Sabaat Episode 24 Story Review – Muhammad Ahmed Steals the Show

Finally an emotional episode of Sabaat which was not perfect but it was engaging throughout. Muhammad Ahmed, Mawra Hocane and Seemi Raheal nailed their respective performances. Muhammad Ahmed is such a gem, no other actor emotes the way he does. He makes you feel his pain and love almost effortlessly. The on-screen chemistry he shared with Mawra Hocane throughout made this father-daughter duo the best we have seen on our television screens this year. Although, his character has passed away in so many dramas, everytime he makes an exit it is equally powerful and emotional. Perhaps that is the reason why after Durr-e-Shehwar, there have been barely any dramas in which his character got a happy ending. His dialogue delivery and the treatment given to the characters he plays is always so outstanding that even if he exits the play early on, he leaves a lasting impression. It won’t be wrong to say that it was due to his performance that Anaya’s relationship with her father dominated all the other relationships in Sabaat. This makes me wonder if watching Sabaat would have been a different experience all together if all the characters were given a different treatment. Adding some warmth to relationships and even some emotional moments can change so much.

The scenes in the second part of the episode were confusing since the transition from one scene to the other was rather abrupt. These scenes reminded me of the few scenes from the first episode. All of a sudden the director rushed everything when there was room for adding some detail there.

Harris Caught ‘Red-Handed’

While all of us could tell that Harris’ grand plan would not work out, he was utterly surprised by Miraal’s reaction. We have all repeatedly talked about how ‘blind’ Harris’ love for Miraal is and how he cannot predict her reactions. He comes across as those submissive wives in Pakistani dramas who are constantly under pressure and cannot think straight. All these character traits do not go well with his ‘credentials’. A psychiatrist can have problems in his life too but he most certainly would be a better judge of toxicity in relationships. It actually made me laugh how Miraal caught him ‘red handed’! The way she walked out of his room was even funnier, like she was superwoman. The treatment given to Miraal’s character has been worst than the way this character has been written.

Miraal’s reaction however made perfect sense. Her ego was hurt and while she has no moral compass herself she expects everyone else to be perfect! For a change her friend tried to make her understand the situation but she couldn’t do much to change her point of view. Miraal and Harris’ track continues to be the most absurd part of the drama. It provided some comic relief today since Anaya’s track was extremely upsetting.

Sabaat Episode 24 Story Review – Muhammad Ahmed Steals the Show

The Only Sane Person

Hassan’s mother continues to be the only sane person in the family who has fear of God and some sense. It was good watching her trying to knock some sense into her son. Whatever she said made sense and hopefully the story will turn in that direction at some point. So far, most of such dialogues have fallen flat because all of us hoped that they would have some deeper meaning but they turned out to be totally meaningless. There were a few good dialogues in this episode but like I said most of them were merely words which did not have a profound effect. Laila Zuberi acted really well tonight, the fear was quite apparent on her face. The sad part is that no one listens to her.

Anaya Loses Her Best Friend

Anaya’s father was her best friend, the only person who loved her unconditionally. The last few scenes of Anaya with her father were so poignant and beautiful. Anaya felt lost because she was not used to dealing with something so huge all on her own. She had to deal with that and then there was unbearable pain of knowing that she might lose her father at any given moment. The ambulance scene wasn’t covered properly since Anaya was asking her father to get up and go to the ambulance! The director has definitely not done his job right especially when it comes to covering such minor details. If it wasn’t for the remarkable acting by the actors involved, this scene could have been completely void of emotions due to such execution errors. This was one of my favorite scenes tonight:

The patients in our dramas need to stop taking off their masks and saying their final goodbyes. I give Muhammad Ahmed tons of credit for pulling this scene off in the most dignified manner possible but our writers need to stop writing such scenes. An oxygen mask is there for a reason, a patient cannot breathe without it, when you cannot breathe you cannot talk! As someone who has gone through a similar experience, I would like to request all the writers to stop writing such scenes altogether because they are beyond ridiculous and highly insensitive.

