope that they don’t stretch this drama further. Harris continues to make one stupid decision after the other without thinking about the repercussions.

Did you watch tonight’s episode of Sabaat? Do share your thoughts about it.

Fatima Awan

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  • Thank you for the review. Today hasan sounded as an immature person. So if Anaya was going in a car with her boss, that means they have an affair? The story is all over the place.
    PS: what happened to Sana is big corp reality.

  • Another shukki husband was what we were discussing when we were watching this drama. No peace or happiness for this on screen couple till now. You are right Miraal And Harris are too boring zzzzz. All those Unmarried people like myself who watch Pakistani dramas are convinced there are no normal marriages in this society. Too many problems

    Thank you for your accurate and timely analysis.

    • Hena! We have seen so many of them, bus kr dei ab ;) LOL!! You are right Javeria but trust me there are a lot of people who have healthy relationships despite all the differences and problems.

      You’re most welcome. Keep reading and commenting.

  • Weak episode for sure…. and I too was wondering what happened to Anaya’s parents. I mean the father was terminally ill – but we’ve seen nothing of him for a while. I guess this is episode 22 and it is time to wonder if this is going anywhere?

  • The best thing about your review is giving the title of ‘meesna’ to Haris :)

    Yes, I agree this drama has become one of many others that follow the same forumla in which men are ‘kaan ke kache’, the good girl ‘endures everything without saying a word’, and the bad girl plots successfully until the last few episodes when ‘sachaai and achaai’ ki jeet ho jati hai. The end.

    • LOL!! He is a total meesna, I expected him to be more sensible but then I remembered he married Miraal out of his own free will haha. He is such a fool.

      Yes!! How convenient na. And then Mawra and Ameer are so convinced that this track is relatable and close to reality, we have seen it so many times on screen, just sick of it now!

  • 1st i would like to say that i’m fed up with all the ads that are coming up every minute

    Hassan has disappointed me very badly, i thought that they will solve their problems in a different way than the usual that we have seen so many times before, interview me Ameer ne kaha tha ke woh kabhi shak nahi karega kabhi Anaya pe, agar yeh shak nahi to phir to ma hairaan hi reh gayi

    also fed up with Miraal & Harris’s hide n seek game
    wish they would show Anaya’s parents, at least then it would be worth watching

    • Do you watch drama online? If you do then watch it on HUM’s website and not on YouTube, you can avoid the ads. I know! I saw Ameer’s Insta post after this episode aired, we need to stop giving justification for such things and normalize such behaviour. Theek hei drama hei dikha diya but please don’t justify it ke koi bhi kr sakti hei – not on!

      • i watch it dramaspice they upload it on same day only 2 short ads in that, but i’m talking about your review site here, u have to keep crossing off ads that come on the bottom of the screen

  • Yes Fatima mam sabaat is the upgrade version of nand however faiza Hassan performance is better than sara khan ap ne aj meri dil ki baat kahi shukar hai ap ne agree karliya

  • Really? Is Harris even a psychiatrist? How does he think he’ll be able to lie to Miraal and get away with it and thinks that it is all ok for their relationship, the same relationship that he was trying to save by suggesting to have a baby? I agree, there is nothing exciting about the Miraal – Harris track! Nothing at all! So much so that it would be better if they separate. One day Miraal acts so busy that she can’t take off from office to go away on a honeymoon and the other days she takes an off just like that! One day she dresses so casually as she’s just out of the gym and the other day she’s all laden with warm clothes! The monotonous dialogue delivery from both Harris and Miraal doesn’t help their track either. Harris, being a psychiatrist is not able to tell Miraal to mind her own business and not poke her nose in her brother’s life! It all goes over my head! An yes, Usman Mukhtar does look bored with this character!

    Hassan and Anaya’s track had significant progress but yes, I felt for Anaya in this episode. The contrasting emotions that the two were shown having at the same time was saddening. Atif and Miraal on the other hand think it is completely ok to control others’ lives and that they get to decide who Hassan shouldn’t be with is sad. They’ve clearly shown why Miraal is doing it but I fail to understand why Atif is doing it all. No touch-upon on Anaya’s father’s illness even in this episode. Also, nani is completely out of scene too. I think now Sana will put some sense into Hassan as she has seen true colors of Yasir, she’ll become all good, find out about Atif and then may be work in Hassan’s favor.

  • Fatima I want to salute you for sitting through this episode. I was only able to watch until the second commercial break. It was torture.

  • Thank you so much Hamnah for liking the reviews and for commenting regularly. LOL @ jubilee and cadbury, totally agree with you! I had expectations from this drama, I kept on waiting for the time when it would eventually pick up but seems like it is just another useless script with a star cast.