Whatsapp To Roll Out ‘Wallpaper Dimming’ Feature Soon

Whatsapp keeps adding new features to its app to make the experience of using Whatsapp even more exciting. It will be introducing several exciting features very soon.

Recently, Facebook owned Whatsapp rolled out a new update for its beta app on Android. The recent update gives us a sneak peak of a new wallpaper feature.

The Whatsapp beta version is available on Google Play Store and can be downloaded from the there. The new “wallpaper dimming” feature is currently under development and will be available to the users soon.

“Wallpaper dimming” will allow users to change the opacity of the chat wallpaper. Furthermore, a new sticker pack has also been rolled out called Usagyuuun.

Usagyuuun is available to both Android and iOS users.

Moreover, a new call button is also expected to be added soon which will combine the audio and video call button into one.