Sabaat Episode 24 Story Review – Muhammad Ahmed Steals the Show

The Questions

So Atif somehow found out that Anaya’s father passed away. This scene was highly predictable since Atif somehow knows everything that happens in Anaya’s life but we can only wonder how he found out about her father’s death! Even if someone from the university informed him, howcome they did not inform Hassan since they were class fellows? If the writer wanted to show just how evil Miraal was, he should have shown how Atif found this out and why didn’t Hassan know. Hassan seems to be living under a rock ever since he left his home and came back. He looks at the world from Atif’s eyes, which is quite lame considering the fact that he used to be an intelligent and opinionated young man. Atif’s “har khabar par nazar’ reporting style is getting more annoying with every passing episode.

Final Remarks

Anaya and her parents’ scenes were the highlight of this episode yet again. The writer and the actors did complete justice to this particular track. Apart from Hassan’s mother, all the other characters seem to be a lost cause at the moment. I am extremely disappointed with the director since the last few scenes were so rushed and haphazard. However, for a change, I am actually looking forward to the next episode.

While I absolutely dislike Miraal, I am finding it really difficult to feel for Harris. He is a meesna and a bonga who simply should have known better. Ali had more common sense than him because when he saw the red flags he ran away as fast as he could. This ‘psychiatrist’ did not only marry a narcissist but also suggested that having children would make their life easier and then lied like an immature young boy. Seems like this track is going to go further down in the upcoming weeks.

Did you watch tonight’s episode of Sabaat? Do share your thoughts about it.

Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan has been a part of reviewit right from its inception. She feels very passionately about Pakistani dramas and loves discussing them in detail. An enthusiastic writer, thinker, and political scientist, constantly trying to look beyond the obvious. Full-time mom.


  • I do think that Dr. Haris naqal kar ke paas hua tha warna ek parha likha eligible psychiatrist can’t even think of marrying a psycho like Miraal unless he’s accepting it as a ‘challenge project’ on which he personally wants to work day and night.. 😉

    If there’s any sanity left in time, that I highly doubt, then he should consider Miraal’s departure as a blessing in disguise but we know that nothing good can happen till the very last episodes.. so now, Miraal’s ex-fiance is coming back and she’ll play jealousy game between both the men in her life..

    • Fatima ji,
      I agree with you , if the writer had an ounce of brain in his head, he could have shown a psychiatrist helping his patient and making her a better healthy person.
      But writer emphasized only to glamorize MIRAAL no research on the story and on the development of characters. He thought the viewers will be dazzled by Miraal’s diva 👩‍🎤 looks.Also, this play is very slow, it feels sometimes everything is moving in slow motion.
      For me Sabaat was over, when I saw a bad treatment to Dr Harris character by the writer and director, so no interest anymore.
      No one can tolerate such a bad behavior and extremely rude wife in his life unless he, himself, is insane.
      The funny thing is, Dr Harris ll go to Miraal agn when she was having a gala time with her ex fiancé as it’s shown in the ost.
      Moronic script and equally odd direction make Sabaat a Play not to watch.
      Just read somewhere in a comment for Sabaat and want to share it with you that sabaat is a journey from zindagi gulzar hai to humsafar.

      • Agree with that comment ‘from Zindagi Gulzar Hai to Humsafar’….it seems like the writer wanted to include the ‘hit’ elements from some ‘hit’ dramas in his drama and thought that this will ensure the drama being a ‘hit’….however, this has failed miserably!

  • Miraal baji aapka kakh ککھ Na rahay sab ka sakon kharab kia hua hai Aur Wo baychara haris jis ki shakal per yateemi si barasti hai Aaj kuch ziada hi maskeen laga buhut taras aya us per mujhay samajh nahi ati k haris waqai bonga aur meesna hai ya koi Aur raaz hai ….

    I think atif ko apnay moakal مؤکل k through har khabar milti hai 🤔

    Mujhay is drama ka end typical hi lag raha hai jab Hassan ko asal baat ka pata chalay ga to woh Anaya say kahay ga begum main aa gaya Chalo Ab jaldi say Maaf kardo Aur Anaya kahay gi Mera janu manu aa gaya …lo g baat

    Mohammad Ahmad ki acting super thi aik min k liye bhi aisa nahi laga k woh acting kar rahay hain…

  • thanks for the review, it was perfect as usual
    there were heartbreaking scenes with Anaya’s father, i liked the kitchen scene with Anaya & her mother, i felt so bad for Anaya
    i wouldn’t be surprised if Atif sits outside Anaya’s house all night to find out what is happening there, i wonder why he didn’t know about Anaya’s father’s illness?
    also the scene between Hassan & his mother was a very good scene

  • Brilliant review as ever Fatima! I guess what I’m struggling with in this drama is that while Anaya/Hasan have a pretty typical drama plot, I don’t know where they’re planning to go with Miraal/Haris. And I feel like we should have some sort of clue at this stage in the drama.
    With Miraal and Haaris, I don’t even know how I should feel about them. Are they the romantic second lead? Are they both going to end up miserable and the ‘ibrat’ couple? Are Haaris and Nirmal going to ride off into the sunset together leaving behind Miraal (who doesn’t add anything positive to their lives)?

  • Indeed Muhammad Ahmed was the star of this episode. His scenes, the dialogues and his performance, equally well done by Mawra and Seemi Raheal made it impactful. I wish he remained a part of the story till the end.

    Funny that Miraal thinks ‘Jhooth bolna jurm hai’! She has done much more than just ‘jhooth bolna’! I do not feel for Haaris a bit as he invited all of this himself! It seems that Ali is going to make a come back and a shallow person that Miraal is, she is going to play around with their lives once again. The scene that you’ve included in your review is my fav from this episode too! Cheers!!

    • I also didn’t understand the need to show the ambulance scene and ‘Harris visiting his mother-in-law’ scene in parallel! It just made it more clumsy.

  • Awesome review!! I agree with all the points you made, especially the point that there were so many weird execution errors.

    One small detail that bothered me was when Anaya was telling her boss on the phone that there were so many “celebrations” going on at home that she forgot about the office. What a terrible excuse she made up! It made the situation worse. Her little fib will have him thinking she’s unprofessional and irresponsible, and that she was having so much fun she didn’t care about her job. Nobody’s asking her to talk about her marital issues to her boss, but she should have at least said the truth about her father’s health to him, since that’s a more valid reason than “celebrating.” In this case, that truth would have been better than the excuse she came up with!

    And I completely agree about the oxygen mask, it was stressing me out when he kept taking it off! Regardless, Muhammad Ahmed’s performance was still the best part of this episode.

  • The only sane voice of Sabaat is silenced now. Mr. Ahmed realistic portrayal of last-stage critical condition was simply amazing. He is a gem of a actor. The episode worked just because of him aur ab jo bach gaey hain dekhain woh baqaya dramay ka kia haal kertay hain.

  • I thought Haris and naimal were planning to get all the wealth from Miraal 😁
    Otherwise Haris’ decision of marrying this psycho requires him see a psychiatrist too.

  • nice review , i have started to watch it in parts now, its enuff of miraal, when will the downfall begin, the way its going on , it seems, she will just go insane at the end and end up in mental asylum, or mazaar. i never understood wat was so special in usman mukhtar and after watching the drama, i dont like him at all. and his character , why a doctor, he could have been any ordinary loser husband, then everything would make sense, they way miraal treated him in this episode was something even a loser husband wont accept, and this guy goes behind her.

    anaya and hasan as usual always act perfectly.

  • Apart from Mawra Hocane, a shining star, and her on-screen parents, i would not bother to continue watching this awful show. I am so sad to say Sabaat has been a terrible disappointment for me, a Pakistani drama fan so far. Far more idiotic than the worst Bollywood tear-jerker. Very lame script, poorly written and acted characters – totally unbelievable fool of a psychiatrist – seriously!!! Pathetic treatment of Miraal’s character who nobody seems to realize is not simply spoiled, egotistic and wicked – the girl is SICK – a sociopath – not one redeeming feature. She burns down the bridal bed, talks about getting a contract killer to kill Anaya – and all this is just shrugged off! Very poor public education – pathetic show. I am so, so, sad to be disappointed to this extent by Pakistani drama.
    I pray the reviewers will give some serious feedback to the writer and director of this awful show.